Monday, April 30, 2007

A Conversation with the EFU

Today, on a Very Special Episode of The Neighbors Will Hear, I recount a conversation with my eighteen-year-old daughter, aka EFU (aka world's biggest fag hag). I apologize for the lack of filth. There was filth in the last entry, and there'll be more filth in the next entry.

The scene: Teddy has picked up EFU from her mother's house, and they are on their way home.

Teddy: How was your weekend?
Elder Filial Unit: I did a lot of stuff.
T: Did you have fun?
EFU: Yeah, some of it was fun.
T: Am I allowed to know details?
EFU: Well, on Friday night, I went with D. to the gay dance at Churchill.
T: Wouldn't the point of a gay dance be for him to go with a guy?
EFU: Apparently I'm more fun than other gay men.
T: If you only knew how true that is.
EFU: And then on Saturday, I went to Youth Pride with the RYA [Rainbow Youth Alliance].
T: I see. Were there any heterosexual-related activities?
EFU: No. There never are.
T: Well, I'm sure you'll meet some suitable straight guys at college. What's the male-female ratio?
EFU: I think it's 60-40 female-to-male. And half the guys are gay. I'm doomed. I may as well keep hanging with my gay peeps.
T: I guess. But maybe you'll get lucky and meet a nice straight boy who hangs out with lesbians.
EFU: A girl can dream.

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Cooper said...

wow, sounds like you've got a great kid. good for you! :)