Friday, April 27, 2007

More Massage

After my recent hat trick, I was in the mood for something a little more relaxed. Having three discrete sessions in a period of a few hours is exhausting. Not the sex so much, but trying to decide which of the three I liked best can keep me up all night. As tired as I was when I wrote that last entry, I'm not sure that I conveyed how very much fun sessions two and three were, and having to choose between them would be tough indeed. The pseudo-sub from session two was pretty hot, and he really loved being fucked. On the other hand, the S&M (sex and martini) scene in session three was what every FWP relationship aspires to be.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, I have a burgeoning interest in massage. I'm on a local m2m massage email list, and I just recently acquired a massage table and some related supplies (sheets, oil, etc.), and I've been waiting for an opportunity to use them. My initial posting to the e-mail list received a number of responses, and there are two guys with whom I've been trying to arrange sessions. I finally managed both of them this week.

I remember a character in some 90s sitcom having a conversation about his body and saying something like "I think of my body as basically something that carries my head around." I'll admit that I had a very similar notion for a lot of years. Perhaps not concentrating on my body was one of those mechanisms I used to deny my attraction to men and to allow me to stay married, but the exact reason doesn't really matter (and isn't very interesting; if you want endless introspection about that sort of thing, there are other blogs: you know who you are); the upshot was that as long as my body wasn't actively annoying me, I was content to ignore it.

Bad idea. Again, I'll leave it to others to expound on the ways the body feeds the mind and vice versa, but let's just say that I finally (yeah, I'm slow) came to understand that my body and mind are co-equal partners (kind of like the President and the Congress, only for real) in my happiness.

Anyway, there are a few reliable ways to live more fully in your body. Sex is one. Dancing is another. Massage is a third. And they're all good: you will certainly never hear me say a bad word about sex. But as wonderful as sex is, it's not (or at least it shouldn't be, if you're doing it right) a calming, comfortable thing. It's an exciting, explosive, spontaneous thing. Massage is deliberate and meditative. It takes you to a different place than sex does, but it's still a very good place.

The first guy I had on my table had interacted with me entirely via email. I had given him my cell number, but he hadn't called me, and I wasn't quite sure that he was going to show up, so when my doorbell rang, I was actually on exploring alternate plans of a more exciting, explosive, and spontaneous nature, and I had to abandon those explorations very quickly. Oops. And, after a very brief initial conversation (He mentioned that he needed the massage because he'd played tennis on each of the last four days.), he shed his clothes and there wasn't any additional conversation. That worked for me. I've always said that when you're massaging a guy, his body will tell you everything you need to know, and this was going to be a good test of that premise.

Although he was older (mid-fifties, I think), he was very fit, and it was an easy body to massage. I started, as usual, with the neck and shoulders, since that's where most guys carry their stress, and most guys carry a lot of stress. It's also the area where I can provide the most immediate relief, and cause the fastest relaxation. And you really want a guy to be relaxed when you go in for the prostate massage.

Anyway, my neck and shoulder work prompted a lot of deep exhalations and murmurs of appreciation, so I kept it up for a good long while before moving on to the lower back. After the lower back, I always give the ass a good kneading, but I'm pretty careful to avoid the asshole just then. I worked his right thigh, calf, and foot and then did the same on the left side. At this point, I like to do several full-body strokes. I start at the bottom of the calves, run both hands up along the backs of the legs and over the buttocks, then cross hands on the lower back and run them up over the upper back and shoulders. Then I do the whole thing in reverse.

If there's a part of massage that I don't like, it's that a lot of the guys who want a massage are not very good at articulating exactly what they want and don't want. They'll tell you that they have sore shoulders or thighs, but they won't say, "please make sure you hit the prostate and don't forget the nips when you're giving me the happy ending." Anyway, I did go in for the prostate massage. Most guys love that, but it also tenses them up a little, so while one finger is busy polishing the walnut, the opposite hand works on the upper back and shoulders.

When I was done with the dorsal side, I went to wash my hands. I told him to stay put, but he didn't hear me over the music. So when I came back in the room, he was getting up and was looking a little confused. He was also dripping a LOT of precum. I told him to lie on his back, and I worked on his face a little bit.

