Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'll be back with reporting on some real action soon. I promise.

In the interim, I have yet another piece of advice for those of you seeking your soulmate via the Craigslist missed connections. Don't. No, wait, that wasn't it (although it is good advice).

If you're going to post this ad about a missed connection, you might want to consider waiting a more than three minutes after you've posted this ad about a (different) missed connection. I mean, really, how many soulmates do you need?

Listen, I understand using a broad marketing strategy. But don't you think that if guy 1 sees these ads, he's going to wonder whether you don't really like guy 2 better?

It's not that hard. The people who read missed connections in hopes of learning that they're the object of someone else's desire (as opposed to those of us who read the MC so that we can point fingers and laugh cruelly at you) aren't all that bright, but nobody's dumb enough not to realize that the same guy posted those two consecutive ads. Either wait a few hours between posting ads, or make it seem like they could conceivably have been written by two different guys.

Think about it. Let's say that either guy 1 or guy 2 answers your ad and you start dating, fall madly in love, and are about to pool your resources to buy that dream Logan Circle townhouse. Don't you think guy1/2 is going to be reading the missed connections every day to make sure that you're not looking for guy 3, guy 4, or guy 6,786? And while he's reading them, he might find someone better than you who's interested in him. And there you'll be: another missed connections-related tragedy.

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