Thursday, June 12, 2008

Games People Play

In general, I think that blog memes are for people who can't think of something substantive to say, but a) I thought this one was fun, and b) I can't think of anything substantive to say.

I stole this one from Franck. I'm supposed to post a list of questions and some instructions, but I can't be bothered when you can just get it from Franck. While you're there, be sure to look at his abs. Yum. Anyway, the one above was the result of my answering his questions. The degree of correspondence between the answer and the image is sometimes greater than others, but that's the nature of searching Flickr. I'm so ignorant about manipulating images that I can't put an array like this together without help. Maybe someday I'll learn, if only so that I can print out high-resolution, poster-sized photos from Costco, where they're very cheap. But for now, have a look at two other grids I created, using my own Flickr searches. Here again, I didn't always get exactly what I asked for, but something doesn't have to be exactly what you asked for to be worthwhile. That's a good idea to keep in mind with men you meet, as well as those you only see in pictures.