Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rise and Shine

I made the mistake of leaving the office at a reasonable hour last night. This is always a good idea in theory, but then theory always butts up against the reality of traffic. Traffic is one of the few travails of modern life that I have not yet learned to face with total equanimity. In saner times, I can cope by turning on NPR, but these days, all of the news I'm likely to hear is about either a) the election, b) the financial crisis, or c) the impact of the financial crisis on the election. The financial crisis is pretty much unrelentingly depressing, and as for the election, well, there are few things more terrifying than hope.

Anyway, a while after I got home, I made the mistake of logging onto gay.com, which, it would appear, has recently undergone some sort of face lift that went badly awry. Torless was on there and said hello to me, but I couldn't get the IM function to work. We eventually ended up chatting via Yahoo, where he told me that he was home and horny but too exhausted to play. I was too tired to go back out, anyway, so it was a bit of a relief: I'd have felt compelled to go over and pound him if he'd invited me over. Then we had a long discussion wherein Torless revealed that he's extremely insecure about a great many things, including whether he's any good in bed. He actually said, "I always feel like I'm the one getting all the pleasure, and I want to give you what you want." WTF? I wrote back, "I always take what I want from you, Torless. And I always have a good time." And then I had to end the conversation because my drama sensors were going off. Is this sort of behavior typical for the youthful bottom? I mean, do most of them figure that if they make you rock hard and you plow them like a jackhammer and chow down on their nipples until you cum volcanically, then you're still not really having a good time unless you also pursue them almost to the point of stalking? I'm going to keep fucking him on those occasions when he asks and I'm available because he's awesome in the sack, and there's never any drama in person. And maybe I'll do some googling: it's inconceivable that anyone that young and that insecure doesn't have a blog.

Anyway, I got offline, intent on an early bedtime. I finally finished reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being a few days ago, so I was searching for the copy of the Homeric Hymns that had recently arrived from Amazon when my cell rang. It was some local guy who'd answered one of my craigslist ads a while back but whose schedule had never meshed with mine. I had my doubts about him, but he had a very nice voice, so I said he could come over, and, well, let's just say that he's not going to earn a spot in the rotation. Sometimes even guys who suck cock well and SCREAM REAL LOUD when you fuck them aren't worth having twice. Yeah, I know: there was a time when I wouldn't have believed that last sentence, either.

Anyway, I was post-coitally hungry, so I whipped up a surprisingly tasty concoction of Boca Burgers and marinated artichoke hearts (don't ask) and watched some TV, and before I knew it, it was almost midnight. I had to be up around 5 the next (i.e., this) morning, so I got into bed. When I'm alone and really need to sleep, I always put on a DVD, so last night I put on Hedwig and the Angry Inch and skipped through a few scenes. I fell asleep just after that song based on Plato's Symposium.

At around 5:10, my phone rang. It was Schulyer, calling to say that he was about ten minutes away. Schuyler had answered one of my recent ads, and I didn't know much about him except that he was twenty-seven and "average." He also said that he loved to kiss and suck cock and that he was versatile but that he preferred to bottom. And he may have mentioned that he loved being rimmed, but I can't be sure: that's the sort of detail that I would never fixate on since rimming is something that I so rarely think about or do.

Anyway, I hopped in the shower and was just trying to find some clothes when the doorbell rang. I threw on a t-shirt and some pants and went to answer the door, where I learned that, apparently, the average twenty-seven-year-old gay man is very cute indeed. He's short and fit, with buzzed light-brown hair. He came in, and we started kissing, and I slid my hands up under his white t-shirt and through his fur to grab his small but very perky nipples. He slid his jacket off, and I slid my hands down the back of his sweatpants and squeezed. Then we headed upstairs.

Since I didn't even have to stop long enough to remove my glasses or set my cellphone aside, I managed to toss Schuyler on the bed before he had a chance to remove anything. I climbed atop him, wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him tightly as we began kissing again. He seemed to like that, and his kisses became more avid, but also softer and deeper. Nice lips. I pushed his t-shirt up so I could suck on his nipples a little, and I reached down to feel his cock through his sweatpants. Not very big, but very pert indeed. I slid my hand inside the waistband and cupped his small nuts, then slid the pants down. I left off sucking on his nipple so we could kiss some more. It was about 5:20, and he'd said he needed to leave by about 6:45, so I knew we had plenty of time.

We made out for a while, switching between my being on top of him and his being on top of me. I played with his nipples, licked his pits, and lightly slapped his ass. He played with my cock a little through my pants and then he unbuttoned the slacks so that he could play with it direction. We'd probably been kissing, etc. for nearly a half hour before we were both naked and he finally decided that he wanted to suck my cock. Awesome technique: boy must have retractable teeth.

