Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Group Activities

I'm tempted to start this entry with a phrase like "Tuesday is orgy night," but that wouldn't be at all true, even though both last Tuesday and last night my bed saw a lot of visitors. I like orgies, but I am still, apparently, not entirely comfortable with them. I have never been comfortable with public sex, and while my bedroom is clearly a private venue, there's something about five guys on the same bed that is (in addition to being horribly overcrowded: where the HELL is my king-sized bed?) public because you're likely to be doing something with one guy while one or several other guys are watching.

But, truly, public performance anxiety is the minor part of the problem. The major part is party planner anxiety. Last night, for instance, this very nice, extremely down-to-earth, hugely hung, thick lipped, married black top (E.) wanted to play. We've corresponded regularly because he lives near me and because a long while back, I posted an ad, and he responded, saying that he'd be interested in being the second top in a group scene sometime. We double teamed a bottom not long after that, but our schedules are highly incompatible, and he can very rarely get away when he's home. He mostly plays near work, which is far away. Anyway, his wife was out of town for a few days, and he let me know last week, so I offered to arrange something for Tuesday night. Oral sub guy from last Tuesday had indicated interest, but he wasn't definite, so I posted an ad on craigslist.

I knew of course, that a hugely hung black top and a reasonably endowed dom white top who were offering to host would get a big response, and, well, boy howdy. Unfortunately, on craigslist, the flakiness of the men is directly responsible to the size of the response, and I spent the eight or so hours between when I posted the ad and when everyone else had cleared out of the house worrying about whether I'd have one bottom or six. It was rather horrifically like planning a holiday party on a popular weekend. (Oral sub guy decided, ultimately, not to show, because there were too many -- i.e., any -- other bottoms.)

As it happens, we had three bottoms, and everything was mostly fine (much like the holiday parties, except that there are always a lot more bottoms than three at those), but at least one guy who called to confirm didn't show, and I kept worrying about whether he would come in late. And there was another bottom who did show but who only showed after getting lost twice and who insisted on my talking him in from a couple of miles away, so that while I was trying my best to make out with and chew on the nipples of a very hot young Indian man (Vic from here and here), I had to keep saying, "No, not there. At the next street. At [street name]. No, at [street name]. No, you've gone too far. Yes, now you'll have to turn right instead of left. Yes, at [street name]. Yes, all the way to the traffic circle. Yes, the house with the cars parked on the lawn. Yes, the door's open. Yes, come on up." So, and there's no easy way to say this, I was so anxious (and occasionally annoyed) that I kept going soft.

Tumescence returned, of course, but once you lose your erection in the presence of a group of sexy men (who, to their credit, didn't seem to mind, because I still had fingers, tongue, and toys to stimulate their various parts, and because the stiffness came back, and because E. was huge, so I was, at best, up for a reward as a supporting player to begin with) the disappearance continues to bother you until you manage to push it out of your mind by concentrating on eating that hot Indian ass or chewing those hot Irish nipples or kissing those hot black lips (the fifth guy was a nondescript American white guy), and suddenly, hey, there's wood!

Anyway, the party planner anxiety did not, ultimately, keep me from having a great time, and I suppose that as the host, I should have been most worried about the pleasure of my guests, and they all (except perhaps for the nondescript white guy who left half an hour before everyone else when I was too busy with Vic's ass to notice, but if the hardness of his cock and the tightness of his nuts -- during the period when I was paying attention -- were any indication, then he probably had a good time, too) had a great time. So the lesson I learn from the experience is not that I shouldn't have orgies: it's that I should learn to relax about the whole thing and just concentrate on having a good time.

Since nondescript white American guy was the first to arrive, I spent a good while with him, and that made me feel fine with turning it over to E. when Vic showed up. I spent most of the time playing with Vic because he responds ecstatically to kissing, having his nipples chewed, having almost anything else chewed, and, especially, having his ass eaten. When everyone else had left, Vic and I continued to play, and each of us finished himself off by hand. I came first, but he came soon after, with me chewing on his nipples. And before that, I'd gone down on him briefly because he has a small, uncut cock that also has the advantage of being very dark. It is rare that I hunger for cock, but I was hungry for that one. At least for ninety seconds, and then I was full again.

Between the time we started and the time Vic and I were alone, a lot of other hotness occurred. I had several fingers up the Irish bottom's ass, and E. was just too thick to squeeze into the nondescript white guy's ass, so I called him over, saying, "This guy's ass can take you." E. came over, pushed in, smiled, and said, "Fuck yeah! I went balls deep on the first thrust with this guy." The Irish bottom came about twelve seconds later, and E. was disappointed, but he got another chance. E. was trying (again without success because Vic is very tight) to fuck Vic and I was working his nipples and quietly talking dirty to him, and we were all laughing because Irish bottom was snoring, but then Irish bottom was up (in all senses of the word) again, and E. got to fuck him for a long time. E. (who gets up for work at some impossibly early hour) was running out of time, so he jerked himself off on Irish bottom's stomach and then kissed me goodbye and left. I went back to chewing Vic's nipples, and Irish bottom decided to become Irish versatile, and since his cock was nice and thin, he succeeded where thicker tops had failed. I left off chewing on Vic for a bit, got behind Irish versatile, and made him the meat in our sandwich, and that was very good indeed.

So in the end (ahem), a good time was had by all. According to this morning's emails, Irish bottom wants to come again, even if it's just for some one-on-one action (E. will likely not be available for another month of Sundays), and Vic wants to come again, either to play with just me, or for a threeway with me and b&c. He is exactly to b&c's taste, I reckon, so why not?

[Note to self: as annoying as it is when the same married submissive sends you fifteen distinct emails without using the reply feature so that your entire page fills up with his inane questions (even after you tell him -- in message number six -- that he's asking too many questions and should put them all in a single message), you should not delete his emails. If you do, the next time you run an ad and he replies, you won't find anything when you use the gmail search feature, which you need to use every time someone sends more than two emails without getting to the point. There were at least four guys yesterday who had previously replied to ads and then backed out at the last minute, and you don't need to waste your time talking to these guys again. They're just sitting at home and jerking off to your emails, anyway. Also, all the guys who write again the next day to express regrets about not having shown up and to ask when you're playing again do not deserve replies, but it's okay to tell them what a hot time you had without them.]

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