Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday Fuck

Yeah, I've pretty much given up any semblance of subtlety in selecting my post titles. Why do you ask?

I'd made plans to get together last night with my buddy Andy. We've been friends for a while, and we've fucked for a while longer than that, but very infrequently. In fact, if you look at the length of time between when we first fucked and when we last fucked, it's probably longer than anyone I might still have sex with, but over those eight or so years, we've probably only had sex five or six times. I think there were maybe four years between the first and second sessions, and we really only became friends after the second, which was a surprise to me: I'd figured he hadn't really enjoyed our first time. But it turns out that he's a) not very demonstrative, and b) mostly a top.

Anyway, he's a nice and fun guy, and he's a very attractive Latin bear with an amazing ass, so when it turned out he was free to get together and play, I was more than pleased. I showed up at his place last night around 7:30 with a box of wine. Normally, I'm opposed to bringing wine as a gift for the host, but this was a hook-up rather than a dinner party, and, as I explained to him, I'm trying to convert the world to boxed wine one box at a time. He looked at it like it was lawn waste and opened a bottle. Oh well: no one said it was going to be easy.

Andy, on the other hand, was very easy. We chatted for a minute, then we went out onto his patio so that he could smoke a cigar, and when we came back in, I grabbed him and started making out. He excused himself to the bathroom, then he came back and started up the stairs towards the bedroom. I pulled his pants halfway down over his really quite spectacular ass as I followed him up.

Probably because he doesn't bottom very often, Andy's always in a hurry to get fucked. And I'm always trying to slow him down, with varying degrees of success. I tossed him on his bed before he could take his clothes off and began kissing him and then working his nipples, and he gave in for a while but then said, "We need to get our clothes off." He got up an dimmed the lights, and we both got undressed, and I went back to work on his nipples for a bit, but he pretty quickly rolled over onto his stomach and said, "Fuck me, TED." I rolled on top of him and laughed. I mean, I'm easy, but I'm not that easy. He was sighing heavily when he felt my cock in his asscrack, but I soon rolled off him and turned him on his side to kiss him some more.

He responded by trying to sit on my cock, but I pushed him to the side and sucked on his nipples for a bit while I did some ass recon with my fingers. Andy -- again probably because he mostly tops -- has a history of dubious anal hygiene that has always kept me from rimming him in the past, but this time when I brought my fingers to my nose, I didn't smell anything at all objectionable, so when he tried yet again to work his ass onto my cock, I was comfortable going with the nuclear option. I pushed his head down to my cock, and when he -- maybe with a bit of reluctance -- started to suck on the head, I pulled his ass over my face, spread his very full and firm cheeks, and started to lick. Clearly he hadn't been expecting that, and clearly he loved it.

It only bought me about five minutes, though. But I was pretty worked up, so I figured what the hell. I told him he could sit on my cock. He smiled, put a condom on me, added (too much) lube, and slowly began to sit down. I had to fight the urge to pull him down on me hard, and it took a couple of minutes for him to get used to my rod, but he soon had me all the way inside of him, so I told him to lie back, and we got into the X position, and he was very pleased. And animated.

But after no more than five minutes, he was sitting back up and bouncing up and down on my cock. I wanted to jackhammer him, but when I pushed him off me, he went straight down on his stomach, so I drilled him from that position instead. It didn't feel to me like I was fucking him that hard, but he was certainly making a lot of noise, and encouraging me to keep on with what I was doing. So I did.

That was pretty hot, but I really wanted him on his back so I could pound his prostate, so I rolled him over, pushed his legs forward, reinserted my cock, and began to hammer him. He got louder and louder. Sometimes he seemed focused and on the path to shooting and then other times he just seemed awash in sensation with no direction home. Like a complete unknown. Like a rolling stone.

But before too long, I figured it was time to move him towards orgasm. It didn't seem like I was going to be able to pound the cum out of him without any cock stimulation, so I grabbed him (he'd been hard the whole time) and began stroking him. He started to groan and gasp pretty soon, and I thought that was maybe a little too fast, so I let go and worked his nipples again, which brought a different and less intense (but no less pleasing to me) level of noise. He had pretty much given himself over to the fuck (the pounding does that), so I just kept thrusting until I figured the time was ripe, then I grabbed his cock again and began stroking him slowly, then less slowly, then faster, then faster still, and, well, it really didn't take long enough to change speeds that many times, and he was shouting and then shooting a very impressive load all over his hot, dark, furry chest.

I kept thrusting and stroking, and he took it like a champ, but I was getting a little tired, and I knew I wouldn't cum that way, so after a bit I pulled out, pulled off the rubber, lay next to him, pulled his mouth to mine, and we kissed aggressively while I fisted my cock. The great thing about stroking another guy off and then finishing myself by hand is that it really does make me think that my cock is thick because my hand's gotten used to something thinner. But I was also very hard, and while I'm never really fast, it only took about five minutes of kissing and stroking before I was shouting myself and sending long streams of cum up over me and onto him.

Then we both collapsed, and we didn't move or talk for a long time. I laughed a couple of times, but it was just the way the post-coital shudders worked their way out of my body. Eventually, he came to and got up to turn on the light and get a roll of paper towels, and, well, let's just say there were multiple reasons why we both needed to jump in the shower.

Which we did. Then we got dressed and I drove us to a local steak house that he recommended. I had an exceptionally tender and well-seasoned rib eye. The service was not so great and the waiter was not so cute, but the company was good. We talked a lot about Spanish movies. He was still outraged that at last year's local gay film festival, the sound on Chuecatown was so bad that he'd had to read the English subtitles. That cracks me up.

He insisted on buying me dinner, saying that I'd invited him for dinner so many times, so I let him. After we ate, I drove him home, and he indicated that he'd be happy to be the second top in a group session some time. I was home by midnight and horny again, but I couldn't be bothered to look for flesh, so I had some fun phone sex and fell asleep.


Ashe said...

Please never show up at my door with a box of wine, TED.

But please show up at my door.

TED said...

OMG, you're a wine snob, Ashe. This was a box of Hardy's Shiraz, a very nice Australian wine that I like a great deal. The bottle he opened was certainly no better than that, though it was likely twice as expensive on a per bottle basis. And tomorrow when he goes to finish that wine, it won't taste nearly as good. If he'd tapped my box, on the other hand, he'd have been surprised by how good it was, and every glass he had for the next couple of months would have been just as good.

Tork said...

Ted, just so you know, your site is marked as 內容警告
您即將要檢視的網誌可能包含成人內容。 一般來說,Google 不會檢閱任何網誌的內容,也不會為其背書。 如需有關我們內容政策的詳細資訊,請造訪 Blogger 服務條款


in China. I don't know exactly what that means (probably something about beware of capitalist cock sucking, ass fucking Yankee dog porno site), but at least its not blocked altogether.

RandyInBrooklyn said...

TED, you express yourself well. Normally I am not all that into reading about the sexual exploits of others. Yours really work for me. Thanks said...

TED--you can show up at any time and bring anything you want. I'm in NYC.

I can squeal with the best.

Will said...

I do not condescend to box wine. there's a place in life for good, delightful, non grand cru.

Another very rich shared experience, many thanks.