Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's not the busiest time of year at the office, so earlier last week I took a couple of sick days because I was feeling borderline exhausted. I was probably borderline exhausted because I'd been staying up much too late, but I also haven't been eating any red meat lately, and sometimes that makes me borderline anemic, so I figured it was a plausibly, albeit borderline, medical condition. And I did spend a good part of both days in bed, after all.

Late Tuesday morning, I put up a CL ad, and I got a lot of response, as is always the case when you can host on a weekday. The married guys come crawling out of the woodwork. I had a cute, geeky bi guy around lunchtime. He kissed well, and he was eager, so we had a good time.

Then I got this response:
Hi...25, 5'10", 160, athletic/thin, attractive, masc, white very oral submissive fuck slut. Looking for Dom Cock to serve today. Take orders well, very hot and getting tied up, face fucked, made to lick balls and asshole, fucked in my ass, and getting fed mutiple loads. Into long sessions and getting used long and hard unitl i'm a mess and ur done using me. Healthy, safe and sane here...just looking to serve a dom top and get treated like a nasty cock whore for the day...No BS here, ready for now. Let me know...

And it was accompanied by this picture:

You'll have to forgive me for not being able to resist the freshness of youth. Or don't: I've already forgiven myself, and I guess that's all that really matters. I figured this guy might be more trouble than he'd be worth because a) he was a sub who wanted to be used, which means that even though the ad was specific about kissing being involved, it wouldn't be surprising if the guy had missed that part because he was hyperventilating at the possibility of being tied to the bed; and b) he was from Northern Virginia, which means that he's crazy.

Anyway, I told him to call me, and he did, and I told him to come over. Apparently, he ran into the severest possible traffic, because it took him almost two hours to get to my place, but he did arrive, and he even turned out to be the guy in the picture. He was wearing flip-flops, but I suppose allowances must be made. I had him take his shirt off, put him in handcuffs, and marched him up the stairs. He slipped off the handcuffs, and I took off his jeans and briefs, pushed him down on the bed, put the restraints on his wrists and ankles, and tied the restraints to the corners of the bed.

I would show you a picture of what he looked like tied to the bed, but when he figured out that I was taking pictures, he freaked out, so I deleted the ones in my camera. I thought it was silly because none of them showed the top half of his face or his tattoo, but whatever. But he'd voluntarily sent me the picture I posted above, so I figure I have a loophole to put it up. Take my word for it, though: he looked great tied to the bed. He had about three days of stubble, and he had huge hands and feet. And a very large uncut cock (which would grow and shrink but never got fully hard).

As expected, he wouldn't kiss, but oral sub guy (OSG) was a great cocksucker. I had him tied on his back, and I pulled him towards the foot of the bed until his head was hanging down slightly, and I fed him my cock for a good while. I took my belt and looped it around his nuts and pulled on them a little while he sucked me. He refused kissing, blindfolds, and photos, but he never refused my cock. Or anyone else's.

As it happens, I'm not a big fan of standing up while I'm fucking face, so after we'd done that a while, I sat at the head of the bed and played with myself while he watched. I also held his nuts and rod between my feet and squeezed them. Not hard, though, since he'd said he wasn't into pain.

We hadn't been playing long when my late afternoon guy (LAG) called to say he was almost at my place. So I put my shorts back on and went downstairs to get him. He was a tall, well-built black man with large, sweet lips and large, sweet nips, and I started playing with both right away. Normally, I bring guys upstairs before I undress them, but I hadn't told LAG about OSG, and I figured he would take the news better if he were already undressed, so I undressed him. I was sucking on one of his nipples, and he said, "We're alone, right?" I told him, "Well, there's a boy tied to the bed upstairs. But he really just wants to take loads, so I thought maybe you wouldn't mind fucking his face." He was amenable to the idea.

We went upstairs, and LAG stood at the foot of the bed and began pumping in and out of OSG's face. I stood behind LAG, kissing his neck and shoulders, and reaching around him to squeeze his nipples. He seemed very happy.

