Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Triple Play

There is nothing like making up for lost time. As I've spent the last two months whinging incessantly about here, tax season was not a good time for getting any action on the side. It wasn't even all that great a time for getting any action with b&c. But the deadline passed, and then b&c and I took a short trip where I got thoroughly acquainted with all of my favorite parts of him, and then we came home and after a very pleasant weekend with the kids, I went back to work, and b&c headed off to a foreign capital. He is having some sort of conference with the group for whom he consults. He'll be back this weekend, but then he's off for three more weeks in another foreign capital. Tonight (well, I suppose it's last night by now; in any case: Tuesday night) was my first opportunity to play.

So there's this married guy. MG1 we'll call him. He and I have been trying to hook up forever. It was always clear to me that he was sincere, if unsure of exactly what he wanted, and we came pretty close to playing a couple of times before, missing out only because of events beyond our control (for example, the network at work died one time just when I was about to give him directions). Anyway, because gmail counts all of the emails back and forth, I can tell you that it took only 77 e-mails and three telephone calls for us to actually get together. We had originally planned for 7:30 tonight, but after I talked to him at 5 pm today, he called back to say that he was more comfortable playing at 8. He lives pretty near to our place, and he wanted to be sure that it would be too late for his wife to be driving around and see his car. Kinda paranoid, but he's married, so: whatever.

So I had this set up for the early evening, but I knew that he wanted to be home by 9, so I figured we'd be done by 8:50, so when I saw my buddy D. on Monday night, I told him that he should come over tonight (Tuesday night) and either watch me play with MG1 or show up after MG1 had left. In either case, the plan was for me to fuck D. later. D., who is very nice but very repressed/fucked up, asked again about the possibility of a gang bang, and I -- again -- told him that he really needed to let me fuck him first before expecting me to go out on a limb with any of my top friends. He agreed, but then it occurred to me that I'd heard from my top friend C. that he wanted to get together. C. lives just down the street, but I hadn't seen him since the night he came to dinner and hooked up with A. Since D. is kind of flaky and will never commit until the last minute, I dropped C. an email saying that there was a bottom who wanted to be multiply fucked, and that if C. would like to drop by the next (i.e., Tuesday) evening, he could fuck D. if D. actually showed up and consented to bottoming. If not, C. and I would fool around: we have a good time doing that even though no one gets fucked.

So this (Tuesday) morning, I got a reply from C. saying that he was down for what I'd proposed, and I emailed D. to tell him that I now had a mini-gang bang set up for him. I figured this would encourage D. to actually show up.

Anyway, it was getting on towards the end of the afternoon. I was supposed to call MG1 to confirm at 5, and I still hadn't heard from D., though I had talked to C. to confirm that he'd show up at about 9:15 that (Tuesday) night. I wasn't getting much done at work, so I hopped onto again, and I happened across another married guy (hereinafter MG2) who also said that he enjoyed being restrained and dominated. He was looking for something right then, and I was still at work, and it can take an hour to get home at that hour, so I told him 6 would be better, and I gave him my cell number.

I got in the car, called MG1, confirmed for 7:30, and then sat in traffic. A few minutes later, MG2 called and confirmed for 6:00. He said that he absolutely, positively had to be back home by 7, so I figured that I could turn it around. A few minutes later, MG1 called back to move the time to 8, and that made me relax a little. At 5:50, I was still not home, so I called MG2 and told him to come ten minutes later. I got home, did a quick washing up, and the doorbell rang.

MG2 wasn't quite what I was expecting, but he was certainly within the parameters of guys I'll do. Mid-40s, 5'10, and in decent shape. Hairy chest, small but perky nipples, and a decent ass. I grabbed him and realized, when he pulled away, that I hadn't made sure that he likes to make out, but I pushed down my disappointment and went for his nipples, which he really liked. He wouldn't let me blindfold him, but I hadn't mentioned blindfolding, so I can't really blame him for that one.

I marched him up the stairs, playing with his ass all the way, and then I pushed him across the bed, pulled down his jeans and started to spank him. He was worried about marks (you really have to spank somebody pretty hard to leave marks that last more than a couple of minutes, but: whatever), so I eased off on the belt and used my hand some. I turned him over and held him down on the bed while I worked on his nipples with moderate (for me) intensity. Then I pushed his head toward my cock, and he started to go down on me while I started to play with his ass.

For whatever reason, I wasn't all that into it. It was probably the lack of kissing. He did, once I had him worked up, allow me to kiss him some, but he was awful at it. He was a good cocksucker, but I really didn't feel like fucking him. Instead, I went with lube and a couple of fingers. After about half an hour of messing around, I got a little more insistent with his cock and kept him on the edge of shooting for about five minutes. When he seemed sufficiently crazed, I got him off. Big, big load. Then he put his clothes on and left.

I had some laundry (fresh sheets) to deal with from the dryer, and some other preparatory matters to tend to, so I came downstairs and dealt with them, and then I hopped on the Internet to look at some porn.

MG1's instructions had been to enter the (unlocked) front door, remove his clothes, put on his jeans (he was coming from work), put on the blindfold, and tell me that he was ready. I don't know how he did it, but he showed up without parking in our driveway, so when I heard the front door open, I was kind of surprised. But then he said he was ready, and I went out to see him standing there, blindfolded, and I was very happy. He was shorter and darker than I'd expected from the pics he'd sent me, but short and dark both work for me, and he had a nice body and an especially nice ass. I strapped the wrist restraints on him, fastened them together behind his back, and marched him upstairs.

