Friday, July 18, 2008


Today's post must begin with two stipulations, readers. If you like, you can skip them. The story begins below the next picture set.

First, I am not now, nor am I ever likely to be, an expert on or an enthusiast of urolagnia. I did some watersports the other night because I was asked to by a submissive who was very eager and very cute. In order not to disrupt the narrative below, I will not discuss some of the more ridiculous details of the experience as they happened; rather, I'll get them over with now. I prepared for the scene by drinking six half-liter bottles of water, beginning an hour before the sub was due. I did this in part because I hadn't eaten anything or drunk much in the eight hours before I started, and I figured the first liter or so would render the urine less concentrated and objectionable (to me). When it was time to do the piss play (I knew it was time because my bladder was complaining so persistently that the excellent oral sex I was receiving had begun to seem tedious), I turned the water on in the sink just outside the bathroom, led the sub into the bathroom and into the shower, which has sliding glass doors. He knelt in the shower, and I stood just outside it, with my cock bridging the gap, as it were. He knelt patiently, occasionally flicking his tongue out, as if he were a serpent, to touch my cockhead. When nothing happened, I told him not to move, retrieved the water bottle, filled it with cold water from the sink, and drank another three-quarters of a liter. Then I returned to my position, where he continued to wait patiently, while I felt ridiculous but attempted to relax. When the fullness of my bladder finally overcame my reticence, a significant volume of urine flowed for a significant amount of time, and, thankfully, it was very clear. Nonetheless, when I had dribbled my last, I was very careful not to touch any part of the sub as I gingerly reached over him for the shower knob and turned on the water, and I didn't touch him again until he was thoroughly rinsed, scrubbed and rinsed again. Fortunately, he was so excited by the whole thing that my discomfort with the process didn't seem to register with him. But, hey, I don't want to knock anybody's sexual interests. After all, y'all put up with my endless odes to rimming. So I've included appropriate pictures for the wet-and-wild set.

Second, I really let you all down because, in preparation for the session, I didn't reread his first message:
hi,saw your ad, I'm a very submissive 28yo, married consider myself pretty good looking.... 5'8" 155lbs very clean cut guy 6.5 cut D&DF (the guy next door type) very social drinker, smoker... as i said I'm very submissive /kinda shy, yet know what i fantasize about and want! you say your a Dom and into kinky activities.... well............ I'm going to tell you and hopefully not scare you off what i want the evening to include aside from what ever you want ......... from the moment i enter your home, i want to be told / forced what to do, where to stand/sit when and what clothing i can take off etc, i want to be humiliated, embarrassed, and even degraded! completely taken advantage of........ really want to be pissed on/in mouth/ass (so drink lots of water/beer).... want to be made to drink and when i need to piss forced to hold it and only allow to piss with your permission...... whatever you want your in charge...if you have a buddy or two have to preform in their presents .... (or forced to suck off others if the situation arises).... to close the session (if your finished) I'm made to cum on your hot wet hard cock & balls, then Made to completely lick up and cleaning my cum off your cock, balls and ass crack if any has somehow made is way their (like a dog licks a bowl clean) only to have you shoot your hot thick sticky load as you grab my head shoving your cock down my throat forcing me to swallow............... whew!

Tell me if your into this kinda thing and your ideas and want you might want to do/try I'm very open minded guy mild to wild pic's/video are fine provided they are erased or my face and tat's are covered (I've never done anything like this but want to try it)
Emphasis added. This guy volunteered to have pictures taken, and I didn't remember. I apologize profusely. To all of you, and to myself. On the other hand, he did email to say that he wanted to play again sometime, so I may have another chance. Then again, he had a substantial amount of tattoage, so he may have his shirt on in all the pictures.

So it was Tuesday night, and I'd been hearing, via email, from Chip, a submissive who'd answered a craigslist ad some time ago. He'd said that he'd like to stop by late, when he was finished with work, but I wasn't convinced that he was going to show. It was about 10:30, and I'd finished the last of my three massages when he called my cell and said that he was still at work, but that he hoped to be done soon and wanted to stop by on his way home. I said that would be fine, and he said that he'd call when he was leaving work.

