Friday, March 23, 2007


Ah yes, readers, another misleading title. No underwear here. You can discuss among yourselves whether I mean that this post will not be about underwear or that no one's wearing any. I do love it when men go commando, though. Any time I'm going to be tying a guy to my bed, I tell him to arrive wearing jeans without underwear. If you drop those halfway down his ass and give him a few whacks with the belt... good times.

I am up to the tips of my ears in work right now, and that's where I'll remain for almost another month. Being at work at 8:30 on a Friday is bad enough, but knowing I'll be here for two more hours is worse. Adding further insult to injury is the fact that I just got an email telling me that the fulfillment house I just ordered some vintage porn from don't have it in stock and will have to order it from the distributor. They say six weeks. Egad. Fortunately, it was not the only porn I ordered this week. Or even the only porn I ordered yesterday. I have some hot French porn on order, thanks to a recommendation from Atari. With any luck, I should have spent my entire income tax refund on porn by the time busy season is over. (I have a way to go, though. Big refund this year.)

The back-ordered titles were two Danny Sommers flicks from the 90s. They would have originally been on something called videotape (for my younger readers), but they have now been transferred to DVD.

I was actually looking for a different title, which I believe also starred Danny Sommers. It was one of the first gay porn videos I ever owned, and it holds a very special place in my heart because I got it when I was first separated, back in the days when walking into the back of the video liquidator and going to the gay section was still something that frightened me. I think that this film was directed either by Jim Steele or by Chi Chi Larue, and it was about a married high school teacher who falls in love with a closeted military officer (Danny Sommers, I think). There was actually a plot, though it was mostly just a lot of hot sex, and the actors, well, they sucked, in all meanings of the word.

The film was something of an indictment of the Clinton Administration's DADT policy, though, again, mostly it was just a lot of hot sex. At the time I found it very touching, and I touched myself a lot while watching it.

Anyway, I hope to track this movie down soon. I am somewhat stymied when searching for porn titles at work by my office's content filters. Amazingly, though, the content filters don't keep me from getting onto and (when I have time) finding someone to hook up with. They are decidedly quirky. I cannot, for instance, go to or the malcontent (no great loss on that last one, really), but I can go here. Which I do. Daily.

Anyway, I will eventually be the proud possessor of two movies starring Danny Sommers, who, I am told, was the most popular porn bottom of the early nineteen nineties. I can certainly belive it.

He plays a gymnast in training in one of the films. How am I going to wait six weeks for that?


Will said...

Danny was so cute then, and it was such a treat to see him get fucked. I just got the famous Joe Gage trilogy (LA Tool and Die, etc.) and the thing I like about vintage porn is not only the barebacking but the unshaved bodies--men, and I mean MEN, just as nature made them.

It's a hoot that you can get Roids & Rants past the office porn filter. I mean anything more wonderfully sleazy . . . . !

jack134 said...

What is the name of the movie about the married high school teacher who falls in love with a closeted military officer?

I've been trying to look for that one forever. That was one of my first as well.

Ray Ray said...

I loved that movie with the married teacher and military man too! It was one of my firsts as well and I recently searched high and low for it. Luckily I found it, so in case you haven't yet, it is called "Crossroads". Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

yes, this is the movie that i search of years :D i love the scene in the garage on jeep and the sweet scene in the house of military guy (Danny Sommers) I give two links
and this have the covers
thank for your data an greetings from argentina