Monday, June 23, 2008

Three, Part I

I confess that there are times when writing about my sexual encounters isn't nearly as fun and easy as having them is. I've been struggling a bit with trying to get last Thursday's shenanigans down on the screen, in part because I feel like I just write the same things over and over again. I mean, I'm not prepared to adapt Tolstoy and say "Good sex is all alike; all bad sex is bad in its own way," and not just because it would be a horribly awkward sentence. Clearly not all good sex is alike; nonetheless, there's a universal quality to a good sexual experience, so writing about one more sometimes tests my patience. And writing about three more is that much harder, particularly when the three encounters had much in common.

I'm tempted to come up with some sort of matrix with activities, etc. down the side and playmate aliases across the top. Then I could show, for example, who was a good kisser (check, check, check), who was a good cocksucker (check, check, check), who responded eagerly to nipple play (check, check), who I rimmed (check, check, check), who managed to keep sucking cock when I started rimming him (check), and, well, you get the idea.

It would be a pretty lengthy chart, though. And you might well imagine that such a clinical approach would fly in the face of my natural tendency to prolixity. More to the point, though, it wouldn't be much fun for anyone to read. From comments and email, I'm aware that readers derive different levels of fun from my accounts. Some people read with detached amusement, some only look at the pictures, some give up entirely, and some wank while reading. It's all good, especially the wanking: I am both pleased and amused by the thought that I can have an encounter that leads to loads being spilled by total strangers. I mean in addition to the total stranger that I'm fucking, of course.

Guy 1 (G1) was someone that I ran across on one of the sex sites but had not previously hooked up with. I truly am not sure which site it was because I apparently ran across him some time back. I got an email from him earlier in the week asking if I was free at all, and I told him when I was free, and he chose Thursday.

I've thought about it a lot and I've realized that my former habit of grabbing and kissing guys as soon as they're halfway in the door might be overly aggressive, so I waited until I'd shut the door and G1 had said hello before I grabbed and kissed him. I didn't say hello back until after we'd snogged for a bit, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Anyway, he didn't seem to mind.

The session with G1 was fairly standard good sex. If he hadn't been followed by two guys who were even better, I'd be writing in detail about a two-star encounter. He was a skilled and eager kisser and cocksucker, and he had a nice ass that easily accommodated my tongue, several fingers, and my cock, though admittedly not all at the same time. He was an enthusiastic bottom, and after I had fucked him in four positions (him astride me, missionary, him on his stomach, and him bent over the bed with me standing behind him), I pulled on his nuts and he stroked himself off, shooting all the way past his head. I think he was kind of worked up.

G1 was over for about an hour, and, really, that would have been plenty of entertainment for the evening. But when I'd gotten home, before he'd arrived, I'd logged onto a couple of sites to check messages, and then I'd forgotten to log off. I try to avoid doing that because I think it's rude to stay logged into a site when you're not there to reply to a message, but sometimes I forget. Anyway, when I sat back down at the computer, there was an e-mail on one of the sites from G2. I was feeling a little tired, but his picture and his profile made him hard to resist. His message said that he'd love to have me come over and take charge, so I replied that I'd been away from the computer and asked whether he was still looking. He was, and he wasn't too far away, so -- after a couple more emails and a short phone conversation -- I drove over to his apartment and knocked on the door.

G2 was not quite what I was expecting from his picture and profile. The pic had been the backside of a smooth, tan, lean guy, and the guy who answered the door was fit but decidedly bearish: goatee, furry chest, etc. He offered me a drink, but he was standing there in his boxers, and I really couldn't help pulling him to me, grabbing one of his nipples, and kissing him. He was clearly very into it, and I was decidedly into him. I asked him where the bedroom was, then followed him there, pushed him down on the bed, climbed atop him, and resumed kissing him.

G2's user name had included "manpig" or some variant thereof, but I think that was wishful thinking. Or perhaps he and I have dramatically different ideas of what constitutes a pig. I had an inkling from the e-mail exchange that this would be the case, which was part of why I'd agreed to come over: I generally shy away from guys who self-identify as pigs. They tend to want me to be ruder to them than I'm comfortable with, and there's something about the whole pig moniker that bespeaks a somewhat unhealthy attitude towards sex. Or whatever. Anyway, G2 was just a nice, attractive, thirty-nine-year-old versatile whose partner was out of town and who wanted to take the opportunity to get fucked, which, I'm guessing is not something his partner does to him very often.

None of which is meant to take away from the fact that he was an awesome kisser and a live wire. He moaned when I licked and sucked and chewed on his nipples, and he moaned when I shoved my tongue in his ear, and he moaned when he started to go down on me, and he moaned a lot more when I pulled his body around and started to eat his hairy ass.

He really started moaning when I put him back on his back and then, after some more kissing, I pinned his hands over his head and began to work my tongue into his armpits. As I said in the last entry, this is something I don't get to do nearly enough of, so when he responded positively, I got more and more enthusiastic on his pits until I was licking them hard and fast all over and he was writhing under me. It was great.

I rolled him over onto his stomach, lay on top of him, and began rubbing my cock between his legs while I chewed lightly on his shoulder. It was so much fun and he was responding so enthusiastically that I really didn't want to stop, but it was getting later, and I knew he wanted to be fucked, so I asked him to get a condom and some lube, and he did.

My mind is perversely unable to focus on one thing at a time. Part of what I like about good sex is that my mind just goes out of focus and gives over to sensation. And my mind spent a good deal of that evening out of focus, especially when I was making out or working nipples or receiving head while eating a guy's ass. But when there's a break in the action, my mind's back racing all over the place. It happened with all three guys while they were putting the condoms on me. On the one hand, I spend that time thinking about what a good time I'm having and what I'm going to do next, but I can almost never lie there while a guy works the condom without hearing the music for Final Jeopardy, so I always have to stifle a laugh.

Anyway, G2 got the condom on me and the lube on both of us, and I pushed him back on his stomach and worked my way into him. He was pretty tight, so I went slowly, but before long he was urging me on to fuck him harder and faster, and I was only too happy to comply. It was great. My cock and his ass fit together in just the right way so that the fuck made my dick feel great but didn't make me feel like I was going to cum anytime soon. So I just pumped away for fifteen minutes or so, and then I was tired, so I pulled out.

G2 had a nice cock. At almost eight inches, it was really too big for me, but I figured I'd try to suck it a little bit, so I did. It wasn't too thick, fortunately, and he seemed more than happy with my taking only half of it into my mouth. Then I lay next to him, and we went back to kissing, and I played with one of his nipples while he stroked himself. It was not long before his breathing quickened and deepened and his body began to jerk. I reached down and played with his nuts for the last few seconds before he shot, and then when he was done, I stroked his sensitive cockhead, just enough to keep his body jerking a little.

He fetched a towel and then lay down beside me again. I put an arm around him, and we just lay and chatted for a while about our jobs and our partners and my kids and his upstairs neighbors. It was very pleasant, and then I got up and got dressed and headed home. At this point, I was feeling very mentally satisfied with the evening, but my cock was asking for release, so I figured I'd get home, have a quick wank, and go to sleep. Not so much, but I'll save that for Part II.


Amber said...

I'm jealous. Gay men have all the good sex. And big cocks apparently....

Jason said...

It really is... miraculous to see that the writing returns to a sizzling and seminal state whenever you accomplished some breakthrough manhunt adventures/conquests. I mean, it's no surprise, and yet it is.

tornwordo said...

For the record, I don't wank while reading. I might have gotten a hard-on or two though.