I was beat, but there's nothing like the promise of a cute sub to move my engine to a higher gear, so I got out of the easy chair, made and drank a protein shake (with added frozen strawberries, yum), went upstairs, got out the restraints, put the ropes around the bed supports, took a shower, put on shorts and a t-shirt, and dug through the closet for my construction worker boots. I don't think they have a steel-capped toe, though, so maybe they're only work boots. (I feel it necessary to interject here that your responses to both of the questions posed two posts back have been highly disappointing. Those of you who submitted 1,000-word essays on the proper use of "Rubenesque" had some trouble staying on topic, and some of you went over your word limit. Naturally, I had the surplus words deleted before I read the essays, so some of your arguments were incomplete. I'm sure many of you were disappointed with your grades, but it's better that you should hear the truth from me now so that you can make appropriate adjustments. After all, how can you expect to land a hot, successful sugar daddy soulmate if you can't write a clear and compelling 1,000-word essay? The responses to the work boots question were even worse. The very few of you who managed to keep them under twenty-five words didn't even address the question, though I did have to give points for originality to the guy who responded, "u [sic] should loose [sic] the boots and get stilleto [sic] heels so u [sic] can crush his ballz [sic].") I'll admit that my knowledge of footwear is not what it should be, but in any case, I put the boots on and then went downstairs to watch whichever mindless reality show is on Bravo on Tuesday nights.

After receiving a few more calls about his progress and drinking a few more bottles of water, I was reading some email on the computer when I saw his car pull into the driveway. He knocked on the door, and I held it open for him to step inside. He had mentioned his stats, but he hadn't mentioned his ethnicity, and he didn't have any discernible accent on the phone, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I closed the door and saw a very cute, very fit, thin, short-haired Desi guy looking at me. I am not sure what it is about dark, smooth skin that so turns me on, but it always does.

Chip had said that he wanted to be told exactly what to do every minute he was there, so I told him to take off his shoes and then his shirt. Then I pulled his hands behind his back, held his wrists together with one hand, and pushed him towards the stairs, using the other hand to squeeze his ass as he walked up.

Once we were in the bedroom, I shoved him down on the bed, and he fell so that he was only partway on, but he didn't make any attempt to find a more comfortable position. I climbed on top of him, straddling him, and bent down to kiss him. I'd thought that there might be some resistance to making out, but there wasn't. There wasn't any resistance to anything, really. He was an eager kisser, and he had thick, soft lips. Plus a tongue that was responsive but not eager to the point of obnoxiousness. I grabbed his wrists and held them down over his head, and, as he sighed contentedly, I went back to kissing him.

I grabbed his belt to pull him up on the bed, and I could see the outline of his hard cock in his jeans. I rolled him onto his side, put one arm around his shoulder, and spanked his ass with my other hand as the snogging continued. And continued. I'd stop every once in a while, to run my tongue down his smooth, colorful (great tattoos) body to his nipples, but I had to bite them fairly hard to get any response, and then it was just a deep breath, a small shudder, and a smaller whimper.

When I undid his belt and took his jeans off, I could see that his cock was longer than I'd expected. Not longer than the average cock, but longer than the average Desi cock, and, because it was very thin and very hard, it looked longer still. I rubbed it through his briefs, then I pulled him back to me, taking one of his hands and placing it on my crotch. I was as stiff as he was, and he immediately and eagerly took to playing with my cock.

When I took off his briefs, I confirmed that he had perhaps the smallest nuts that I'd ever had the chance to play with. And when I turned him on his stomach, I saw that his thin waist swelled into a truly beautiful ass. I told him (because he wanted some level of humiliation) that his lips and ass were prettier than a girl's and that his nuts were so small they might as well be ovaries, and that he was excellently equipped to be my bitch. He whispered to me that that was exactly what he wanted. I slapped his ass a few times and noted that his cock was pointing straight towards his face and almost flat against his stomach. It never left that position.

