Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vanilla, Fatigued

I work a lot of hours at this time of year. My overlords expect me to put in sixty-five hours a week, which is actually quite a lot if you don't want to work Sundays and want to eat lunch, and if, as I do, you have responsibilities outside of the office that require you to leave the office by 7 pm a couple of days a week.

So when b&c got back from his little vacation late Thursday afternoon, I didn't really see him until late Friday night. I got home about 10:30 on Thursday, and he was already sleeping off the jet lag. At least, I assume that was him in the bed next to me. It was dark, and one guy is pretty much like another, right? To wind down, I played a little bit of Legend of Zelda on the Gamecube (yes, I know, terribly behind the times), read a few pages of a novel, and went to sleep around midnight. I had to be out of the house by 6:45 the next morning, so he (or whoever) was still asleep. I called him around 10 am and told him to meet me at 9 pm in Bethesda for dinner because that would allow me to work until 8:50 and then walk over to the restaurant.

So we had dinner, and he told me about what (and who) he did on his trip. Then he drove home, and I went back to the office briefly and then I drove home. By then it was nearly 11:30, and he was asleep again. I was pretty beat myself, having worked a thirteen-hour day. Plus, while b&c was out of town, I was slutting it up as much as possible, and most of the time I spent on that had to come out of time when I'd otherwise have been sleeping. So I was beat, and I really wasn't all that horny, and the temptation was pretty great to just get under the comforter and drop off. But sometimes you just can't, you know? There are times when no amount of tired and no amount of familiarity can overcome the desire to touch the man you love. And make him messy.

This is a fairly standard late-night scene for us, though it typically lasts longer and ends differently. I turned on my right side and put my left arm around him and spooned him. He was nice and warm, as usual. That can be challenging in the summer, but it was below freezing last night, so I got my cold self as close to him as I could and then I reached through the fly in his boxers and started to play with the head of his cock. I was gently running a finger over his frenulum and he was getting nice and woody. I worked my other arm free and used one of those fingers to trace along the outside of his ear, also very lightly. He likes that a lot. I do that sometimes when he's driving.

I took my left hand off his cock and started to rub his nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I always try to do that lightly, but I always get somewhat carried away. His nipple felt a little rough, as if someone he'd met on vacation had been biting it, so I figured I could be at least slightly more insistent. I hadn't really intended playing with him to be about me at all, but once I was working the nipple, I had wood. I had no intention of staying awake long enough to fuck him, but I know that he likes to feel my cock lying against his ass crack.

I spent a while alternating between cockhead and nipple, and b&c started what sounded a lot like a whimper, which kept getting louder. At some point he finally responded to my tugging and rolled onto his back, allowing me to get my mouth on his nipple. I was in a somewhat awkward position, but I still managed to suck his left nipple and flick my tongue across it while working his right nipple with one hand and his cockhead with the other. The whimpering continued to escalate, and when I started concentrating harder on the nipple play and let his cock out of my fingers, he started to stroke himself off.

Usually, b&c and I are all about the making out as the beginning of foreplay, but last night, I didn't start kissing him until he was stroking himself off. I have to say that they were pretty great kisses last night. I think he must have been past where he could think about it too much or put too much energy into it, because they were perfect soft kisses with moderate amounts of tongue. Awesome.

Ultimately, last night was really a quickie, though, and not long after we started the making out, he started to shake and breathe hard, and he came. I guess his nipples got very sensitive then because he took my hands off them. I lay back on his chest, and he wrapped an arm around my head. I was really hard, and I started to stroke myself off.

And then I fell asleep. I guess what I was after wasn't so much to shoot a huge load as to feel a certain level of intimacy, and once that desire was satisfied, it wasn't hard for the (very great) fatigue to overcome me. B&c is used to this: in March, it's not at all unusual for me to nod off while he's going down on me, no matter how great a job he's doing. And since I needed to be back in the office by 7:30 this morning, he let me sleep. He was still asleep when I left this morning. And I was still hard, so I let fly in the shower and then came to work.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the 60-hour work week. I'm a high school history teacher and I sometimes put that much time in planning / correcting. Definitely enjoyed reading your entry.

I have the Game Cube & Zelda the Twilight Princess, though I haven't played in awhile.