We went back to kissing, and then I went down on him for a minute or two. He seemed very appreciative, and when he started to head for my cock again, I pulled his legs around so that they were on either side of my torso, and I was staring straight at his asshole. It had a tuft of light brown hair around the opening, and it was very, very clean. He had just taken my cockhead in my mouth when I spread his cheeks and shoved my tongue against his hole. So good. Now that I think of it, I'm more certain that he really must have mentioned that he loved being rimmed: he loved being rimmed. We stayed in that position for a while. I backed away and sucked on his nuts a few times, always returning to his hole and shoving my tongue in deeper. After a while, I switched to a finger, and boy was he tight. I was wondering whether fucking was going to work, but I was having too much fun to care.

I pulled him off me, and we made out some more, then I rolled him onto his stomach and spread his cheeks again. His mouth wasn't full this time, and he made a lot more noise when I licked his ass. Then I licked my way slowly up his spine until my cock was wedged into his asscrack. He sighed when I licked his shoulders, then turned his head so that I could kiss him from behind. It was one of those times where I'm glad that I have a long torso and short legs. I was just the right length to kiss him while my cock ran over his crack.

I grabbed a condom and kept kissing him while I rolled it onto my cock. Then I pushed my cockhead up to his hole, kissed him again, and began to push in. Very tight, but also very stretchy, apparently. He opened up enough to let me in and sighed as my cock slid into him. I went very slowly for a bit, and then I started fucking harder and harder. We were kissing the whole time. Eventually, I broke the kiss to chew very lightly on his shoulders and run my tongue hard along his jawline, and he began to get more verbal.

Eventually, I rolled him onto his back and pushed his knees forward so that I could fuck him from a more prostate-pounding-friendly position. He smiled, and I smiled back, and when I had his knees up towards his face, he told me that I was hitting the exact right spot. So I hit it for a while longer, but then I pulled out and rolled on my back so that he could sit on my cock. He did, and he bounced up and down as I played with his nipples. Later, I unbent his legs and lowered him into X position. Awesome. Then I pulled him off me, and we stroked each other's cock as we kissed again. A few minutes later, he got louder, and then I felt a load of semen shoot into my hand. I continued to stroke him for a while, and he turned to me kissed me as I began stroking myself. I came not long after, and then we lay side by side for a bit, and he thanked me. I thanked him, too. Then it was into the shower. It wasn't until he was out and drying and beginning to get dressed that I realized that he hadn't had to stop to take his shoes off because he was wearing Crocs. But nobody's perfect, right? I saw him to the door just before 6:45: another deadline met.

He'd said in emails that he wanted to find someone regular and discreet. (He has a partner.) And he asked me, as he was leaving, to keep in touch with him, so we'll see. Whether we play again or not, though, it was great sex and a great start to my day. I was buzzing around for a couple of hours afterwards, and I didn't even much mind all the traffic on the way into work. Now I'm crashing, of course, but I'm sure that by the time 8 pm rolls around -- and Judd comes over to roll around in my bed -- I'll be ready to go again.


franck said...

Being thanked after sex is one of the greatest turn-offs for me. You can tell me it was great, awesome, amazing, and that you had a lot fun, but thanking me... that never fails to wipe the smile off my face

The Blackout Blog said...

Well, Franck, some of us have manners!

Haha, kidding. Thanking can definitely make it seem less like sex and more like a transaction.

John said...

And here I thought I was the only one who was having to avoid my beloved NPR because the news just put me into suicidal mode. Glad to hear I'm not alone, and I hope I can resume listening after the election.

murcia said...

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Thanking someone is a turnoff? And since when did people only thank others in transactional situations? Or put another way, how is sex NOT a transaction -- and a potentially GREAT one at that? I make it a habit to avoid having sex with people, no matter how visually appealing, if I sense (and I usually can) that they hold such views, which seem to me to be part of a faux hardass 'masculine' sort of persona. There's lots of thanking for sex going on out there, guys, and to me it's a great thing...

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

On balance, I think I have to agree with Murcia. (Minus the "What the fuck is wrong with you people," of course. I think you only get to talk nasty to Franck if you have him pinned to the bed. Not that I would know from experience, of course: it's just something I gather from what I read on the men's room walls.) I understand the desire to think of casual sex as something other than transactional, but something can be transactional and still be deeply satisfying at the same time. Given Schuyler's tone when he thanked me (as well as certain other comments during and after the act), it was fairly obvious that he appreciated my skills.

I really can't get worked up over something as minor as being thanked. If it bothered me, then I'd do my best to think that he was thanking me for being a gracious host rather than for finding his most sensitive spot and pounding it repeatedly. That may be a distinction without a difference, but whatever.

On the other hand, people can't always help what turns them on or off, so if being thanked harshes your mellow, and if a guy was otherwise a great lay, you may want to find a way to politely let him know that you'd prefer not to be thanked for sex. But you're basically telling a guy that his attempt to be polite turned you off, so you need to preface a remark like that with something like, "I know I'm being unreasonable here, but ..." and follow up with copious praise for the other guy's sexual abilities.

Jay said...

hot story, and loved the pics. especially the first one!