Saturday, September 15, 2007

Odds, Ends

I was surfing through the gay film section at Overstock dot com the other day and I came across a blast from the past, pictured above. I first saw My Beautiful Laundrette on VHS a good many years ago. I think I rented it when the then-wife was away at a conference or something. There is not a lot of sex in it, but there is a whole lot of sexy. Anyway, I ordered it. It's also available from, where it's marginally cheaper. In either case, it's less than ten bucks, and a worthy addition to my library. It will probably arrive Monday, along with a bunch of other things that I haven't seen and that I hope will be fun. But I'll watch My Beautiful Laundrette first. I'll be curious to see whether I find Daniel Day-Lewis and Gordon Warnecke making out as hot as I did however many years ago. I bet I will.

The world is divided into two types of people: those who find Daniel Day-Lewis sexier than Gordon Warnecke, and those who find Gordon Warnecke sexier than Daniel Day-Lewis. I think it's a tough, tough choice, so I won't say where I come down on that one.

I wrote the guy from Tuesday to thank him for the awesome sex, and he told me his name and said he wants more. I never count on that sort of thing, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

I had to go two days without hooking up because I had YFU Wednesday night and choir practice Thursday. I did get a couple of offers Thursday, but they came late and didn't seem worth traveling for. I find the allure of the empty house and the accompanying ability to jerk off with abandon very compelling. Not as compelling as hooking up, but more compelling than traveling for a two-star encounter. I am getting really good at projecting my semen. I would like to see exactly how far I can shoot it, but from what I'm getting when I'm trying to shoot up rather than out, I think I could hit something in the ten foot range, and I don't have a clean place to shoot that far. Also, I don't know how to measure. Are you allowed to be a certain distance off the floor? Say the height of your bed or an easy chair? There must be a group somewhere that calibrates such things, however unofficially.

I seem to be getting worse at managing my sex life. I believe I suffer from a bad case of lukewarm. It's similar to how living in the suburbs sucks because it's not the city and it's not the country. It's supposed to be the happy medium, but it's really the worst of both worlds. Lately, I feel like I'm single half time and partnered half time because b&c has been traveling so much. If I were single, I'd have one strategy for hooking up a lot, and if b&c was around all the time, I'd have another strategy for hooking up occasionally. It's really tough if you find someone who's hot and heavy for you (or at least for your cock) and you're free a fair amount for two weeks, then you're unable to have anybody over for two months. It seems like I have nothing going on, and then all of a sudden I have twenty balls in the air, and they're all dropping. Fortunately, that means I can usually catch one ball as it falls, but I don't like listening to the other nineteen bounce.

Long-time fb R. canceled on me last night. I didn't hear from him until pretty late, but I had guessed that either something was up with his job or something was up with his elderly mother. It turned out to be the former, and he was going to be too busy all weekend to follow through with our plans. Bummer, but it happens. I was very disappointed, since he's my 9 guy on the nipple scale. (Aside to you know who you are: pinching someone's nipples as hard as you can while he plows you sounds very hot, but it's really only a six or seven on the nip scale. Unless you were using pliers, of course.) Also, he allows me to get very rough in a number of other ways. His yahoo profile lists "genitorturers" (a Yahoo mailing list, apparently: I already probably know more than I want to know) as one of his interests. I hadn't noticed that until very recently, so I was going to go to his place with a fist full of clothespins. Another time, I reckon.

Fortunately, at the last minute, a twenty-something, inexperienced Indian guy I've been emailing for a week or so decided that he was finally both available and interested at the same time. I'll save the details for another post because it was awesome. It seems to me like I haven't been hooking up all that much since b&c left for Germany, but at least what I'm getting has been of very high quality.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the Genitorturers are a band. I saw them live at the 9:30 club once, and they didn't fail to live up to their name. The lead singer/dominatrix pulled people up from the audience during the set, and performed various acts on them. The one I remember most notably was some guy she stripped naked, then tied up to a St. Andrew's Cross. She then attached balloons to his nipples and the end of his cock with safety pins, then proceeded to pop each balloon with a crack of her whip.

Good stuff. Needless to say, however, I stayed towards the back of the auditorium for that show.