Thursday, February 7, 2008

Keeping It Real

This evening, b&c joined me in the den to watch Project Runway. I'm pretty sure he doesn't really enjoy reality TV, but he seems to think it's a good idea to spend time with me while I watch it. (Or maybe because it was my birthday. He took YFU and I to dinner and then there was a cake. He told me my gift was in the mail and would arrive in a "video-shaped package.") Anyway, as I was lamenting the likely dismissal of Sweet P, a commercial came on, making it clear that one of Bravo's next reality series would have twelve dancers competing against each other. Leading to the following conversation:

B&c: What I really want to see is a competition among twelve escorts.
TED: Oooooh, yes. We should pitch that to Bravo
B&c: I think I'll let you write the proposal.
TED: I want to be a judge. And we'll call it ...
B&c: Yes?
TED: Top Bottom!

By the way, if you get a chance to see last week's episode of Make Me a Supermodel (not difficult: Bravo reruns it constantly), don't miss it. It was the nude modeling week, and you get to see the asses of a number of very cute boys. They blur the cocks. For most of the guys, they didn't have to blur a very large region, but I reckon that your first nude modeling assignment is a likely setting for shrinkage.


asspanther said...

Happy Birthday! If I were in the DC area I would offer a B-Day BJ.

Silly Billy said...

Happy Birthday Ted! I am sure the video shaped box will contain the a nice wholesome movie like "The Sound of Music" or some shit like that. ;)

Will said...

Happy Birthday! To paraphrase an old Irish blessing, "May the cocks rise before you . . ."