Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday was a full moon, and that seemed like as good a time as any to hook up with the looner. Looners, for those of you who both a) are not in the know and b) do not commit all my posts to memory, are people with balloon fetishes. You can find plenty of examples on YouTube (clothes on) or XTube (clothes off).

Marco, the looner, (Sort of like "Minnie the Moocher," but really, really not.) is a late twenties Peruvian who can't host and doesn't have a car, which means that he's relatively high maintenance, but he seemed eager to please, and I don't come across a balloon fetishist every day, so it was something I had to try. Where he lives is a bit of a hike from home, but he's not far from the Costco I usually shop at, so I figured when we were done, I could drop him off and then stock up. Anyway, after going to church to sing with the choir, I headed over to his place and picked him up.

One expects a certain amount of exaggeration on craigslist, and I expected it in particular with Marco because his ad claimed that he had a six-inch cock, but he also included a picture of a cock that clearly only got to five inches in its wildest dreams. And he said he was a soccer player, but it was pointed out to me that the legs in his pictures weren't entirely consistent with the legs of a soccer player. When he got in the car, he was wearing fairly loose clothing, but it was immediately apparent that his soccer days had ended some time ago. As we were driving to my place, I ran my hands up under his shorts to his thighs, and while they had strong muscles underneath, there was a layer of softness above. I mention all of this for the sake of completeness: I really don't care if a guy's carrying a few extra pounds, and sometimes I think that a few extra pounds are kind of nice, especially on a dark, smooth guy. And I prefer small cocks.

So we're driving along, and I'm occasionally squeezing his thigh or running my hand down his calf and sliding my fingers between his ankles and his white socks (he especially loved that), and he pulls out his balloons and starts to blow one up, and it's kind of cool because it's obvious that his whole body comes alive when he's doing it. I ask him if he's a popper, and he says that he's not. It's clear that he reuses his balloons, and I consider making a safe sex joke, but his English, while not bad, probably isn't good enough. So we get back to my place, and I offer him some wine, and we spend a couple of minutes on the couch with him inflating again, and then we go upstairs.

Earlier in the day, I'd laid some masks on the bed so that he could wear them for pictures (the idea had excited him), so I offered him the choice. He went for the black mask with gold decoration. And then he started blowing up the balloons and tying them. And I started playing with him.

And the sex was nothing special, but it was fun. He wouldn't kiss, but he didn't balk at having my lips and tongue just about anywhere else, so I worked on his nipples for a while, and he liked that. He asked me to suck his cock, so I did that for a short while, mostly because I like sucking small cocks, especially when they're attached to smooth, dark guys.

Things took off when I started to play with his ass, and once I started to rim him, he really got worked up and started asking me to fuck him. So I did. He was pretty tight, so it was a good fuck, and there was something amusing (if not truly erotic) about having a guy on his back with his legs up and my ramming him while both our hands are holding onto big firm balloons.

Anyway, I fucked him for a while, and he seemed very ready to cum, so I pulled out and lay beside him and stroked him off, which took, well, not very much time. Then I finished myself off, which took significantly longer. He'd shot an impressively large load, and when I was about to cum, I turned toward him to add my load to his chest, and he, thinking I was going to shoot on one of the balloons, started to protest. I couldn't help laughing as I shot on my own chest.

When I was driving him home, he started asking about b&c, and then he said that he'd been to our house before, and he'd been unsure whether I was the same guy. I guess this is one of those all-gringos-look-alike things because b&c is nearly twenty years older and three or four inches shorter than I. Also leaner and much hairier than I. I asked him whether he'd done balloons the last time he was over, and he said he didn't think so: he thought that he'd just gotten sucked off. "Oh, yeah, my partner's really good at that," I said, and he concurred.

Marco had left his bag of balloons on my bed, and when I'd brought it downstairs to give back to him, he'd asked me to hold onto it until the next time we played. I was surprised because I hadn't thought he'd had that much fun, and it had been unexceptional for me. But once he told me about hooking up with b&c and figured out that I had no problem with it, he became much friendlier, so I figure why not? He wants to go down on me, and I reckon that I can get him to make out, so maybe I'll buy my own bag of balloons and see what happens if I pop one of them while I'm fucking him.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day around here, and it was still clear when the full moon came out. Later in the evening, I found myself walking through the moonlight with another guy, and that walk ended in sex that was neither perfunctory nor unexceptional. More about that later.

Late Update: Marco posts a lot of CL ads, I guess because he's lonely and wants a bf. (Also someone his own age, which makes sense.) Last week those ads said that he was versatile, but today his ad says that he's a bottom. I'm going to view that as a compliment.


The Blackout Blog said...

see what happens if I pop one of them while I'm fucking him.

For some reason, that was hilarious to me.

Will said...
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Ashe said...

The choir references always catch my eye. Are you elevating the profane, or soiling what's clean when you mix them in?

(Either works, by the way.)

So the inflated balloons turned out to be incidental to the whole scene?

Will said...

Ashe, I firmly believe in a healthy balance of the the sacred AND the profane in life. We need both.

I deleted that comment because of the number of typos due to my pathetic typing. What I had said was that in my wildest dreams I had never thought of over-inflated balloons as sex toys. But if they work . . .

The Neighbors Will Hear said...


I don't think I'm doing either. On the one hand, I do believe that sex can be sacred; on the other hand, I wouldn't call this particular sex sacred (see tomorrow's entry for sex that was more in the transcendent vein). I move easily between the sacred and the profane, and I'm happy that they coexist peacefully.

As for the balloons, for me they were certainly incidental, but for Marco, they were a big deal. I would occasionally be sucking a nipple, and I'd grab one of the balloons and rub it against some part of him, and it would transport him. And it was clear that the sex was great for him because a) he inflated and tied the balloons and had them there while we were playing, and b) I fully accepted the balloons and tried to integrate them somewhat.

Will said...

This conversation is becoming wonderfully bizarre. As it happens there ARE inflatables that are made to be sex toys but they're usually life-sized and in female form.

Ted, seriously, you are a patient and compassionate man. If I hooked up with a guy and found myself involved with balloons in bed, I'm not sure I would have stuck around.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Actually, Will, I hooked up with him because of the balloons. They hold no erotic interest for me, but they're sufficiently bizarre -- without being disgusting -- to make them a scene worth participating in, from a sort of sexual anthropology point of view.

Atlantagent said...

"Yesterday was a full moon, and that seemed like as good a time as any to hook up with the looner."

How much did I love this line? (I also cracked up about Marco's frantic reaction when he thought you were going to cum on his balloons). Thanks, TED.

Jesse Archer said...

Fabulous! I love a looner! Was he all worked up because of the static it made on his body? Or just hugging onto inflatables?

The part about not coming on his sacred balloon is killing me.