Massaging a guy's front is, obviously, very different from massaging the back. When you're doing the dorsal side, there are a lot of muscles to work on, and they're not (butt excepted) very padded, so it's easy to feel what's tense and where work is needed. On the ventral side, there's not as much to work with. Besides, it's really tough sometimes to avoid the temptation to go right to the guy's nipples and cock. In fact, the first guy I massaged from the Yahoo group told me that I had a very nice touch and that I was very good on the back but that I was somewhat lost on the front "except for the very nice cock massage."

I wanted to do better this time around, so after working on his face, I worked on his shoulders from the top side, and then I massaged his arms and hands. When I massage hands, I cradle the arm against my body and work the guy's hand with both of mine. It's really very intimate.

After the hand massage, he was very relaxed, and his cock had calmed down some, but then I started in on his torso, and that involved a fair amount of work on his pecs and, especially, his nipples, and that got him hard and dripping again, pretty fast. He had a nice cock. Not large, not small, not fat, not thin, but straight and nice. I ignored the cock for a while and worked on the fronts of his thighs and then went back to his torso. Then I zeroed in on the nipples again, and I worked them until he brushed my hands away. At that point, I went back to his thighs, and I brushed his cock a few times with my forearm. He pushed my forearm away from his cock, and I got the sense that he was afraid that he'd cum before I was ready for him to. I did a few more strokes on his thighs, without touching his cock, and then I wrapped my fist around his cock, and on the first stroke, his body went rigid and he began oozing cum. I stroked the whole load out of him and then wiped him up and told him to turn back over onto his stomach. I worked his back for another few minutes and gave him two or three more full body strokes, and we were done.

He asked if he could shower, and I pointed him to the bathroom right next to the room where I'd set up the table. He was done in a couple of minutes, and then we chatted some while he got dressed. He asked me whether I'd had any formal training, and I said that I hadn't but that I was considering getting some. He encouraged me to do that, and said that he thought I might have more fun as a massage therapist than as an accountant. Well, sure, though that's setting the bar kind of low, isn't it?

The second guy was a lot like the first: tall, fit, and smooth, but he was better looking and about fifteen years younger. He'd also played tennis a couple of times this week, and he was also very quiet.

Massages tend to follow a set pattern with minor variations, so I won't go through the second massage in detail. The differences: the second guy got more prostate massage but didn't leak much precum. He was slower to get erect, and it took more nipple stimulation to get him there. And he took a fairly long time to cum. At least compared to other guys I've massaged. Most guys cum pretty quickly when you've been working on their bodies for forty-five minutes first, even if they don't get erect until the end of that period. This used to surprise me, especially given how long it takes me to cum. If I were getting a massage and the masseur tried to stroke me off, I'd probably still be on the table.

Anyway, with the second guy, his nice, thin, straight cock was hard for several songs worth of stroking (I was playing a Mamas and Papas compilation), and I had tried simultaneous stroking and nipple play and simultaneous stroking and prostate stimulation, without apparent effect. I was about to ask him whether I could do something to help him along, but then I tried stroking him with both hands for a while, and he started to shift around and make more noise, so I did that a little faster, and he spurted. It was a nice load, too.

After I wiped him off, I put him back on his stomach and worked on his back until he told me that he was about to fall asleep, so I asked him if any areas needed more work, and he said no and got dressed. He seemed a little embarrassed by the whole experience, though, you know, he's a guy, so who can tell? Anyway, he was clearly at least relaxed, and I did get a nice thank you email from him today, so I guess it was all good.

I don't really get the embarrassment, and I don't really get the inability to articulate what you want. Really, do we live in so prudish a society that we can't talk openly about our bodies and sex? Well, ok, obviously we do. I blame the Republicans (seriously) and various churches. Can you imagine how much happier people in general would be if we could all say what we want sexually and then go and get it without embarrassment? If we thought of sex not as something evil or sinful but as something healthful and recreational? I realize that if all that tension went away then there'd be no more reason for a military, but we could employ all of those hot young men as sex workers. It's a win-win situation.

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