Sunday, January 20, 2008

Torless Encore

I mentioned in my last post that I'd unexpectedly found myself with the offer of a shag Friday night. I'd gone on because I had some time to kill, and there was Torless, horny as always and, surprisingly, able to host. I hadn't had a good extramural romp in a while, and where he lived wasn't too far from where I'd have to pick up EFU when she was done hanging out with her friends, so I said I'd come down. My only hesitancy came from the belief that I'd probably have a full hour to kill, and Torless is generally a very quick lay: anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, door to door. But I figured he might be more relaxed in his own place than on his parents' bed, and I also figured that I could manage to set the pace.

When I got there, he was obviously very recently out of the shower and was wearing only a towel. I wasted no time, of course. I gave him a soft, wide kiss and began fondling his nipples. He began moaning. He told me that he had to see to his dog and pointed me toward the bedroom. It's a good thing I'm not a neat freak. Torless lives in an expensive apartment building in an expensive neighborhood, but his room was a dump: clothes piled a foot deep all over the floor. But the bed was clear, so I headed in that direction and got rid of my jacket, shoes, glasses, and cell phone. He came in, and I helped him out of his towel and into the bed.

The thing about Torless is that every time I fuck him, he likes more intense nipple play. Add this to the fact that he has big soft lips, solid osculatory technique, and a craving to have his ass pounded that builds over a session, and you can see why he's one of my favorite FBs. But the nipples: it turns out that if you want to stretch a session with Torless from thirty minutes to an hour, you just have to add half an hour of nipple play.

There was, of course, a lot of other activity. Plenty of kissing, and he went down on me like a champ: the first time with me lying back and relaxing, the second time with my tongue deep in his ass. And of course he did eventually beg me to fuck him. Naturally, I complied: I was a guest, after all.

But the nipples. I'd say he's up to a clear 8 on the nipple scale. I can (and did) work them very intensely, but there's still a point where he asks me to ease off a bit. But mostly he didn't. He moaned, and he told me how much he liked what I was doing to them, and he sighed, and he shook, and, eventually, he kvelled. And he always asked for more.

I have, by the way, appropriated "kvell" for my own purposes. It has a more general meaning, but I've decided that it should really mean a particular sexual state that I first discovered about six years ago in a then-FWP who, sadly, I stopped seeing after he got a bf. Anyway, I had this guy pinned down, naked, on a couch in DC once, and I started working on his nipples. He'd never really enjoyed nipple play, but I started easy, and he got into it. Then I got, without ever getting rough, more and more insistent, and he got more and more into it. After maybe twenty minutes of playing with his nipples, I had my lips around his right areola with my tongue flicking quickly, steadily, and firmly across the nipple, and his entire body began to shake. I did my best to keep him right in that same place for the next half hour or so, and he later told me that it was "like having a full-body orgasm, but without ejaculating." He also told me that after that I could do anything to him, but I didn't take advantage of it because a) I didn't think he'd be a good bottom, and b) I'm pretty sure his definition of "anything" was a lot narrower than mine. Anyway, that whole body trembling, mind blown state is kvelling, and there's really not much that compares to making a guy do that. Except maybe feeling it yourself, but I think the closest I ever get to that is when someone works my ears just right, which, now that I recall it, is pretty fucking amazing.

Anyway, we moved on from the kvelling to the near-69 position where he's going down on me while I'm eating his ass, and we did that for as long as he could stand it, which wasn't all that long. But I'd accomplished my goal of making the session last, and when he begged me to fuck him, and I did, we were both pretty close to the end when I heard the phone ring. He was telling me to cum (I love that), and I soon did. I had him on his back with his knees up, and he started to play with himself, and I very quickly felt his ass start to spasm around my cock as he shot his own load. We'd been at it an hour, all together. I cleaned up, got dressed, got in the car, called EFU, and picked her up a few minutes later.

Torless mentioned, as I was leaving, that his nipples were "still sensitive." I told him that they would be for a few days, and that they might be sore in the morning. He seemed to think that was a small price to pay.


Dave said...


Love your blog - read it dilligently. Are you looking for married cute subs who are willing to be taught some tricks by you? Email me if there are any vacancies :-)

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

As much as I appreciate the offer, dave, since I don't have your email address, I have no way to respond. Perhaps you should email me; my address is in my profile.

Canberrabiker said...

Kvell - I like that word.

Kvell is good - great to see the other guy tremble like that, but even better, as you say, when they make you kvell.

The ears do it for me too, my phrase for it is "turning on the griller". Explaining how that phrase came about might take a while to explain, but it involved me, my BF at the time, a barbeque and an electric griller. BF had me over at his place and we were going to have a barbeque. It was one of those webbers with coals. We lit it up and waited and waited for it to get hot enough to cook with. So we started fooling about. BF discovered the connection between my ears and my groin. Almost got me to that animal point. The barbeque was no hotter, but I was. He glanced over and said "Hmmm, I better turn on the griller."

I said "You already have" and had my way with him...