Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rump Redux

To say that I'm too busy to fuck these days is something of an understatement. I got home last night sometime after 11, and b&c was already asleep. I got out of bed this morning, and he was still in the same position. I'm pretty sure he was still breathing, but, all things considered, it seemed like a better idea not to inquire too closely. I'm even too busy to jerk off, and, well, we all know that ends badly. Sometime soon, probably early tomorrow morning, I'm just going to have to say, "Sleep be damned" and wake up half an hour early and pound the partner. It's not exactly romantic, but a man's got needs.

The last few days, my sexual activity has been limited to exchanging emails with guys who are probably never going to follow through. What would ordinarily be moderately annoying is somehow comforting when one has no time to fuck.

But the lack of posting here hasn't been entirely due to the lack of time to fuck. There are plenty of other things I can write about. Sexuality is a very wide field, especially when you're me. No, the real problem is that every time I come to my blog, the first thing I see is this:

And when I'm running on too little sleep and too little sex, seeing an ass like that is an experience like unto the heavens parting. Mostly I'd like to part those particular heavens with my tongue, but, truly, seeing that picture (especially the larger version: click on it) is almost a religious experience for me. I'm not typically all that enamored of the hairy ass, but hair is very helpful for the Caucasian ass, which, let's face it, otherwise tends to lag behind asses of other ethnicities. If that were an Asian or Latin or Black ass, it could be perfect without hair, but white skin more easily shows its flaws, and I fear that perfectly shaped pair of buttocks would be less appetizing without its fur.

Anyway, if there is a just god (admittedly an unlikely prospect) and I am deemed worthy (unlikelier still, perhaps), then I expect my first sight of paradise will be that ass (or a hairless version in a darker color: I'm agnostic) in a pair of jeans, commando. As the jeans fall, and the man bends slightly at the waist, the almighty will say, "Welcome home, thou good and faithful servant," to which I will reply, "mmmmmph."

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Will said...

Those are, by any standards, simply gorgeous glutes--and the fur does work for me. The photo is wonderfully tactile. One can almost feel the soft warmth of that under the hand.