Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey, it's Thursday. That somehow reminds me that I used to laugh at men who had names for their penises. And then I would tell them that my penis' name was Thor. I see no reason for my cock to have a name of its own, but I can't imagine why, if you were going to the trouble of naming your genitalia, you would choose any other name.

Do you remember those visual puzzles from kids' magazines? You know: how many things can you spot wrong with this picture? I think that any commentary from me on the following craigslist post would be superfluous, but as an exercise for you, how many things can you find wrong with the following person ad?

seeking a white male (dc/md)
Reply to:
Date: 2009-03-11, 8:33PM EDT

Hello all. I am looking for something very specific. I'm hoping to find a white male, college educated and highly successful. I ask that you be between 5'8 to 5'10, and in age between 28-33. If you have a history of depression then that works too. I also ask that you have no family, been there done that. For these purposes it just wouldnt work. Hope to hear from you soon.

* Location: dc/md

Anyway, I'm pretty exhausted today, and I think most of that is leftover exhaustion from Tuesday night. Judd came over, and, since I felt like I'd taken him a bit for granted during our fourgy from Friday, I attacked him with particular ferocity when he got in the door. I didn't let him get undressed before throwing him down on the bed and going at him. I'm sure his nipples are still sore, but that's the way he likes it.

When I did get him undressed, much later, I pounded him with extra force until he couldn't take any more, then we shared a bowl, and I had a small amount of wine, and then I pounded him again while we enjoyed the high, and then we had the sort of conversation that I've come to expect from 420: expansive and entertaining but hard to remember.

My admittedly limited experience makes me think that there's really no point in smoking pot if it's not done in the context of sex. I'm sure it can be fun and all, but it seems better as a magnifier and distorter of sexual pleasure. Anyway, we had an awesome time, and he slept over. Which always seems like a better idea than it is: I had some trouble getting to sleep, and he had to leave around 5 to get home in time to shower and get to work. I went back to sleep after he left, but I didn't get much rest out of it. Still, it was easily worth the fatigue the next day.

The fatigue didn't keep me from pursuing the twenty-something guy who'd begged to be tied to my bed over the weekend. We'd agreed that he'd come over last night, and I'd get very intense with him, but during the day, he found someone very hung to come to his place, fuck his throat, and piss on him, and he said that he figured that would hold him for a while. I told him he was an ass, and he said that he had just been keeping his options open and that I would have done the same thing. Not true, but whatever. I emailed the fifty-year-old, near-virgin, Desi married guy who'd been wanting to see me, and he said that he could come by for an hour around 8.

He was clearly nervous when he arrived, but I wasn't having any of his shyness, so when he protested a bit when I grabbed him and kissed him as soon as he got in the door, I responded by kissing him more. Then I took him upstairs, where all his reserve fell away, and he came at me like a crazed weasel. He was a great kisser, and he responded pretty well to everything else. I'm pretty sure that no one had ever worked his nipples or eaten his ass with anything like the intensity I brought to the task. He had, apparently, only been fucked once, and he assured me that there was some combination of his ass being too tight and my cock being too thick that would prevent successful penetration. I assured him that I would find a way to get my cock into his ass.

I was right.

He was very responsive, and he had the nice brown body and small uncut cock that I love so much in Desi guys. Not that his cock ever got hard, but he didn't care about that. He was all about sucking my cock, and when, after a lengthy session in his mouth and a less lengthy session up his ass, I put my cock in my own hand and continued to kiss him until I shot clear over his head, well: kid, meet candy shop.

And then we had a lengthy discussion about politics and economics during which it was revealed that he's mostly your standard nice guy liberal, with just a soupcon of black-helicopter conspiracy nut thrown in for seasoning. He wants a repeat session, and he was a lot of fun, so I figure turning him into a lives-for-dick anal bottom can be my next project. It certainly seems a more likely project than turning myself into a ws top.

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A Lewis said...

Why, would you look at those delicious toes. Excuse me, please, while I go and run Thor through a wash and rinse cycle.