When you only have a queen-sized bed and there's already one guy tied to it, it's a bit difficult to maneuver to play with other guys. So when I figured that OSG had had enough candy for a while, I pulled LAG into another bedroom, tossed him down, and started making out with him. He really did have superlative nipples, and he really did love having them worked on, so I concentrated on them. He went down on me for a bit, and then I pulled him back to the master bedroom so that he could finish off in OSG's mouth.

When LAG had left, I called my friend C., who lives down the street, to see whether he could join us. He was at one of the sites he manages, but he said that he'd be home before 7, and I told him to hurry and to call me when he was in the neighborhood. At that point, I'd been playing for quite a while, and I hadn't eaten much, and I'd been busy dressing, undressing, running down the stairs, running up the stairs (I had gone down and up a few times to keep checking the email, and on one of those occasions, I returned to find that OSB had worked a hand free from one of the restraints and was pushing the dildo I'd left in his ass in and out, and I was a bit annoyed by his lack of patience, but I just pulled his hand away, put it back in the restraint, and took away his toy. Boys.), and fielding phone calls (My Texas phone stalker called, and I let him listen to my fuck OSB's face for a bit, just to make him hornier than usual.), so I got back on the bed for a bit of a breather and just let my feet play with OSB's junk for a little while. It could only be a little while because there was an early evening guy (EEG) who was due soon. He'd called to say he was leaving his office, so I knew he wouldn't be much longer.

I put some lube on my thicker butt plug and started to work it in and out of OSB's ass. His cock grew some, but he didn't say anything, though he did yelp a bit when the phone rang, and I shoved the butt plug all the way in. EEG said he'd be arriving for a minute, so I put clothes back on and went downstairs. EEG was a hairy, burly 50-something married and curious guy who looked very inviting in his business clothes. I got him out of his clothes and forced him to kiss me a few times, then I started to work his nipples and briefed him on the situation. Really, guys just don't argue with you when they're naked and you're not. He said he'd never done anything like that before, so I told him there was no time like the present.

At this point, I was feeling a little bit like a cruise director, but I was still having a good time, so I pushed EEG up the stairs and got him situated at OSB's mouth. While EEG got his cock sucked, I smacked his ass until it was nice and red, and then I worked on his nipples. He was clearly having trouble processing the situation, but now he was having his cock sucked in addition to being naked, so I reckon he was even less inclined to argue.

After a while, I left him there and sat back on the bed with my legs over OSB's, and I started to jerk myself off. I figured it was the only way. It's hard enough for me to cum when I'm just lying there and a guy is going down on me: it's pretty much impossible if I'm standing up. EEG was having no such trouble, however, and he was getting pretty close before very long, so I worked my cock harder to move things along, and not long after EEG had sent a load sliding down OSB's throat, I got off the bed and stroked an ample load all over OSB's face. He was able to get some of it with his tongue, but a lot of it just stayed there. As I showed EEG out, he said, "I've never done anything like that before." "You have now."

Fortunately, C. arrived not much later. We made out a bit, but not long after he started shoving his cock in and out of OSB's mouth, OSB asked what time it was and said he had to get going. C. said that he might fuck OSB's ass quickly, but when I removed the butt plug, C. decided he'd just as soon not. So I offered C. the option of a martini instead, and he eagerly assented. I unfastened OSB, and while he used the shower, I gathered up the bedding and chatted with C. about the events of his and my day. Then OSB emerged, and C. lost interest in conversation since he was busy ogling a very attractive young man.

We saw OSB out, I started the laundry, and then I poured a couple of martinis. C. stayed for about half an hour, chatting, then headed home.

I've gotten a couple of emails from OSB since he was over. He seems very eager for a repeat, but I don't know. The whole thing was fun, but there was something very scattered about it. I almost feel that if I'm going to be doing this sort of thing regularly, I need to hire an assistant to take care of setting things up, answering the door, and fetching and cleaning the sex toys so that I can just have a good time. OSB said he was sorry for not making it clear that he didn't kiss beforehand, but he didn't offer to kiss the next time, and I'm not sure just how flexible he is about other things. I might, for example, prefer to have him on his hands and knees, going down on me while someone else fucks him. I reckon I could ask him, but it seems easier to just let the whole thing go. A couple of the other guys have also expressed interest in a repeat engagement, and that might be more satisfying for me.

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