Monday, January 21, 2008

Service Update

I am beat, readers. In the last thirty-six hours, I have driven to Vermont and back. There is not too much to say about that trip. There is, perhaps, more to say about the trip that might have been, but it will have to wait until I'm a little more alert. In the interim, I have the end to my recent tales of customer service woe, along with some service-related pictures, which are even less safe for work than usual. Expect no cleverness.

Anyway, despite my thorough browbeating of the Circuit City computer sales staff, when EFU went back Saturday evening (luckily, her mother took her, so I did not have to go), the technicians told her that they had moved all of her music files to the new computer but that they had not yet been able to transfer the rest of her files and that she would have to return Monday. As you will recall, this would have been quite impossible given that she was planning to go to Vermont on Sunday.

EFU told the store management that the situation was not acceptable and insisted on taking both her new and old computers back to her mother's so that she could transfer the files themselves. The store objected, but she held firm. (According to EFU, she did this all herself, but I have to wonder. I can be pretty frightening to service personnel when they've given me sustained abuse, but her mother is frightening from the get go. Still, EFU was entirely fed up, so she may have managed without assistance.) She left with both computers.

Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, EFU was on the way back to her mother's when the store called to let her know that they'd given her back the wrong old computer. So back she went to Circuit City to get the right computer and to complain further and ask for additional compensation. They gave her a $25 gift card, with which she bought a case for her iPod.

EFU spent the next two hours transferring files. As it happened, the technicians had transferred less than a third of her music files. She and YFU finally arrived, with all of EFU's college stuff, at our house at 11pm. I did not see how everything would fit in the car, but she promised to repack it all, so I went to bed before midnight, and at 9 the next morning, we were underway, fully packed and with both a computer and an iPod that had all the files they ought. All's well that ends well, I suppose, but none of us will ever buy anything from Circuit City again.

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Will said...

That EFU sounds like a sharp, organized and determined young woman, a force to be reckoned with.

Circuit City sounds like Land of the Dolts.

Your taste in thoroughly scabrous pictures remains exquisite.