Thursday, December 18, 2008

Self-Portraits Without Genitalia

Rafael (above), the very eager bottom who spent the night Tuesday, told me that he wanted some pictures, so I agreed to take a bunch of him when he came over. I have to say that while he's very cute, he's not so photogenic, and the only pictures that came out really well are the ones of him in the shower. I probably should have taken more pics later, after we fucked: before we fucked, he wasn't about to smile for the camera. Oh well. Anyway, I wanted to record a visual outline of what happened, but, of course, I stopped taking pictures once we started to get into it. So I went for a dramatic re-enactment. Raf wasn't around (nor was Judd), so I had to use some stand-ins for the other two guys. I imagine that these pictures show a good deal more of me than any of you ever expected to see. On the other hand, there are parts of me where you see a good deal less than you might hope for. I'm sure you'll adjust. It should be entirely obvious who I am in the pictures, but just in case there's some doubt, let me clear it up for you: I'm the cute one.

Anyway, onto the action. After a few initial pictures, Rafael jumped into the shower, then came out and dried off, and I took a few more. He seemed a little nervous to me, so once he was naked on the bed, I started things off by straddling him and giving him a shoulder and back massage:

He had a lot of tension, so I lay next to him and began to dig into his shoulders more:

Before too long, I pulled on his shoulder, and he turned toward me. That was when I discovered that he liked to kiss and that he was good at it:

And, of course, all that good kissing made me get more into it. He liked being underneath me:

I couldn't resist giving his nipples plenty of attention:

That went on for a while, but before too long, he was begging me to let him suck my cock. I could hardly refuse him: he was a guest in my home, and I am always a gracious host. Mostly, I just lay back and enjoyed myself:

Though I occasionally took a more active role:

It wasn't too long before he tried to sit on my cock, but I stopped him, telling him, "Soon, but not yet." He went back to sucking my cock, alternating with more nip play, and, of course, more kissing:

Eventually, I did try to enter him from behind:

But he was too tight, and he said my cock was too thick. So I made out with him some more and applied more lube. Then I let him sit on me. That worked pretty well, and it gave me even better access to his nipples:

Eventually, though, I just wanted to pull him down on me:

He was very happy when he finally had me inside him. He seemed confused when I asked him to give me his hands, but he complied:

And I lowered him back until we were in the X position:

He shouted, "This is new!" Every bottom seems to love the X position, but I've never seen anyone else take to it quite so quickly or with such conviction. He began bouncing up and down with his whole body, pretty much just taking me along for the ride:

And that was fully awesome, but what I liked even better was the way his face contorted and his body shook and his ass clamped hard around my cock when I pushed his legs back and pounded him face to face.

After we'd been going at it for about two hours, and after I'd pounded him multiple times, he was going down on me when Judd showed up. So Rafael kept sucking my cock, and Judd started making out with me:

Then Raf continued to go down on me while Judd ate Raf's ass:

And then Judd and I switched positions, so I could eat Raf's ass:

After some three-way kissing, Raf was begging for cock, so we gave him two. He began to go down on Judd, and I slid in his back door. Judd sat up, so that he and I could kiss while we were filling Raf's holes:

After a while of doing that, I told Raf to get on his back. I put him so that his head hung off the end of the bed. Judd went and stood at the end of the bed and fed Raf his cock. I pushed Raf's legs up, started kissing Judd again, and began pounding Raf (again). There was a lot of muffled shouting:

After both Judd and I had both well and truly eaten and fucked Raf's ass, he apologized, "I'm spent." Well, he'd been at it for over three hours, and he gets up early. Judd and I spent an hour in canoodling and quiet conversation. Raf contributed the occasional snore:

Then Judd got up and dressed. I accompanied him downstairs, gave him a slice of fruitcake, and said goodbye to him. Then I moved some laundry from the washer to the dryer, turned out the lights, and went back upstairs. I moved Raf to the center of the bed, then got in next to him. We kissed for a little bit, and he told me that he was very much a cuddler. He soon fell asleep in my arms:

There was some off and on making out during the night, but mostly we slept until the alarm went off at 6. Then we fucked some more.


A Lewis said...

Nice chest and belly fuzz. Really nice.

Jérôme said...

Just brillant ! but you already knew it ;-)

The Blackout Blog said...

My dick got hard in an entry with wooden figures? I'm telling myself it's because you're an excellent writer.

erquirk said...

GREAT demonstration, TED. While this isn't the "engineering" about which I was talking, it definitely helped to bring the (as usual) wonderful narrative "alive." (Visual aids always help...)

Sounds like a great 3-way. I wish I were into 3-ways; I tend not to like them at all. I tried a 3-way with my top recently; it was pretty awful for me (and thus for him!).

Of course, I identify with Raf in this scene...I love the head-off-the-side-of-the-bed cocksucking.

Great self portrait as well. I think it deserves another pic from my collection!

tornwordo said...

I keep wondering why you have these figurines. Nice pic! You're right, I never expected you to show in addition to tell.

Will said...

No matter how often you write about your sexual encounters, they're always engaging--even engrossing. Part of that is that you write well, but a lot of it is, as I've mentioned before, that you express enthusiasm and joy in your sexual activity. It makes a huge difference.

This particular scene was, however, unusually hot in the telling.