I'd known that he hadn't done much bondage or submission, so I wasn't too surprised when he balked when I threw him down, face first, on the bed. He asked me to uncouple the wrist restraints so that his arms would be free, and I did. He kept trying to take off his jeans, but I wouldn't let him. I told him what I tell all bottoms: that's my job. It is, too. Union rules. Anyway, undoing one button on his jeans (size 31 but still pretty loose) was enough to allow me to slide the back of the waist down over his very nice buttocks (the pictures in this post are of MG1; I can finally get pictures off my cell phone). I wanted to play with them, but I also wanted to work on his nips, so I went for the nips first. He really liked that.

At some point it became clear that he wanted to touch me more rather than not being allowed to use his hands, so I wrapped his arms around me and kissed him. Yowza! Big, soft lips. Excellent, married-man technique. We made out a lot. Or at least for a while, given that we had less than an hour to play. Eventually, I realized that I needed to move things along, so I told him to suck my cock, and I started to eat his very clean, very pretty ass. He liked that a lot, too.

I alternated between ass and nips for a while, and then I started trying to work a finger into him. Very, very tight. I went for the lube, and eventually I got three fingers into him, but he seemed so tight that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get my cock into him, and I wasn't sure that he really wanted to be fucked as much as he'd earlier said that he did. But some more kissing made me really want to try, so I gloved up, put him on his back, and pushed his knees up towards his chest.

It didn't really work very well. He wasn't taking more than about an inch of me. It was getting pretty close to 9, so I considered giving up, but when I asked him if he wanted to sit on my cock he seemed very eager, so we tried. That did work, eventually. He bounced up and down on my cock for a while, and it was pretty hot because he was so tight. Then I put him on his stomach and thrust in from behind. He told me that he wanted me to come inside him, and it was getting really close to 9, so I made some noises like I was coming, and when I pulled out and he asked me if I came, well, I dissembled a bit.

It only took a few seconds of nipple biting, kissing, and stroking to bring him off. He was in the shower when D. rang my doorbell. I ran downstairs to open the door, and told D. to hang out in the den. Then I said goodbye to MG1, fixed D. a martini, and went to change the fitted sheet again.

D. and I were sitting on the couch and chatting, and I was encouraging him to drink his martini. He's really one of the most uptight guys I know, but he's got a great body and a really nice ass, and it's becoming a project of mine to loosen him up, both literally and figuratively. C. was late, which is very unlike him, so when it got to be 9:30, I gave him a call, figuring he might have fallen asleep (he gets up very early). In fact, he'd been confused about the night, thinking I meant tomorrow (that is, Wednesday) night, but since he lives just down the street, he came on over. I started making out with him when I opened the door: great kisser. Then I poured him a martini, and the three of us sat on the couch making small talk about travel and such. When D. went to the bathroom, C. and I made out some more, and when D. came back, he enjoyed watching. I kept kissing C. and started groping D. and then I suggested that we all take our martinis up to the bedroom.

I had some porn (Folsom Filth, which D. loves) playing, and we all got undressed. C. and I both started chewing on D.'s nipples, which are hot, hot, hot. Then we put him between us on the bed and started working on him. He liked watching C. and I kiss, so we alternated between that and some nipple work. Also: plenty of groping. After a while, I went down on C. for a couple of minutes, and then C. went down on D. for a bit, while I chewed his nips a little longer.

Finally, I turned D. onto his side and dove into his ass with my tongue: his favorite thing. C. was stroking his cock, and he said he was getting very close, so C. backed off a bit. After my tongue, C. tried loosening up D.'s ass with his fingers, but D. said that he didn't want to get fucked tonight. Typical, but by then we were all having such a good time that neither C. nor I really cared that we couldn't fuck D.'s very tight ass.

C. and I got into some more intense making out, and D. got up on his knees. C. was on his back, and D. wanted to cum on him, and he did. C. was getting really worked up, and I started to stroke myself off. The kissing was getting me going, and I was also working C.'s nipples, which got me going even more. D., because he's a dork, went right off to the bathroom to wash off rather than staying around to see C. shoot his load, but of course C. and I were still making out, so I had a ringside seat. I was pretty worked up by then, too, and after D. had shot his modest load and then C. had an intense but similarly low-volume ejaculation, I emptied my clip. I don't mean that as a cheesy metaphor. I mean that I shot about eight times, with impressive force and distance. C. was covered.

I switched to some less intense porn (some of my Cadinot), and the three of us hung out on the bed and chatted for a couple of minutes, and then D. headed back to D.C. C. stuck around, and he and I talked for another half an hour. I'd mentioned my blossoming interest in massage, and C. said that he really could use one, so at that point I decided to give him one. It was kind of a short massage, no more than twenty minutes, but by then C. was hard again, so I stroked him while we made out yet more. After a few minutes of stroking and a few minutes of oral, C. decided to take matters into his own hands, and in another couple of minutes, he had his second load of the evening. Then there was some more kissing, and then he went home. He really is a lot of fun, and he's very convenient, so I think I'll have to give him a more thorough massage soon. I might give D. one, too. Anything to loosen that boy up. I keep telling him, "Dude, I am trying to bring you some sexual freedom, and you are not meeting me half way." But I'm going to get in that ass, eventually.

I'm kind of tired now. I think that three different guys and/or sets of guys in one day is my limit. I've done it before, but I don't think I've ever done three different guys/sets of guys in less than six hours before. Go me.


Will said...

Go you, indeed. I'm kind of happy when I nail three guys in one week but you're something else again. Thanks so much for sharing--I love hearing about guy getting laid.

Anonymous said...

If I'm ever in the DC area, I should remember to let you know. :P

franck said...

I was going to say "go you" but someone beat me to it. Hot post though

Cooper said...

wow, sounds like a hot evening! good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

as ever an inspiration.