Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Weekend Gone

I am, once again, struggling with the ineffable. I had a weekend where I experienced frustration, elation, delight, ecstasy, pain, exhaustion, and transcendence but the post I'm working on about that last one (especially) is coming very slowly, so for now you'll get some miscellany. I will say that the weekend left me with a profound sense of gratitude. I'm told that Schleirmacher said that all religion begins with gratitude.

Friday evening, I had a thoroughly disappointing rendezvous with a very nice guy I'd played with before. He smelled of smoke and other things when we got naked, and I ended up rushing him to ejaculation (which was beyond copious: there was cum everywhere, and he clearly hadn't shot in quite a while) so that I could get him out the door in time to let me do some shopping for the kids before the stores closed. I guess I had just assumed that he'd understand that "sure, come over now" presumed that he was already showered. Ugh.

Much later Friday night, I saw Karma online, and he invited me over, and I'm still sore, though, admittedly, I'm only sore because after his continued exhortations to work him harder during the massage part of the evening, he gave my back the same treatment. It was an amazing session, and I'm impressed that he was able to scrape himself up off the floor after he came. Eventually.

After more than a week away, b&c still hadn't emailed me from Bogota, so I wrote him, saying that the absence of a ransom demand must mean either that he hadn't been kidnapped or that the kidnappers only wanted him for his body, which I took to be a win either way. I heard back from him soon after that, mostly to say that he's probably going back there in September. He's moved on to Managua this week, where, apparently, it's much hotter. In all senses of the word.


John said...

Oh, god, not ANOTHER struggle with the ineffable! Then again, I guess enlightenment isn't always a walk on the beach, is it?

Will said...

There are many words that have a lost positive: If you are happy with something, are you gruntled, for example; if something is rational, is it ane?

So, was any part of your weekend a struggle with the effable?

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Some of it may well have been a struggle with the f-able, will.

I have long been amused by incorrect backformations such as those you poair. There was once a funny New Yorker piece that used as many as the writer could fit on one page. I am sure "gruntled" was among them.

My favorite, as it happens, is the use of "plussed," but that's harder to use these days since so many people use "nonplussed" to mean its exact opposite.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Hmmm. The first sentence of that second paragraph of my comment should end "those you posit." I am just now seeing that. I am deeply ashamed and will now flagellate myself with an appropriate sex toy as penance.