Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rub, Rub, Rub

So, let's set the scene. Tuesday evening, in the library/office/piano room at home. When b&c's away, the room also doubles as my massage studio, which means that it's a little tight in there. By moving everything around, I can manage to set up the massage table (which is longer than some and can accommodate a guy of 6'5.5" with no trouble) so that I can move around it without too much trouble. I turned the lights off and lit a couple of tealight candles, but there was still enough light coming in from the window (sheer curtains) to see by when the first guy arrived a little after 6.

Client #1, in his own words:
Hi i would love to try a massage am latin 40 clean healthy smooth 5'6 stocky/husky so let me know please it would be my first massage
When I answer the door, I think he's very cute. He's also very nervous, and after I've said hello and lead him to the table, he only takes his shoes off before getting up on it. I tell him the massage will be better if he wears less, so he removes his shirt. I ask him if he'll take off his shorts, and he responds that he's shy, but he complies. He leaves the boxer briefs on. They look great on his ass, which also looks great without them, a little later.

The nervousness turns into conversation (this is not one of those meditative massages) and then into what might be TMI. Before long, I know that he's been with his partner for ten years, that his partner has two kids they don't see much, that he and his partner have been "having trouble," that his partner isn't working, that his partner moved into a separate bedroom a few months ago, and that he (client #1) has just started testing the extrarelationship waters. Not surprisingly, he's got some tense muscles. I give him the standard treatment, and when I'm done with the prostate massage, he asks me whether that was a finger I was using. I can't quite figure out what the alternative would be, but whatever. When I do the front, I kiss him twice, and he tells me that he has never gotten into kissing, so I kiss him a couple more times and tell him that with his lips, not kissing is almost criminal. Besides, his uncut cock is hard, though that might be from the prostate work. Later he tells me that the few times he's hooked up, he's mostly gotten fucked. I work my way down his chest, playing with his nipples, pulling lightly on his balls, and then I start to stroke him, but before long, he tells me that he won't cum because he came earlier in the day. This seems like fuzzy math to me, but I let it go and concentrate on the feel of his smooth skin in my hands.

When I'm done, he seems much more relaxed and asks if I'll show him the backyard. We walk out and look at the garden. I think he's going to come over tomorrow night to hang out. I'm clearly not his type, but he's very nice and somewhat lonely, and b&c is out of town. I'll probably pick up a sixpack on the way home.

Client #2, in his own words:
27, 6'5.5", 230, brn/blu
He came over around 8:30. A cute young white guy who looked like he might have once been a linebacker but had stopped working out. Fleshy, but in a good way. Not shy, not talkative.

There's no conversation, and I start into the standard massage. I notice the strong, but not particularly defined, infraspinatus muscles and smile as I work him over. There's not much of a response until twenty-five minutes later when I start the prostate massage, and then it's clear, from the accelerating pulse I feel when my finger presses his button, exactly what he likes. It's even clearer when I have him flip over, and there's a thick stream of precum leaking from his cock. I work on his face some, and his mouth opens occasionally. I wonder whether that's an invitation, but when I bend down and kiss him, there's no response at all, and he's got thin lips, so it's not worth trying twice on the off chance that I just caught him by surprise. Instead, I move on down. Squeezing his nipples brings on more precum and more tumescence. Apparently, the mouth was opening to accommodate his faster breathing.

When it's time to stroke him off, he's very agitated (in a very good way), and he starts to try to play with my cock, which -- because client #2 never bothered to mention that he might want to play with my cock: he just assumed that "massage" meant "sex" because he's only twenty-seven and probably still closeted which would explain why it's okay for me to have two fingers up his ass and for him to grab my cock but not okay for us to kiss -- is trapped beneath both my shorts and my underwear and is not particularly extroverted at the moment. I let him continue to try to work his hand in and play with me while I start to stroke him faster. I'm thoroughly amused by the whole scenario, and I like watching him jerk and moan, but I can tell that it goes on too much longer, I might find the whole thing tiresome, so I switch over to stroking with my left hand so that two fingers on my right hand can go up his ass and push hard on his prostate, and I'm rewarded with a whole lotta noise and a whole lotta semen, and he's very appreciative of both the strength of my technique and the length of my table, so it's all very good indeed.

Client #3, in his own words:
I would appreciate a massage very much. I'm 5'8, 165, 47, white, clean, nice guy, 34 waist. Thanks so much for your offer.
I can't be bothered to change his name, even. I figure that a) it might not be his real name to begin with, and b) Mikes are a dime a dozen around here. He shows up around 9:45

So this guy is nice enough looking, but he's a little bit of a nudge. He leaves his socks on, and when he gets onto the table, he tells me that I shouldnt' massage his feet, hands, or face ("You can massage ANYTHING else, though," he says.), AND that I shouldn't use too much oil. Fortunately, he has very skin, so I don't need much oil and his back is very pleasant to rub. But when I'm working on his glutes, I'm catching a little whiff of something, and I'm not quite sure what that might be, especially since the only light now is coming from two small candles, so I decide that he doesn't really need me to work on his prostate. And, as it turns out, he didn't really need one because he's very hard when he flips over. Since I can't work on the head or the hands, and since I'm a little tired from working in a room where I've had my clothes on and the ac off (so the clients wouldn't freeze, you know) and not having eaten since lunchtime, I'm just as happy to start my inevitable march down the chest to the cock. He's very happy with my nipple play, but I guess I don't stroke his cock the right way because after a couple of minutes, he pushes my hand away so that he can finish himself, and I guess I could be insulted, but that doesn't make any sense now that I can go and play with his nipples. A hand on each pec is better than one in the bush, any day.

He shoots a nice load and tells me that it was intense. Then he asks for a Kleenex, and I hand him the towel that I've just used to wipe my face, but he won't take it because "it's kind of damp." After three massages, I'm just too tired and too relaxed to do anything other than roll my eyes as he heads off to the bathroom to clean himself up with toilet paper. Which he leaves in the toilet, unflushed.

</present tense>

Anyway, it was a pretty good night, and I was just thinking that I should probably have something to eat and then I'd sleep very well when I heard from the submissive. In his own words:
I'm a very submissive 28yo, married consider myself pretty good looking.... 5'8" 155lbs very clean cut guy 6.5 cut D&DF (the guy next door type)
Suddenly, sleep appeared not so important, but a protein shake (oh get your minds out of the gutter, I mean a whey-based protein shake blended with some frozen strawberries) seemed critical.

There were many more of the sub's own words, and they'll appear in the next entry.

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