Tuesday, July 8, 2008


[Note: after the recent fracas between the pro-ass and pro-cock contingents among my readers (many of whom are, ahem, firmly in both camps), I've decided to give both groups what they wanted. You can thank Yarraville Paul, whose technique I have shamelessly stolen chosen to highlight, for the mouseover madness. He does a much better job with it than I do, but it was so difficult for me to get right (because it is difficult to debug html code when you don't know html) that getting the few specimens I got was almost too much for me.]

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, intermittently reviewing a tax return and trying to select from a number of less-than-ideal responses to a craigslist ad when I got an im from Torless. When I asked him how he was, he replied, "[H]ot and horny," so I told him that I'd be home after seven if he wanted to stop by. He told me that he might do that because he was taking a load of stuff to his new place, in Gaithersburg. I inquired further, and he said that he was moving far out of DC but that he would now have his own apartment. Hmmmmm. I asked whether he had a bed, and he said that he didn't, but that he'd be happy to have me come over and break in the carpet.

I am an occasional watcher of Bravo's Flipping Out where the (gay, Californian) real estate business partners frequently bless their abodes with burning sage. Clearly, it is better to bless one's new residence with really good sex, so here was my chance to rectify error. How could I say no? (And why on Earth would I want to?)

Torless gave me his new address, and I told him I'd be there not too long after 7. I got there at about quarter after, and he was naked when he answered the door, so I grabbed him and started kissing him and pulling on his nipples. He kvelled, and we kept playing with lips and tongues and nips for a couple of minutes, then I looked around and followed him into the bedroom. I could tell that it was the bedroom because it was smaller than the living room, but the two rooms were identically unfurnished, except that Torless had spread a sheet and dropped a couple of pillows on the bedroom floor. So I pushed him down, set my glasses on the bedside towel, and dove in.

I'd have to guess that Torless hadn't had any for a while because he was ravenous for everything I was throwing at him. He kissed back with fervor, and when I went after his nipples harder, he just kept saying "Yes," and I just kept working them harder still. I would take breaks to kiss him some more, and when I was biting hard on the nipples and their environs, I'd occasionally slap his ass or squeeze it hard, and he ate it all up.

Typically, Torless is in a hurry, but we'd been playing for nearly half an hour before he started to undo my pants. I figured it'd be easier if I just took everything off, so I did, but even then he didn't go right for my cock. Instead, he got on top of me and fed me his nipples. I took that as an invitation to gnaw, so I did. (He's almost certainly bruised now, and he'll be sore for days, but I don't reckon that'll bother him much.) I was working his nipples as hard as I've ever worked anyone's: if I'd gotten any rougher, I'd have broken the skin.

After a while longer, he decided it was time to go down on me, and I decided it was time to lie back and enjoy. Torless is a hungry and talented cocksucker, and I let the sensation wash over me. Fortunately, I've learned to be a lot more vocal when I'm getting a first rate blowjob, so it was no effort to let Torless know that I was loving what his mouth and hands were doing to me. After ten minutes or so of that, though, I was really ready to eat his ass. But I was also really ready to kiss him some more, so I compromised. I pulled him up to me, and we made out for a while, then I pushed him back down to my cock and pulled his body around so that I could dive into his ass.

And it's a great, remarkably clean ass, so I worked my tongue in as far as it would go, occasionally pulling out to bite his ass. He took a hit off his poppers, and I was able to push in even farther. I was in far enough that I didn't need to push his ass cheeks apart anymore, so my hands worked their way up to his nipples, and as I snaked my tongue into his hole, I pinched his nips hard. I also hooked a leg around his head so that when he pulled his head up to gasp, as he inevitably did, I could pull him back onto my cock.

I had stopped rimming him and was sucking on his nuts while I worked a couple of fingers into his ass. I pushed hard on his prostate, and it was too much for him. He reached back to pull my fingers out of my ass, so I told him to sit on my cock. After he put a condom on me, he first tried to take me without lube, and he managed to get me in. He was pretty slick from all the rimming. But that was too much for him too, so he pulled off, lubed both of us up, and sat back down.

I reached up and began to pull and twist his nipples, and he started to bounce up and down on me. It was nice, even though it wasn't the position I wanted to end up in. Unfortunately, after five or six minutes of bouncing, he began to play with his cock, and it was only a couple of minutes later when, just as I was warning him not to, he started to cum.

I'll give Torless credit. Once he came, he pulled the rubber off me and started to down on me and stroke me again, and he did that for a long time. It was amazing, and I lay there and enjoyed it for maybe ten minutes, even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't cum that way. If it had been anyone else, I'd have pulled him off my cock after two or three minutes, but the way Torless was handling me felt so great that I put off taking matters into my own hands as long as possible. Finally, I sensed that he was tiring, so I pulled him down next to me and began to jerk myself off. It took a surprising amount of effort, but it felt great the whole time, and when I was right at the edge, I put his hand back around my cock and let him stroke a truly volcanic load out of me. He was so pleased that he just lay there in my arms for a full three minutes before rolling over to grab the towel.

I suspect that sessions with Torless will become more common now that he has his own place. But I've been wrong about that sort of thing before, and there's always the possibility that having his own place will make it easier for him to start dating someone. Still, he doesn't seem like the sort to be in a hurry to settle down, so the odds are good that having broken in the floor, I'll get a chance to help break in the furniture.


Anonymous said...

Love the results!!

(email me next time, so you can save the workload. Took me ages to find out that the rollover solution was easier than I thought.

Will said...

I didn't know what you meant about mouseover madness until I gave it a try--and lo and behold!--there was an ass for every cock and a cock for every ass (especially Mr. 2A who is most impressive).

What I most appreciate about how you write of the sex you have is how often you capture the joyousness of great sex. VERY life-affirming.

erquirk said...

Great post, I love reading about your sessions because they're from the top's perspective.

I just had an amazing session with my top yesterday (my first experience with anal balls was included in the play), and I'm still basking in it.

You do convey the absolute fun and joyfulness of just playing in your writing. We could all use more play, fun, joy, and sex...

The Blackout Blog said...

Damn, why am I just now finding this blog (at work)!

You're definitely going on my blogroll.
D. Kareem