Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Guess There Are Good Reasons Why I Never Do This Sort of Thing

I'm too tired to do Monday's fun fourway justice right now, so I'll just report on last night's developments which were -- who would have thought such a thing possible? -- even less dignified. It was getting towards the end of the workday, and I hadn't heard back from Vic, who had baled on being my post-fourway follow-up fuck late Monday night, so I tossed a standard dom top ad onto the CL, and the first response I got back was

can you come out to play?

Not exactly informative, so I asked for more info and got
white flint area, asap, i would send you a pic but i dont know how and dont have the stuff to do it, im 29, good shape, clean , never done it before but my dick is so hard thinking about this, i want to so bad, 6 ft 185 lbs, want to go down on you, if you want you can go on me after, maybe in future more, you wont be disapointed, im not dirty or nasty or ugly i dont think so atleast,

I couldn't help being intrigued. I like urgency, and I like being a guy's first guy. I'm tempted to claim that because my first experience with a guy was so great, I like to be the guy to provide an equally positive experience for men discovering the joys of mansex, but even I would roll my eyes at that. There may be a small element of truth to it, but mostly I just find hot young inexperienced guys verrrrrry sexy. Anyway, I figured I could stop by his place on my way home, so I told him I could be in that area around 7.

7 is perfect also if you can do 645thats even cooler but 7 is good , there is a small convience store called food stop on [some road] make a right at light off of [some street] past whit flint towards [some other street] ill be there, what will you be driving so i know its you, i cant wait, do you know where its at

It's normal for first timers to want to meet you at a neutral location, and -- flights to Switzerland being prohibitively expensive just now -- that seemed like a reasonable one. But he didn't seem like the type who'd be able to host, so I asked point blank. Turned out he couldn't:
is your car compfortable, i know a good spot, please dont turn me down,

This where one's better judgment (coupled with the fact that my car is really not a comfortable environment in which to receive a bj: I'm constantly turning down the same request from Nike) is supposed to keep one's libido in control, but sometimes judgment fails. I told him I could host, but he said he couldn't go as far as my place. After a couple more emails, I agreed and said I could show up. He signed off with:
ill be wearing jeans and a sweat shirt whit male 6ft go-tee names TJ

So I drove there, and as I pulled up, I saw him walking over. Tall, slender, handsome. He tossed away his cigarette (I figured there was no way he'd be letting me kiss him anyway, so whatever), came up to the door, asked if it was okay to bring his beer along, and got in. I asked where the good place was, and he said, "Anywhere here," and I stared at him. It wasn't an especially busy parking lot, but it was a parking lot. With cars. And open stores. He pointed off in another direction, and I drove behind another store that wasn't open, to a loading dock and parked. I told him that I never do public sex and that I was nervous. He drank the last of the beer, lowered the window, and threw the can into the bushes. Then he pulled off his hat. #1 clippers, I reckon. So hot. I reached over and grabbed his crotch. He was hard in his loose jeans. He reclined his seat and unzipped, pulling his cock out. It was nice. Long and thin, just like him. I was obviously still nervous, and he said, "I want you to be relaxed so I can blow you. I really want it." I reclined my own seat, and he grabbed my crotch. I lowered my zipper, and he reached in and started trying to find the fly in my boxer briefs, but I froze up when a truck passed behind us. He said he knew a better place, and I put my seat up again.

We drove back across the parking lot, down an alley, towards a complex of garden apartments, but before we got there, we found a string of what were probably rental trucks, parked. He told me to keep driving because there was a car coming, then when I passed that car, I made a U-turn and then backed in between two of the trucks. I reached over and started to stroke his cock. Then I ran my hand up under his sweatshirt. He had a tight, hairy chest. I gave his nipples a quick squeeze, but he said that he really wanted to blow me. I undid my pants the rest of the way and lowered my boxer briefs. I was still soft, but he went right to work, taking the whole of my cock into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed down, and I started to get harder.

I was still really nervous, though. We were mostly out of view, but a car went by and the driver stared at me briefly. I wasn't sure he could see the other guy's head -- or any part of him maybe -- but I wasn't sure he couldn't, either. I kept shoving his head down on my cock, and it was feeling really great. The kind of great that might result in my shooting a load in less than ten minutes: he was a natural. I took my other hand and ran it down to his ass. He moaned a little, and I stuck my finger up his ass, and he moaned more. It was awesome, but after a couple of minutes of that I was still not entirely hard, and he pulled off and said, "It's not getting all the way big." I probably should have shoved him back down again, but I grabbed his cock, and he asked me what I liked to do. When I gave him a list, he said, "Do you like to suck, too?" I just looked at him and said, "You'll cum fast?" He nodded, and I bent over and began to go down on him.

It was a little awkward, but his cock wasn't too thick, so I was handling it pretty well, and, well, I guess his girlfriend doesn't give head. He was groaning and thrusting, sometimes pretty hard. It was okay for me, I guess, but mostly I was impressed that I was able to handle it. I slid my finger back up his ass and found his prostate, but when he still hadn't cum after two minutes, I pulled off and started to stroke. A minute later, he took over for me. I was still working his ass with one finger, and I used my other hand to twist his nipple. Less than a minute later, I felt his cum shoot onto my hand. He just said, "Wow." I found a napkin and wiped him up. He said, "I cleaned my ass before I came over." "Yeah, I could tell. Thanks for doing that." Then he seemed a little bit in shock. I told him that if he wanted to, he'd find a lot of guys on craigslist who'd be happy to play with him and who'd be happy to have him over. "I'm not there yet," he replied. Then I drove him back to the parking lot, and he thanked me and got out. I drove home and realized I still had his hat in the car, so I took it inside.

Just before I'd left the office, I'd finally heard from Vic, saying he could come over. I'd sent him an email as I was leaving, and when I got home, there was another one implying that he'd be over later, but when I emailed him again, there was no immediate reply. And I was hornier than I can remember being. I wanted to fuck a face and ass right away. Relatively quick sex is not hard to find in the exurbs, but instant sex is tough, and I couldn't wait, so I called a phone sex buddy and abused myself to a spectacular ejaculation. After I cleaned up, I had some dinner, watched Wall-E, and read late into the night. I tried sniffing his hat a couple of hours later, but it carried no fetishistic magic. It makes a nice souvenir, though. I'll send an email offering to return it, but I'll never hear from that guy again. All things considered, it was pretty hot, but I guess there really are good reasons why I never do that sort of thing.

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