Friday, January 25, 2008

Why You're Single - 2

I figured it went without saying, in the post below, that an obvious reason for being single is that someone's unattractive. I didn't say it because most guys already assume, wrongly, that they're single because they're not pretty enough. I'm not saying that you shouldn't work out or get rid of your unibrow or whatever to attract more guys. I just don't think it's as common a reason as other people do. We all know lots of guys who aren't all that to look at but still have a good relationship. Besides, a guy that you might not think at all attractive might be entirely smokin' to me.

We all also know guys who spend hours and hours in the gym (which is great if you just love the exercise: it sure beats hitting the booze) and are still unhappily single. Lack of physical attractiveness isn't the reason for those guys.

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Tork said...

I think your A through E list covered attractiveness too. I mean if "the sex is good" then the guy is attractive enough and if the sex is bad, then it doesn't matter how attractive he is. If the sex is bad, though, I would hold off on an immediate disqualification. I mean the guy might be trainable. My Item F that I would put on your list is that the guy likes you back. Someone liking you goes a long way towards making them attractive as a partner. If they like and respect you, they are more likely to listen to you, which helps to fulill your Item B, 'enjoying each other's company'. My Item G would be that the person brings out and appreciates your attributes, e.g. your quirky sense of humor, your appreciation of d
Dutch antiques, your more confident side, whatever.
I can remember being in a bad relationship and thinking, 'This guy is appreciating about 10% of who I am. He doesn't know what he is missing.' I can tell you from experience that being with someone like that will quickly put your self-confidence in the toilet, and then there is even less for him to appreciate.