Thursday, March 5, 2009


Not bisexual, readers: bifurcation.

I have found, over the past week, that I have been significantly -- and, frankly, surprisingly -- bothered by my new status as an adult blog that requires a warning and an additional click to read. It's a perfectly reasonable move on Blogger's part, but I feel that it puts me somewhere that I'm not entirely comfortable being.

Don't get me wrong. I still love writing about my sex life and about sexual issues, but there are a lot of other things that I want to write about. And there seems to be some sort of societal consensus that my writing about, say, favorite soup recipes, doesn't go well with pictures of hot men fucking. I, of course, think that pictures of hot men fucking make anything better, but what do I know?

Anyway, I don't have enough time, and perhaps I don't have enough material, but from now on, I'll be splitting what I have to say into two categories (sexually explicity content and everything else) and putting each category onto its own site. I don't expect most readers of The Neighbors Will Hear will want to read content that's not a) erotic, and b) accompanied by pictures of hot naked men, but for the few of you who might, you can go over to Dull Is the New Fabulous. The title is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reference to life during and after the financial crisis.

For reasons that should be obvious, I'll avoid linking from there to here and, mostly, from here to there. I want to reiterate that I have no plans to stop posting here. Posts may be somewhat less frequent than usual over here for the next month or so, but a decrease in frequency (of sex, as well as posting) happens here every time around this year.


Social Disaster said...

I am sorry to hear that. I come to you blog often but I apologize that I sedomly read your post. I am distracted by cock ofte.en when I come to your page but I will def. check out your other pag

TED said...

No one should ever apologize for being distracted by cock, SD.

Atlantagent said...

OK, so just so we're clear, when we visit the other blog, we probably should avoid using the phrase "suck big cock," is that right? :-)

Jason_M said...

Well, IMHO, you and others should leave Blogger and set up a website where you can post whatever mix you want. Since life is dull now and you have more time since your Ferrari was repossessed, you'll have time to work on it, won't you, Possum?

Tenerife said...

I looked at your other blog the other nite and my observation was: based on the photos, old habits die hard and at present it's not QUITE as separate (or different) as you want it to be. But (and this is for that other blog but I'm too lazy to switch over) I agree 100% with your comments on effects of the crisis (la puta) and I think the positive things are already playing out. And I hope for much more of the same. Enjoy your freedom while your bf is gone. I was touched by the poignancy of your comment (somewhere) of how you wished you could enjoy a similar sex / post-sex relaxation situation with your partner. Ditto dude....I know the feeling. Even though reasons why you don' are probably different, the occasional wistfulness for it is something I empathize with. (Don't correct my granmmar, it's MY grammar).

TED said...

I have never corrected a commenter's grammar, Tenerife. I do wonder, though, about our respective reasons for not being able to have post-sex relaxation with our partners. Drop me a line if you're so inclined.