Monday, February 4, 2008

Missed Again

Yet another entry where I read missed connections. So you don't have to.

We'll start with a classic I-was-too-lame-to-just-grab-your-cock-and-bring-you-back-to-my-place entry. At least this guy is pretty specific.

Bethesda Sport and Health - Sunday - m4m - 45

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Date: 2008-02-04, 7:20AM EST

Sunday Feb 3. We talked in the sauna about alcohol consumption. I am too shy. Would have loved to have talked more.

Tell me what your detox regimen is so that I will know it is you.

Location: Bethesda

Asking someone about his detox regimen is a good opening line, but it's not as good as my favorite: "I like a man who knows his lubricants."

Occasionally, you'll find an mc ad that actually sort of makes sense. Generally speaking, if someone loses my card twice and isn't willing to wait the full decade for the third encounter, I begin to question whether his intentions are honorable, but perhaps Steve the architect isn't so picky:

A LONG Shot from the Past: Steve the Architect from DC - m4m - 42

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Date: 2008-02-03, 9:17PM EST

Thinking back over some great men I have known in the past, I have fond memories of a guy named Steve I met on two separate occasions in two vastly different circumstances.

MEMPHIS: 12/26/'89, at a bar called Relfections. I had drunk too much, and you were just visting Memphis, but you brought me back to your friends' place with you. It was a great way to sober up. You said you lived in DC, and gave me your card with instructions to look you up if I ever were in DC.

NEW OLREANS: 12/26/'99, at the Club Baths on Tolouse Street. Ten years TO THE DAY, I run into at the baths. We looked at year other, laughed, and realized we had met before. We spent another enjoyable evening together, and you again gave me your card and told me to look you up if I ever were in DC.

STEVE: Tall, handsome, dark blonde, and magnificenly hung...a very good kisser with a soft Southern accent. An intelligent, sweet, man who had no idea how HOT he was!

ME: 5'10, 155#, blonde/blue, moderately hairy, not bad looking. I was living in Baton Rouge the last time we met.

I misplaced your card somewhere along the way before I moved up here--damnit!

I know this is insane, but hopefully not improbable. If you read this and would like to get together for a drink, just let me know. Stranger things have happened to us, right?

Let's try to meet before 12/26/'09!

Alexandria, VA

Location: Alexandria

I know that in some parts of the world, Boxing Day parties are common, but I hadn't realized that it's the traditional day for a bathhouse visit in the south. You live, you learn.

A confession, readers: just this weekend I actually posted a missed connections ad. I believe it was appropriate, but you be the judge:

Frankfurt Airport - m4m - 43

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Date: 2008-02-03, 4:51PM EST

This past October, flying to Venice from Dulles, via Frankfurt. We sat on the runway in Dulles for forty-five minutes before takeoff, then we had to wait for a gate in Frankfurt. We ran through the airport, but security was slow and no one would move us up in line, so we got to our gate ten minutes too late and missed our connection. We caught a flight a few hours later, but we still lost half a day in Venice. The Frankfurt airport is not a fun place to hang out. The rest of the trip was great, and our flight back from Rome was nonstop.

Sadly, I must say that the response has been underwhelming. I can't imagine why. Maybe I should have posted a picture of the airport.

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That's really funny. Nobody does facetious better than you!