After playing with his smooth back and ass for a bit, I stood up and dropped my shorts, stepping out of them without removing my boots, and I told him to kneel by the bedside. I grabbed his spiky hair (lots of product, I reckon) and stood in front of him, and he swallowed my cock. I pulled him on and off it for a few strokes, and by then he was bobbing forward and back all by himself, so I just kept my hands on his head as he proceeded to deep throat me. Occasionally, I'd thrust forward and hold his head all the way on me, and he gagged a couple of times, but he didn't complain, and his hunger never abated.

I moved back to the bed and told him to keep sucking my cock, and he complied with admirable eagerness. It was a thoroughly awesome blowjob, made even better by the visual of a cute sub's face going up and down my cock. I stayed in that position for longer than I usually would, in part because he was doing such a good job, but also because I could tell what a good time he was having, but then, I pulled him off my cock and right up to my mouth so that we could kiss some more. When he felt my cock rubbing against his cock and then ass, he kissed even harder, and he got still more excited when I rolled him onto his back, pinned down his arms, and kissed him harder.

All of this went on for a long time. I was feeling more and more like I needed to piss, but I wasn't willing to disengage from him, so I told him to suck my cock again but to also turn around and present his ass for my attention. It really was smooth and pretty, with enough flesh to grab onto, but still small enough so that it was easy to shove the cheeks aside and work on the hole. He opened up slowly, but I was very determined, and I really loved eating that ass, so I kept working it and working it so that I could shove my tongue deeper and deeper into him. For the most part, he kept sucking my cock throughout, but I did wrap a leg around his head just to make sure and so that I could occasionally pull him down to take my cock deeper.

I stayed in that position for as long as I could, but I knew that he wanted my piss, and I also knew that I really needed to get rid of a great deal of it, so I led him to the bathroom and into the shower. I still had my boots on, so I stood just outside the shower, with my cock reaching in. He assumed the position of a supplicant, kneeling, and occasionally flicking his tongue out to tickle the tip of my cock. His cock was as hard as ever and, even in a kneeling position, pointing straight towards his face and hard against his stomach.

When the piss began to flow, I first directed it down across his chest and then his cock, then I directed it up to his eager mouth, and he seemed to swell with need and delight as the piss flowed into his mouth. He kept his mouth wide open so that most of it flowed back out, but he drank some, and then I moved my cock up slightly to soak his hair before finishing off on his face. He continued to kneel and look happily up at me, and I reached over to turn on the water so that he could rinse off. When he was done, I wrapped him in a towel and led him out of the shower, rubbing him all over.

I pulled Chip back to the bed and started to kiss him again, but he was shaking all over. I asked him if he was okay, and he said, "Yes, I'm just a little cold." I said, "Hmmm. I don't mind having my bitch shake with fear, but cold is unacceptable," and I pulled the comforter around us and held him tightly in my arms and kissed him until the shaking subsided. I may have said something along the lines of, "I always take care of my bitches," and you will just have to forgive me for the insipid talk. It was what he wanted, and I think he could tell that it was meant affectionately.

As far as I could remember, we'd pretty much worked through his laundry list of desires, and the only thing left was to force him to cum on me and then force him to lick me clean and then take my cum. So as I kissed him, I started to play with his very hard cock (after all that pissing, I'd gone down to a semi), and he looked at me and said, "Don't you want to fuck this ass?" I thought, "Dude, that WAS NOT ON THE LIST," but I really did want to fuck the ass, so I told him to go down on me and get me ready to fuck him. We'd been playing for a long time, and I'd had a very long day, so I thought it might take a while for my cock to revive, and it did. I mean, if you consider three seconds to be a while. The blowjob was once again awesome, though, so I let him continue to work on my cock for a few minutes, and then I pulled his body around again and briefly ate his ass before grabbing a condom, which I handed him, and the lube, which I began to apply to him.

