Thursday, April 5, 2007


Working 65 hours in six days is tough enough, but working 65 hours in five days is downright unpleasant, especially when we have tickets to something with a 7:00 curtain tomorrow night. Next year I'm just going to have to lay down the law with b&c: find someone else to take to the symphony/opera/theater during tax season. At least tomorrow night's the symphony, so I can either take a nap or ogle the bass section. I swear, I'd do every one of the guys who play bass. Preferably all at once, but one at a time would work, too. One or two of the cellists are pretty hot, and you know that their legs have to spread pretty easily, but I suspect that they're a little bit bitchy. There are also a few hot brass players, and you have to figure their breath control is going to come in handy. What? Am I supposed to be concentrating on the music?

I can't even remember the last time I had sex (yeah, I do realize that I could just scroll down the page and read about it, smart ass). Yesterday morning, I was feeling like I hadn't been fulfilling my conjugal duties with b&c, but I really didn't have time to fuck him, so I just rolled over and started to play with his dick while he was still asleep, then when he woke up, I worked on his nipples pretty hard while he jerked himself off and then as soon as he came, I sprinted (literally) to the shower to try to get to work before 8. Pretty soon my cock's going to be all backed up, like a bottle of lotion gets when some of the lotion dries at the tip of the dispenser, and then you have to press down hard on it and a stream shoots out and misses your hand and gets all over your pants. Fortunately, it's a lot more fun when it's a stream of cum and I'm naked. And even more fun if I happen to be shooting in some guy's mouth, but I'm not sure I'll have time for that before the weekend.

The boy I messed with last Friday has been back in touch a couple more times, but I think he's purposefully being semi-coy so that I'll be in more of a mood to punish him if and when we finally hook up again. Bitch, please. I was raised Southern Baptist: I will find something to punish you for. If nothing else, I can whip your ass for impure thoughts, and I know you got those going on. But I've learned that you can't really speak plainly with a guy who wants to call you "Daddy." Besides, I want at least two hours with him the next time (I've already put my toolbox in the trunk of the car so that I'll have everything I need to treat him the way he wants to be treated; I also figured out how to silence the shutter sound that my new phone makes when it snaps a picture), and where the fuck am I going to find two hours? Maybe Saturday, if he's still in town.

Anyway, back to the salt mines. Tax season ends soon, and then after a short vacation together, b&c is off to Mexico City for a conference. I think I'll call in sick a couple of days and fuck some of the married men who hang out on squirt during the day. Something to look forward to.


Silly Billy said...

Tax day is almost here. Then let the cum fly!

Raybob said...

A friend of mine plays cello in the symphony up there and he is definitely oh, so hot. I'm with you there.