Thursday, December 4, 2008


As I mentioned a couple of posts back, Nike got pretty annoyed with me on Sunday because I forgot to drink a Diet Coke, and he sent a text that appeared to say that he'd had enough of me. Well, about time, and who could blame him, right? I was mostly relieved, but I also felt like a dick, and I hate feeling like a dick, so when Nike sent me an IM on Monday saying that he could play that evening, but only if he could get a ride to a friend's house afterwards, I agreed. I also told him that there'd been healthy response to my ad for a threeway. I had just posted a craigslist ad looking for a submissive, so I went and edited it to say that I wanted a third. As it happened, one of the guy's who'd responded to the original version of the ad was perfectly content to get two for the price of one, so I arranged for him to come over. Then I emailed Nike and told him when he'd need to be ready, and then I went back to work.

When I got home, there was an email from another guy who was local. He said that he figured I'd already gotten a third, but that if we needed a fourth, he'd be happy to oblige. He'd sent his cell number, so I called him and chatted with him a bit, then told him to call me back in fifteen minutes, which I figured would give me time to pick up Nike and head back to the house before the other guy was due to show up.

So I went and picked up Nike, and he was unusually animated. (He's usually only animated after he's naked.) I told him what was going on, and he expressed surprise and a bit of glee that multiple guys were interested in playing with him. We were just about back to the house when guy 1 called to say that he was less than ten minutes away. I told him I'd leave the door unlocked and that we'd be upstairs. Once we were inside, guy 2 called, and I told him the same thing. Then I started to kiss Nike, and then we went upstairs and got busy.

Nike and I were making out when guy 1 appeared in the bedroom. As he started to undress, I got up to kiss him and to tell him that we were going to soon be joined by another. Then I got back on the bed and nudged Nike down toward my cock, and by the time guy 1 was on the bed, Nike was going down on me. Guy 1 looked like he wanted to join Nike, but I pulled him down and started to kiss him, and he seemed to like that at least as much.

We stayed in pretty much the same position, with the addition of some work by me on guy 1's nipples, until guy 2 showed up.

Guy 1 was a smooth, tall (6'1?), zaftig guy in his late twenties. He had a very small cock. Guy 2 was in his late forties, maybe 5'10, hairy, and firm. He had an average cock that was hard from the moment he stepped out of his warm-up pants. I motioned for him to come to me, and I pushed guy 2 down towards my cock. He and Nike worked on it together (sweet!) while I started to make out with guy 2. We kissed for a while, and I pinched his nipples a little bit then stroked his cock.

I pushed Nike and guy 1 together, and when they started to make out, guy 2 started to suck on my cock. I pulled him around so that I could get at his ass, then I spread his cheeks, wrapped a leg around his head to pull it down on my cock, and shoved my tongue into his ass.

After a bit of that, we switched it up a bit. I think for twenty minutes or so, I was kissing either Nike or guy 1 while guy 2 continued to suck on me and I fingered his ass. Then I started making out with guy 1, and Nike began to go down on guy 2. And, well, after that I sort of lost track of the details for a while. Cocks were sucked, lower lips were chewed on, nipples were twisted.

We'd probably been going at it for about an hour when Nike started working harder on guy 2's cock, and shortly thereafter, guy 2 announced that he was going to cum. We watched as Nike let the cock out of his mouth and stroked guy 2's load onto the foot of the bed. Guy 2 shuddered for a while, and then he started to play with my cock again. I was kind of surprised that he didn't just get dressed and leave, but then about two minutes later, he did, first asking how often we did this and saying that he'd like to do it again. I told him it was an irregular activity and told him to email me and went back to kissing guy 1. Then he said he had to get back to work. On a Sunday night. We all took our mouths away from whatever they were playing with to say goodbye, then I went back to kissing guy 1 and Nike went back to sucking my cock, and I started to finger Nike's ass.

This was all a lot of fun, but I knew that Nike and guy 1 were both most interested in sucking loads, so I decided that the two of them really belonged in a 69. So I disentangled myself and told Nike to lie on the bed with his head over the edge. I stood at the end of the bed and fucked his face while guy 1 started to suck his cock. Then I pulled out and shoved them together so they could go down on each other. I went to wash my hands, then came back and watched for a while. Guy 1 was making a lot of noise and getting close, and Nike was working hard on his cock, and pretty soon he pulled off and stroked guy 1's load out. I don't think that guy 1 had been planning on cumming: he seemed entirely overwhelmed, but at least it was in a good way.

Nike disentangled, and we chatted briefly with guy 1 as he got dressed and left. Then I asked Nike whether he wanted to cum, and he said no, and he asked me whether I wanted to cum, and I said no, and I lay next to him on the bed, and we started to make out some more.

We did that for a while, and it was a lot of fun, but it was coming up on time to drive Nike to his friend's house, so we talked for a while instead. His friend turned out to be one of his girlfriends. I knew that he had two girlfriends, and when I asked him how he handled them, he said, "Time management." Nike and I had always been able to chat amiably enough, but, after the fourway, we were suddenly buddies. "Damn, that older guy thought he was going to cum in my mouth. And I don't even know him!" I told Nike that I was impressed that he'd stayed for even two minutes, but Nike told me that he got a bad vibe from the guy. "You should invite the younger guy back, but not the other guy." "That's cool. And I have no trouble whatsoever telling him that if he actually emails me." I'd be happy to play with guy 2 on a one-on-one basis, of course.

When I later responded to guy 1's email thanking me for having him over, I told him that Nike had specifically asked me to ask him over again. He said that he thought we were all hot and that he definitely wanted to play again, but he was surprised because he thought guy 2 was the hottest of all of us. Chacun a son gout, I reckon.

Then I drove Nike over to (one of) his girlfriend's place. It was farther than I'd expected, but we were buddies now, so we had fun on the drive. He told me that he was going to have to dump one of his girlfriends. Not because she wants to have a baby (Both of his girlfriends want to have babies, but the other one wants to wait until she graduates college and gets her career going. The one about to be dumped wants to have one now, and she's only twenty. I had thought that Nike was twenty-two, but he told me that he's only twenty himself and not ready to have a kid. Well, duh.), but because the woman he dated in eighth grade is moving back from Atlanta, and he can only handle two girlfriends at a time. (There's also a forty-nine year old mother of two who wants to play with him, but I told him, "Only if she has a lot of money.") Then he showed me a picture of the once and future girlfriend. Wow. I mean, she does nothing for me from a stirred loins point of view, of course, but totally gorgeous.

I never did get an email from guy 2, and I guess that's just as well. He was pretty hot in the sack, but I think he must be married, and I'm becoming somewhat disenchanted with all the local married men who keep telling me that they want to sleep with me but who are never available. It would be easier if they weren't all such good kissers. As it is, it's not exactly hard: I knew they'd never be available. But after a while, all that professed lust with no chance of fulfillment becomes a little bit tedious. I guess that's probably the way Nike feels about me sometimes. He says he's straight, and I don't see how my even bothering to form an opinion on that subject makes any sense, but he always wants to play, and he's available a lot more than I am. Still, I do my best, and he seems finally to appreciate that.

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