Monday, February 18, 2008


I'll be the first to admit that I'm a guy who has trouble saying no when sex is offered. Or at least when sex with a new guy is offered. I have no trouble at all saying no to people who have proven themselves unworthy of my company. Just this week, in fact, I have had two text message exchanges with Kip who, you may remember, I actually had to kick out of the bedroom the last time he came over. For your (very mild, I'm araid) amusement, let me transcribe the exchanges. First, on Friday:

Kip: Hey how r u tonight? Kip
TED: Good. Just got home.
Kip: Same thing here! Just finished taking a shower, any plans tonight?
TED: No plans yet. Are you going out?
Kip: No I am not going out! We can meet f u want to
TED: Ok. Wear a jockstrap and bring your poppers.
Kip: No fucking though if its ok with you!
TED: As long as you suck my cock.
Kip: I can jerk you off
TED: Not good enough.
Kip: You know I don't really suck, coz I vomit when my uvula is stimulated
Kip: I vomit easily
TED: Suck halfway down.
Kip: I can kiss u passionately but not sucking though
TED: Never mind then. I don't want to be your bitch.
Kip: No problem

And then, on Sunday:

Kip: Hey horny here! Kip
TED: You should jerk off.
Kip: I will take your advice

But when it's a new guy, I almost say yes when the opportunity arises. A case in point comes from a week ago, when I had already arranged to tie down the very compliant submissive. I got a call from Will, a late twenty-something bisexual oral bottom who lives in my town. He and I had tried to hook up before, but we were never available at the same time. So when he called and said he had some time, I told him that if he wanted, he could come over and suck my cock for a while but that I wouldn't be able to give him a load. He was disappointed about the temporary no-load policy, but he agreed to come over, and he was there ten minutes later. Bisexual oral bottoms typically won't kiss, but when I grabbed him and moved in, he responded willingly. He was a pretty good kisser, but his breath was marginal. Then again, he probably wasn't expecting to make out.

I played with his nipples a bit, but I didn't realize how late the sub was going to be, so I thought we didn't have a lot of time, and I quickly dropped trou and sat down on the love seat and let him get to work. I don't know why some men respond so well to being called a cocksucker, but he certainly did. I grabbed his head and moved him up and down some, but mostly I just reclined and enjoyed. I got the impression that he was used to guys coming pretty quickly. In any case, after fifteen minutes, I was happy but nowhere near cumming, and he said he couldn't suck any longer. Since I didn't want to shoot, that was no big deal, so I sent him off with a handshake. He was cute, but I don't expect to see him again. He's clearly the sort that wants a load after three minutes or less. Never gonna happen, I'm afraid.

A similar situation played itself out late Sunday night. I was already in bed, reading a sleazy gay novel (just the sort I love) when I got a call from Brett, another guy that I've talked back and forth with many times (and for so long that I can't remember where we first ran into each other) but had never met. He said he was driving home and would be coming through my town in fifteen minutes. I was dead tired, but I didn't think twice.

I couldn't remember exactly what Brett was into, but I figured he must be a bottom. I vaguely remembered that he was married. When he showed up and I started to kiss him, he just froze, terrified, so I backed off and went for his nipples. That got him going. I told him to head upstairs, and when I reached up to grab his ass, he bent over on the stairs to shove his butt out at me and let me squeeze it harder. Cool. When we got upstairs, he immediately got naked and bent forward, with his hands on the bed. I appreciate a man who knows what he wants, but the combination of fatigue and no kissing had left me swollen but not hard, so I shoved him onto the bed, on his back, and started working his nipples again.

Despite his initial eagerness to get fucked, once I started playing with his nipples and cock, he clearly wanted to make the sensation last as long as possible. I had my mouth permanently attached to his right nip, with my tongue flicking back and forth, and my right hand was slowly stroking his very hard penis. I soon had the precum flowing, and when I took my thumb and rubbed the juice into his frenulum, he started to shake and pushed my hand away. I was sort of in the let's-get-him-off-and-out-of-here-so-I-can-sleep mode, but while I was clearly not going to fuck him, I was still having a pretty decent time on his very responsive nipples, so I relented and slowed down.

I did get hard when he went down on me, and he did that very well indeed. But by then I was starting to finger his ass, and before long I had three fingers inside him and was using my other hand to stroke his cock. He started to shake all over, and after not much longer, he was oozing a very large load onto my stomach. I got a towel, wiped myself off, and handed it to him. He said I'd made him dizzy. Then he washed up, got dressed, and left. I would maybe fuck him sometime, especially given his very responsive nips and ass, but if the occasion never arises, I probably won't even remember to miss it. He's probably the kind of guy who only has m2m sex once a year or so, anyway. We could hook up again in two years, and I might not remember that I'd done him before.

In fact, I had a guy Saturday night that I didn't remember at first. I'd been out seeing Persepolis with George, and I was hoping to play with this young Desi guy whose ad I'd seen on craigslist that afternoon. The ad said he wanted to be shaved, so I volunteered, and when he replied to my email, I recognized the address from a previous encounter. I told him who I was and sent him a picture to remind him, and he wanted to get together right then. I told him it'd be 9 before I was free, and he said that was fine and to text him when I was leaving Bethesda. I knew this meant that he likely wouldn't still be free by 9, and, indeed, when I texted him, there was no reply. No big deal.

I should have gone straight to bed when I got home, but I never do. Instead, I posted an ad on craigslist, and I soon had a hookup arranged with someone very different from Vic. This guy was older than me, barrel chested, hairy, and cut. But we are all god's creatures, and he sounded like fun, so I invited him over. When he showed up, I thought he looked familiar, but I wasn't sure. He asked for a drink, and as we walked to the kitchen, he said he thought we'd hooked up before, and I said I thought he was right. He wanted vodka, neat, and after two shots, I told him he'd had enough and marched him upstairs to get busy.

We'd been making out for a while, and I was sucking on a nipple, when he asked me if he could have some more vodka, and I said, "What? Are you nervous?" and he said that he was, and it was then that I remembered him: fifty-something divorced guy who doesn't have much sex ever. The other time he came over (more than a year earlier), he'd needed so much liquor to get comfortable that I was scared to let him drive home. He did, though, and then emailed me to let me know he was safe. He's a reasonably fun guy in the sack (good kisser, good head), but I remembered that he really needed someone to give him some lessons in basic homosexuality. I'd offered, but he was too shy to accept. Whatever.

Anyway, we had a pretty good time. After I'd made his right nipple good and sore, he went down on me, and I started working fingers into his ass. He was unsure about being able to handle my cock, but I wasn't unsure, so I put him on his stomach, slid on a rubber, lubed him up and made my way inside. It took him a while to relax properly, but then he got into it. I was pretty beat, so after ten minutes or so of fucking him in different positions, I pulled out, got rid of the condom, and spent another five minutes jerking off. I shot all over him, and he was impressed. He seemed sober when he left. I should email him to say hello and be friendly, but I probably won't.

I should really head straight home and to bed tonight, too. Maybe I will. There are, after all, still some scenes from Shacked Up that I haven't lost a load to.

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