Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Miscellany

It was not much of a weekend, readers. It didn't really start until 6:30 Saturday evening, when I finally left the office, and then it was over very quickly. B&c left for Haiti by way of Miami on a flight that required him to leave the house before 6 am Sunday morning. I grunted at him as he left.

Beefy pics today. We love all kinds here. Several of these guys have nipples that have obviously been chewed repeatedly and for protracted periods. Someday, I would like to have a business as a nipple enhancement specialist. I'd sell packages of ten half-hour sessions of me chewing on a guy's nips. I reckon it's a crowded field, but perhaps my natural inclination toward the work would let me rise to the top. I should continue to hone my skills.

Saturday evening, b&c and FWP Christopher came down to Bethesda, and we went to see In Bruges, which I can recommend without reservation to anyone who enjoys a very dark comedy. I thought that all of the performances were fine, though Colin Farrell's would have been better if he'd been wearing less clothing. Several chances for full or partial nudity were missed by the director. After a lackluster dinner at Austin Grill, I spent five minutes vocalizing in my office building's parking garage so that I could enjoy the solitude and the acoustics. When I got home, I found the nude Colin Farrell pictures on the Internet to show Christopher, who had been similarly disappointed by the lack of unclothedness in the movie.

I emailed the fifty-five-year-old virgin to tell him that b&c would be out of town and that a late night meeting could be arranged. Alas, he replied that a) he was concerned about breaking up an existing couple, and b) he had followed my advice and found a woman on who was interested in using a strap on. Well, b) good for him, and a) what a twat. I mean, he was a lot of fun, but given our interaction, it was pretty fucking presumptuous of him to think that my relationship was going to break up and that he was the one who might do it.

A sub I'd had once before had asked a few times for a rematch, so I acquiesced, and we set the time for Sunday at noon. The choir was singing for Sunday morning services and again at a Sunday afternoon benefit concert, meaning that I could be home by 11:30 and would have to leave again by 1:45. I was picking up YFU immediately after the concert, so that window of time was my only chance to either play or get other things done (and there are plenty of things that needed -- and still need -- doing). He hadn't shown up by 12:30, so I pulled a box of DVDs out of the bed. It's pretty easy to get tired of a particular porn DVD, but if you stick it in a box under the bed for a year or so, it will often regain its allure. This particular DVD is one that b&c brought me back from Germany a few years ago. The title is Fleissige Holzhacker Burschen. I have no idea at all what that means, but the setting is a group of men who, apparently, go into the forest to cut down trees and instead have sex with each other. The men are very cute, with well-defined bodies and big, uncut cocks, but clearly the environmental message is more important here. The director is saying that there's no need to cut down trees for wood when it's so much more fun to make your own. The theme certainly explains why the actors are so very unconvincing as lumberjacks but so skilled at sex.

The sub called me at 1:00 to say that he was running late. Duh. He started to ask whether I had time to play anyway, but I cut him off with "No. I said noon." Then he started to explain why he was late (I think), but I hung up on him about three words in. What a twat. I probably had a better time with the German porn, anyway.

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