Friday, October 19, 2007

Travelog(ue)IV: Perdita in Firenze

Bongiorno, readers. I'm in Rome, where the keyboards in the Internet cafes are a little bit weird, so excuse any bizarre characters. At the moment, I have left b&c standing in the long, long, long line for the Vatican museums. It is unlikely that I will have another chance to post before I get home, so enjoy some scenes from Florence.

At the Duomo, which has another, rather longer name, there are many interesting carvings, including the one below, of the seven deadly sins.

I'm not entirely sure what all the deadly sins are, but since I'm only interested in lust and gluttony, I don't know that it matters. Well, okay, lust, gluttony, and sloth. Envy, but only rarely. That still leaves avarice and pride, of which I am really not guilty. The last one might be wrath, but that only happens with the greengrocer's plural, which is blessedly rare in Italy. There is also a carving depecting, I believe, the seven cardinal virtues.

Beats the hell out of me what they are. But I know exactly what was in that salad: lettuce, bacon, avocado, gorgonzola, and tomatoes: so very, very good.
My inadequacy at catching hot men on camera continues, but I got the back of this very cute young man who was sketching at Santa Croce.

I bought a fake Rolex for 25 Euros. It doesn't work very well, but it's pretty. I have no desire for a real Rolex: I'm not avaricious, remember?

Those are my eyeglasses beside the fake Rolex. The eyeglasses are real, but they are too boring for any Italian man to wear. Similarly my shoes. I have never in my life felt so consistently underdressed. Thank God for all the vino.



Will said...

The best depictions of sin in religious art I've ever seen were in Danish medieval churches. To impress the faithful with the true evil of the devil, they showed in amusing detail all the bad things the devil does. like hiking up farmwives' skirts and fucking them from behind.

Or, the really great one, a carved column capital of a devil on his back with his legs WAY up and over his head, sucking himself off. No kidding, they showed it all and the stuff was great.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

You take great Pictures T..

Albiet, you do need to work on the Stalker shots. The guy is sexy even from the back.. fucking Italians they're just soo damn sexy.

I see you've managed to focus rather artfully on the pictures David in the post below.

Have fun for the remainder of your trip in Italy.