Monday, February 4, 2008

An Evening in Little Whinging

I have been feeling a bit off this weekend. My recent dabbling in cannabis consumption notwithstanding, I am not much for mood-altering substances, except for theobromine, of course. So I went in search of pictures of handsome men who are even more handsome because they're smiling. Naturally, I decided to share the wealth.

There are a number of reasons why I'm not my usual, chipper and vibrant* self. EFU's return to college was easier to take than her initial departure, but it was still hard on both me and YFU. There has also been some uncertainty regarding her academic future, but she seems to have worked that out. On the plus side, she took a heavy load in her first semester, and she got a B, an A-, and three As.

It was also unsettling to spend the weekend with a sick child. YFU's fever broke Friday, and her strep culture came back negative, and she was obviously on the mend, but, well, no parent wants to see his child suffer. It was especially difficult to have to leave her at home on Saturday while I went to work. B&c had returned from Miami, but YFU always wants Daddy.

While b&c was in Miami, he managed to secure additional work for the year. It looks like he'll be making three trips to Haiti and three to Nicaragua. The first trip to Haiti starts in a week, and the first trip to Nicaragua begins at the end of March. He's also spending two weeks in Germany in early March, so he'll be gone for six weeks of busy season. And probably eight weeks during the summer, since it now appears that he'll spend another three weeks bent over a hotel bed working in Jordan. I enjoy having time on my own, but only to a point.

And then there's work. So much time that could be spent chasing hot men wasted chasing tax refunds.

Anyway, enough of that. Look at the smiling men! And I do, of course, have many more reasons to be happy than I have for unhappiness. For example, I just made my maximum Roth IRA contribution for 2008, a full fourteen months ahead of the deadline. And I'm getting about three grand back on my taxes, so I'll have the funds to pay my part of the 2008-2009 academic year well before it starts. And, you know, there's that whole good life thing that I've got going on. I am always, always aware that I'm much more fortunate than the vast majority of people. Still, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like some more time to play with submissives and a couple of pounds of m&ms. And what I'd really like is to be able to answer b&c when he asks what he always asks right about this time of year: "What do you want for your birthday?" It'll be such a relief when I'm old enough to ask for a rent boy. But that year has not arrived, so I'd better come up with something, or I'll be getting socks.

These smiling men do put me in a much better mood. A smile can indicate so many moods and say so many things. At least a few of these smiles say "I'm horny," and that's always a good thing to hear and/or see.

*The summer after my sophomore year in college, I stayed in Cambridge and lived in the same dorm, but in a different section. One of the people in my suite was the girlfriend of one of the regular residents, and, soon after she first met me, she would always greet me by saying, "Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr. [variant of my surname]. My, you're looking chipper and vibrant this [morning/afternoon/evening]." Even then, I was an exceptionally laid back person, so this greeting was meant as a joke. She most enjoyed saying it when I was hungover. For the remainder of my undergraduate career, people often greeted me that way.

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