Friday, February 13, 2009


I hooked up with Dan a few months ago. It wasn't the most exciting hook-up ever, but he really liked sucking my cock. He wouldn't kiss, but he's the kind of guy who'll hang around for half an hour after he's cum, and the conversation will be good and funny. Plus, his wife is Brazilian and lives in Brazil, so even though he's nothing like Brazilian (and he's married to a woman), you know that he's spent a lot of time in the company of extreme hotness, and it rubs off, at least in the attitude. Anyway, he's been asking, intermittently, for a return engagement ever since, and last night we finally got together. He was due to arrive at 9, so I left the office at 8, got home, showered, texted him to say that I'd left the door unlocked and that he should come upstairs, put on a pair of long johns, put Broken Sky in the DVD player, and idly played with myself for the five or so minutes I was waiting for him to arrive.

Dan didn't waste any time. Before he took off any of his clothes, he bent over and began to lick my cock through the long underwear. After a minute of that, I told him that he could get comfortable, and he stripped down to his boxers, which gave me the opportunity to play with one of his nipples. He came around the other side of the bed, climbed on it, and began taking off my drawers. He said something very appreciative of my cock, and I said something very much like, "Yeah, I know, that's why you're here." "You don't think I drove an hour for your personality, do you? Actually, I did, but for this first." "I'm entirely comfortable with a guy thinking of me as nothing but a nice cock." And then his mouth was full.

Dan is a very good cocksucker. He's not as good as, say, Nike, and Nike kisses (really well), but it's hard to have much of a conversation with Nike. Not that Dan and I were having much of a conversation at first. He did stop sucking my cock long enough to warn me that if I played with his cock any more (i.e., twelve seconds instead of ten, I suppose), he was likely to cum, so I decided to just lie back and enjoy. He crawled between my legs and sucked me from that angle, and all I really had to do for the next half hour or so was occasionally grab his head (shaved) and shove it up and down on my cock occasionally, just to show that I was still involved.

After that, I figured I should get a little more involved, so I put him on his back and started to suck on his nipples. That got him very excited. I climbed on top of him and tried to kiss him once, but he told me, as I knew he would, that he only kissed women. So I went back to his nipples for a bit, and I teased his cock with light touch and moderate strokes, and he moaned and whimpered some. Then I put him on his stomach and put my cock in his crack and rubbed it up and down. He started to tell me that he never got fucked, but that maybe next time he would think about it beforehand and get himself in the mindset to bottom. I just rubbed my cockhead closer and closer to his asshole. I didn't have any intention of topping him, but I wanted to get him a little bit worked up. "Seriously, man," he said, "You can't top me. I'm married." Oh, honey.

I put him back on his back and resumed stroking him and sucking on his nipples. He told me that he was close. "I'm not like you. You stay hard forever, but do you ever cum?" I told him that I did, but mostly when I fuck my partner. "Oh, that must be because you love him." "Well, I do love him, but I think it's more that he's the only person I fuck without a condom. I'm not sure there's all that big a link between love and orgasm." As it happened, I wasn't hard just then. I had been very hard while he was sucking me and while I was on top of his chest and on top of his back, and I was still very interested in what I was doing, but without the cocksucking or any kissing, I'd gone soft. Not that I really cared. I mean, there are times when I would care, but Dan's all about sucking on my cock for a while, then a switch flips, and his only concern is getting off.

I kept teasing him for a good while longer, until he was nearly begging for release, and then I released him. He had warned me that he was going to really cum hard (he hadn't sucked any cock for two weeks), and maybe he did, but his version of cumming hard is not as, um, productive as mine.

I gave him a towel, and he wiped himself up while I took a call from my ex about finding some shoes for EFU (no, really), and then I started to play with him again. He has a short but thick cock that isn't really worth sucking on when it's hard, but it was fun to suck on him for a bit while he was soft. (He's very verbally appreciative.) It's also fun to carry on a conversation when I've got a soft cock or a hard nipple in my mouth. We hung out in that manner for another half hour, and it was fun. It's not as erotic having a guy laugh when you're sucking on his nip as it is when you're fucking his ass, but it's still very pleasant. He made a comment about how intense my nipple work was, and I had to tell him that on my ten-point nipple work scale, I had only barely gotten to three with him.

Anyway, it was all very nice. As fuckbuddies go, he probably does a little better on the buddy end than on the fuck, but it was a cool way to spend the evening. After he left, I watched part of Broken Sky again and jerked off. I was almost unbelievably hard, but it took me a very long time to cum. On the one hand, I wonder why that was, but on the other, I just figure it is what it is.

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