Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Project Mouseover

It's been a brutal week, readers. Last night I left the office at 6:15 so that I could ride into DC with b&c to see the Washington National Opera do The Pearl Fishers at the Kennedy Center. And it was well performed, but I think there are good reasons why it's also very rarely performed. The opera just isn't all that dramatically compelling. Odd when you consider that Bizet also wrote Carmen. Anyway, the opera only ran about 2:20, and b&c was able to drop me off at the office before 10:30, so I got to do another ninety minutes of work before the server went down for the evening.

Anyway, I'm tired and overworked, but it should all be more or less over by the end of this weekend. For now, I barely have the strength to be grateful that Korto wasn't sent home on Project Runway tonight. I was sorry to see Jarrell go, but I don't really pant over him the way b&c does. That would be beneath me.

It is not, however, beneath me to fantasize about having Nathan, from Top Design, beneath me. Preferably with Preston, who would serve as the bottom crust in a Nathan sandwich. I might even let Wisit provide the accompaniment. But not Eddie. He'd have to kneel in a corner so that when Preston or Nathan (or Wisit) needs to take a piss, I could point to Eddie and say, "Just use that."


John said...

I had exactly the same reaction you did when I saw a local production of "Pearl Fishers" a few years ago ... pretty but kind of dull. I told my opera companion later that I thought it was almost impossible to make the essentially passive act of waiting seem urgent and moving. He looked at me, blinked, and replied, "Um, ever hear of 'Madama Butterfly'?" Oof.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...
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The Neighbors Will Hear said...

There was one recurring strain of music in The Pearl Fishers that I was sure I recognized, and it wasn't until almost the intermission that I realized it was very close to the melody of a hymn that appears in the Unitarian Universalist hymnal. Within a few days after the performance, though, I could no longer remember the tune or even which hymn it was. Worse, I couldn't remember any of the music from the opera. Contrast that to Madama Butterfly or La Traviata or La Boheme or Carmen or, well, the list goes on. If you mention any of those operas, even the ones I've only seen once, I'll immediately think of one or more melodies from them. You mention The Pearl Fishers, and I got nothin'.

At least there was plenty of eye candy, though. The dancers were half naked, and the tenor had decent abs.