He told me that he'd only been fucked once before, and I told him that I knew he could take it and that I knew how much he wanted it. He said he really did, and I told him to sit on it. I coached him to relax and told him to go very slowly, but it really wasn't going so well, so I pulled him off me and told him to play with my rod. I grabbed the lube again and, fairly quickly, worked my way from one up to four fingers. He was moaning rather profusely. I told him that if he could take four fingers, and he could, that he could take my cock. So he tried to sit on me again, but this time he was facing away from me (reverse cowboy). It still took a little while, but he managed. I held onto his hips and thrust a bit until he went from anxious to eager, then I told him to turn around. He pulled off, faced me, and I directed him back down. He moved slowly up and down me for a while as I played with his chest, then I told him to give me his hands, and I lowered him into the X position, and I believe that was when the scales fell away from his eyes. Or, at least, a minute later was when he said, "Oh. I want to cum."

I told him that it wasn't quite that simple and that he needed to feel my cock in at least one other position. I told him to get on his stomach. He did, and I spread his legs slightly and pushed back into him, raising myself up on my arms to give my cock a better angle at his prostate. His moans got louder and more frenzied, and I lay flat on him, licked his ear, and asked him how much he liked it. A lot. Then I started to fuck him harder and harder, and it was all "Oh God" and "Yessss" from him as I continued to plow his very tight, very sweet, very pretty ass. (Which, by the way, I never called anything other than an ass because there are lines that I simply will not cross.)

I probably only plowed him hard for about five minutes, but, after all, he was inexperienced, and it wasn't how he'd said he wanted to cum. I pulled out of him, and he told me how awesome it had been. I told him it wasn't over and that he was going to ride me again and that I was going to make him cum. I rolled onto my back, and he sat on me and bounced up and down as I started to stroke his cock. Agitated would be an understatement, for both of us. I grabbed the lube one last time, slicked him up, grabbed him tightly and started to jerk him. A couple minutes later, he said one word: "Faster." I complied, and before long he was nearly shouting and there was an immense load all over my stomach.

There are times when "spent" is the exact right word, and this was one of them. He fell backwards onto the bed and didn't speak or move for five minutes. I was worried that perhaps he'd have the sort of post-coital crash that leads to a guy grabbing his clothes and leaving in a hurry, but when I said, "Come here, boy," he complied, and when I told him to clean me up, he began lapping at his cum. It seemed to me that he was getting a very little of it at a time and mostly moving it around, so I said, "It's your own cum, boy, you can eat it," but, in retrospect, I can see that he was just making it last as long as possible.

I was extremely worked up, and the feel of his tongue on my stomach was just making me more worked up, so I grabbed my cock and began stroking. Maybe a minute later I was very close to cumming, so I grabbed his hair and pushed his face down and told him to get ready for my load. He opened his mouth wide, as he'd done when I was pissing, and the first shots rocketed out of my cock and into his mouth, a few inches away. I can say with complete assurance that if his mouth hadn't been there, I'd have hit the wall behind my head. And there were many more shots. He kept his mouth open, so some of them dribbled out, but when I'd finished shooting, he licked his face clean and then licked me clean. I pulled him down and kissed him for a bit, but it was after 2 am, and he still had to go home. I offered him the shower, and I washed myself up at the sink and stripped the fitted sheet off the bed while he washed up.

He came back out, and as he dressed, he said, "Well, that was different." I laughed and said, "You're married, so I'd guess so." "I enjoyed it," he said. "I could tell," I replied. It was really one of those situations where words aren't so adequate, but neither of us was at all uncomfortable, which is pretty much the usual for me, but not so much for newly minted married submissives who've only been fucked once before. I walked him downstairs and said goodbye, and he grabbed me and pulled me into a brief but very exuberant hug and thanked me. It felt really good. When a submissive gives you a hug, it usually means that he's so comfortable with you that there's not much point in him coming back for a repeat. He said otherwise in a later email, but we'll just see. I would, of course, love to play with him again, but sex that's hot enough to make me not mind doing watersports is very much an epiphany. And something to treasure whether it's repeated or not.


Will said...

I really liked that post. That you, with all of your frequent and varied sexual experience can be beguiled by something unexpected and new new is really delightful. May you always be this open and fresh as you approach yet another sub or your thousandth massage!

The Blackout Blog said...

"I never called anything other than an ass because there are lines that I simply will not cross."

Thank you for that. And I love the theme of the roll-over pictures. Clever and more work-friendly.