Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Average Bear

I had a fairly quick (75 minutes, door to door) assignation late Saturday afternoon. I was in the office because, well, where else would I be, and I probably should have worked for another couple of hours. I was supposed to pick up EFU later, and we were going to go to a movie and then home. Sunday morning, I was going to take her to church, where I was singing with the choir, and YFU was going to join us there and then we were all going home for Easter dinner and so forth. B&c was in New Jersey with his mother and sister.

So it really wasn't an auspicious moment to hook up, especially since I'd fairly recently gorged myself on the Tex-Mex food they'd brought in for lunch, and I didn't feel like moving, let alone fucking. But I was pretty horny: I'd fucked b&c Friday morning, but I hadn't played with anyone else in maybe a week, so I thought I'd take a quick look at Craigslist.

There followed a brief series of e-mails with a forty-two-year-old who described himself as very hairy and very inexperienced. He wanted to make out some and then go down on me and have me be verbal. Why not? I gave him a call, made arrangements, and I was on my way down to his condo in Kalorama, fairly pricey part of DC. I parked a couple of blocks away, walked to his building, and called him. He came down to get me. As advertised: hairy, with a bit of a belly and looking a little bit nervous. We got in the elevator, and I started to play with one of his nipples. Then he just looked hungry.

We walked through some hallways and a fire door to his condo, which was really big and kind of sparsely furnished. Obviously a guy who works a lot and makes a lot of money and doesn't have time to spend it. When he closed the door, I started to kiss him and he responded vigorously. I pushed him over to the couch and got on top of him and played more with his nipples and kissed him more. I hadn't seen a bedroom on the way in, so I wondered if we were in some sort of giant studio plus kitchen and dining room, but when I let him breathe, he asked whether I wanted to go to the bedroom. The bedroom was big, but the guy had a double bed: I guess he wasn't kidding when he said inexperienced.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun and fairly relaxed session. At some point we started talking while we were playing, and I learned that he was only a year removed from dating women and that he'd never been fucked but that he fantasized about it a lot and that he thought it was weird that he was always in charge professionally but that he liked how I had taken charge sexually. I laughed, "Oh dude. There is nothing less unusual than that."

In fact, I may have been the first person to ever play with his ass. I asked him whether he was okay, and he just kept saying that it felt "weird." If you're playing with a guy's ass and he doesn't hate it and it just feels weird, he's going to be a very hungry bottom some day, but he was very clear that he didn't want to go beyond a certain point, and I wasn't really in a fucking mood, anyway. Besides, he was pretty good with the head, so it was not exactly a chore for me to lie back, enjoy, and tell him what a good job he was doing. I also talked some about him getting fucked, and that really turned him on.

There was really nothing unusual about the session except maybe that he seemed to relax pretty well and enjoy the conversation and the sucking. He wouldn't let me play with his cock much, and he wouldn't let me touch his nuts at all, because he was afraid he'd cum before me. His penis was so small that I would likely have enjoyed sucking it, but he clearly wasn't going to be into that, so I didn't even try. He worked on my cock for maybe half an hour while I casually fingered his ass and squeezed his nipples. Then he said that I'd worn him out, so we made out some more while I finished jerking myself off. I shot pretty spectacularly all over his very hairy chest. He asked whether he could jerk himself off, and, well, of course. It only took him a minute. Then we talked for a bit longer, and I cleaned up and left.

EFU and I ended up seeing Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, which we both liked pretty well. It was funny, but I couldn't help feeling that both Frances McDormand and Amy Adams were significantly more subdued than I'd seen them in other movies. It seems like a bit of a shame to have the set-up for a screwball comedy and to have two such great talents at your disposal and then not let them soar. The music's good, though, and watching Amy Adams sing "If I Didn't Care" is probably worth the price of admission. And some of the boys, including one who's nearly naked for a while, are cute.

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