Friday, March 7, 2008


As in, I am one.

I was sitting at my desk Tuesday morning, being a good do bee, and my cell phone rang, and I looked, and there was an actual, local number showing up, so I answered it, and the voice said, "Hello, Sir. It's Jasper." Jasper's this very attractive mid-forties marathoner whom I used to tie to my bed once a year or so. Then I'd edge him for more than an hour before I'd finally let him cum. It was a very hot scene the first time it happened. And maybe even the second time, but after a while his limits (I pretty much couldn't touch his ass, and he said that he didn't suck cock when he was tied up. Since he was always tied up when he was over, playing with him was something of a one way street. Do not enter. Beware tire damage. Something like that.) were annoying, and occasionally he'd even complain if I kissed him. On the one hand, he'd yammer on and on about how I was in control of him; on the other, he'd say, "I'm really not into that." Apparently, a consistent submissive is just too damned much to ask for.

Anyway, he called me, and it took me a second to place the caller. I was in the middle of reviewing a complicated allocation and apportionment schedule, and while I might have been thinking about subsidiaries, submissives were not on the radar screen at the moment. So I said something incredibly incisive, like, "Uh, hi." And then he said that he was calling me to see whether I was still pissed off at him. The last time we'd been going to get together, he canceled at the last minute, and I sent him an email saying I didn't want to play again, and I hadn't heard from him since, which was just fine with me.

If this post were a musical (and, really, the fact that it isn't is evidence that the universe is not always as cruel as it might be), here is where I might break into a song about being a boy who can't say no. Which is not the same thing as saying yes, but, still, if I'd had any sense, I'd just have said, "Not interested," and flipped the phone shut. But instead, I temporized, muttering something under my breath like, "Oh, that Jasper," just loud enough for him to hear so that he'd think I hadn't known straight away who it was. And then I said something like, "Uh, just email me, okay? I'll write back." So, so lame. This emboldened him to the point where he said, "I'm free tonight and tomorrow night," and I said, "I really have to get back to this tax return. Email me," and then I finally did have the sense to hang up.

Alas, he emailed me right away, saying, "Sir, Thank you for giving me another chance." And I was torn. On the one hand, I was annoyed because I really hadn't said I was giving him another chance. On the other hand, I reasoned that I might be able to get some decent pictures, and, really, was it so bad having a guy tied to your bed on the verge of orgasm for the better part of two hours? It really isn't all that bad. On yet another hand (you must picture me here as some sort of Hindu deity, meaning that I can have other hands for days and days), I really didn't want to get back into the habit of playing with him, even if it was only once a year.

Fortunately, he had mentioned playing at 7:30. I happen to know that he's in a closed (as if) relationship with a guy that he hasn't had sex with in a long, long time and that he can't stay out past 10 or so without having this guy get home from whatever he does on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (probably having wild sex with his other bf) and getting suspicious. So I wrote back, saying that I couldn't play until 9:30, which ended the correspondence, at least until after tax season.

I will say that Jasper seems more deferential than before, almost certainly because I've been ignoring him and telling him to go away. So I might be able to extract some concessions before edging him. But I shouldn't. I can't help feeling a little bad for him, though. I reckon the best solution is to find him another dom. So, if you're in Montgomery County (or even Howard County) and you enjoy tying a very fit and attractive guy to the bed and edging him for a couple of hours, drop me a line, and I'll see if I can hook you guys up.

In the interim, I'll be doing penance of some sort to atone for my inability to say "fuck off" and hang the phone up. I'm open to suggestions on that front, too.


Tork said...

Well Ted, if tops are pleasure tools, I'm thinking screwdriver. Possibly hammer drill. Maybe hex wrench for the guys who aren't so well endowed.

Jason said...

So you do see, TED, if you think that a dom is analogous to being a pleasure tool for a sub, then you should sure realize that you are NOT 100% "dom" all the time. Don't get me wrong, you are very dominant, masculine and virile. However, every clever sub conscious or not, knows that he in fact is able to be an insidiously controlling and dominant player such that his dom/top man, is actually at his mercy of being manipulated to be simply a pleasure "giver" to meet the tough physical and mental demands that come at a cost to his manhood.
I say dump an ungrateful sub like that. You shall feel stronger.