Friday, March 28, 2008

The Fetishists - Tighty Whities

We all know that I missed my calling when I didn't become a sexual anthropologist.(Or maybe the guy who gives change for the booths at an adult bookstore. I've hooked up with a couple of those guys, though. One encounter was maybe five or six years ago at the bookstore, and he was hot. The other was at a guy's apartment, and he was not. Oh well.) But I certainly try to do my best as an amateur. In fact, since I never have posted and never will post pictures of myself, you can imagine that I look however you like, but on a metaphorical level, I want you to imagine me like this:
Taxicab Confessions. What happens in Vegas ends up on HBO.
Anyway, I'm fascinated by fetishes and near fetishes. As I've said before, the technical definition of a fetish is something without which a particular individual cannot achieve climax. The common usage, however, extends to include objects and/or practices that provide powerful sexual excitement for an individual. And while I usually fight tooth and nail against the sort of vocabulary creep that has rendered many of our more interesting words mostly meaningless, in this case, I'm tempted to meet the common usage halfway. I won't go so far as to allow you to say that you have a fetish if you just really like something, but if an object or somewhat unusual practice automatically makes you throw wood, then I guess you can call it a fetish without fear of me calling you out. Probably.

Anyway, a few days ago, the inimitable Father Tony left a comment about a fetishist whom he had encountered in Moncton, New Brunswick. Fr. Tony got cruised by a man with a powerful fascination for yellow bathing suits. Well, you can read the comment yourself. I was, of course, both fascinated and jealous (jealous mainly because when I was twelve or so, my family was vacationing in the Maritime provinces, and we passed through Moncton, and nothing at all interesting happened). It's probably a little annoying to have such a strong and specific fetish if you're the fetishist. I'd guess that Mr. Moncton could only get off with the assistance of yellow swimwear. And the fact that the mention of it made him cum so violently is probably something that he regretted on some level. Trips to the beach would be, well, tricky. But can you imagine being his partner? You could fulfill your conjugal duties by pulling a pair of trunks out from under your pillow. Sure, you'd have to get your own gratification another way, but a guy like that will probably lie there and take a pounding for a half-hour if he knows the banana-colored banana hammock is going to appear at the end of the session. In any case, you'd never have any adequacy issues because you'd always be able to get the guy off. What a deal! Let's hope that guy was married to a woman who'd lost interest in sex and truly appreciated that he would never pester her so long as she was able to produce that yellow squarecut from her purse.

Anyway, I chat or correspond with guys about their fascinations and fetishes whenever I can. I was working late last night, and I thought I'd see if I could strike up a conversation, so I put an ad on craigslist asking guys to tell me about their fetishes and offering to help them out with them if I could. As expected, I didn't get many responses, but I did get a few. I had one guy that I was going to help out, but he backed out at the last minute, which was probably just as well. His fetish was something that I found borderline unappealing, and while I probably would have been intellectually fascinated by watching it make him hard and make him ejaculate, I would likely not have had any visceral enjoyment from the experience. Besides, I got a few more tax returns finished in the time that I would have spent traveling to and playing with him.

I did, though, have a fascinating (to me, anyway) exchange with another guy. I've reproduced it below. His e-mails are in regular typeface; mine are in italics. You would probably have been able to tell who was saying what by the subject matter and the presence or absence of appropriate capitalization anyway, but why take chances? By the way, I haven't changed anything. I have left all of his words and all of my own errors. Nobody's perfect.

got a real bad fetish for white cotton briefs. being restrained, and made to watch a dude rub and play with himself through his briefs. when hard, have my face rubbed into some dudes package. only allowing me to lick and sniff through the briefs untill they are soaking wet. im not allowed to touch with my hands, called really dirty names during the whole process. breifs are taken off and put on my head with the fly opening where my mouth and nose is. after teasing me through the briefs, the fly is opened up and my mouth is fucked through it. I get a load of cum pumped into my thorat.

Had this happen to me several times because I cant stay away from white cotton briefs.

That sounds pretty hot. Do the briefs themselves get you hot if no one is wearing them?

sometimes, if im sniffing them

You mean if they've been worn? Or straight out of the package?


a couple of times Ive gone to the store and purchased a package then driven over to a park and sat in my car while Ive sniffed them and jerked off in my car.

That must be hot. Do you get hard if you see them in the store?

I did once. I thought I wasnt being watched and picked up the package just as i was about to sniff them, a male sales clerk appeared out of know where and asked me if I wanted to try them on. I told him that it wasnt allowed and he said that he would tell anyone as long as i let him watch and i could model them in the dressing room. Never happened to me before, so i wne tback in the dressing room and stripped down put on a pair of white calvins and put on a small show for the sales dude. He ended up forceing me to suck him off in the dressing room, it was hot. I wnet home and beat off into my underwear afterwards.

Wow. That's great. Was he wearing white briefs?

yes he jerked on his cock while he watched. he had his fly open to his dress pants, his cock pulled out through the fly and jerked himself, i could see his white underwear. he forced his cock down my throat. he didnt take dwon his pants. I sucked his cock through his fly. he let me take home the briefs i was modeling

Sounds like a pretty good time for you. Did you ever go back there?

yeah went back one more time, but the sales guy was gone. dont know where he went.

That's too bad. Do you hang out with other guys who share the same fetish? I think tighty whities is a relatively common one.

not really i dont run into many dudes who get into that to much. I have found that its rare. wish there was a group of dudes into it. I dont mind flying solo.... I do get more then my fare share

More than your fair share generally? Or more than your fair share of white brief action? What else are you into? How old are you, etc.?

more then my fare share of the briefs action and cock. I hook up with a 22 year old dude on a regular basis in arlington that wears briefs especially for me. he loves the whole sceen. he's sitting in a chair in his living room watching porn in tight white briefs. he makes me like and sniff the front of the briefs till he's rock hard and they are soaking wet. he's kind of rough with me, and thats a turn on, he talks to me like he's using me and my throat and that im there for his personal pleasure. its a hot sceen. he got a huge cock. I sometime beg for it be cause he doesnt give it to me right away. he forces me to deepthroat him and when he shoots he pulls out and hold me back while he shoots all over himself. by this time im jerking like a fool and will automaticlly cum right in my underwear. i get up and go. i dont know his name but have been doing him for about a year.

Im 48, average build, white, brn/brn buzz cut, 6ft 210.

Damn. That really is a hot scene.

Anyway. I do think that the tighty whities fascination is relatively common. I used to chat with a guy on who was specifically into Stafford white briefs, which, Google confirms, is the JCPenney house brand. I don't know, however, how many people are as strongly excited by it as the guy from last night is. I sent him a few pictures (the ones in this post) after our exchange, and he thanked me. And if anybody knows of a DC area group that gets into white y-fronts, let me know, and I'll pass the information along. I'm all about helping.


Lewis said...

Fascinated by Fetishes? Oh dear god, we could spend, like, two years in this discussion! I've got my share, that's for sure.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

It's certainly a discussion I'm ready and eager to have, Lewis, so talk to me!

I have to say, though, that your reputation precedes you a little bit, and while I'm rarely one to judge, I kinda have to say that your sardines-and-cool-whip fetish is probably something no one needs to know about.

franck said...

Ok, I admit, I only looked at the pictures on this post