Friday, March 20, 2009

Sleepless Nights

I've been corresponding for a week or two with a twenty-something, married, ex-military bisexual who said that he wanted to play. Timing was a problem: I work lots, and he works full time and is also pursuing a degree. But he seemed very nice, and he said he hadn't been fucked in a long time, so when he suggested coming over at 4 this morning, before work, I said ok. Then he changed his mind and said that he'd rather come earlier so that he'd have more time, so he'd just pull an all-nighter to finish the paper he was working on and then come over. I said ok to that, too, and told him to call me so that I could wake up and hop in the shower before he came over. The phone rang at 3:15, and he showed up at 3:30.

I'd been very specific about what I liked to do, and when I said that I liked making out, he'd replied, "I don't mind kissing." In the context of married guys, this can mean one of two things. If you're unlucky, it means, "You can kiss me once if you try really hard but then I'm on my knees sucking your cock until you fuck me." If you're lucky, it means, "I love to kiss, but I'd rather not admit just how much." So this morning, I got lucky.

I actually said hello to the guy before I started kissing him. That's a whole lotta restraint for me, but since he did seem nice and since he lives close by, I figured there was potential for a return engagement, so I might as well be nice. Actually, when he'd last emailed me, suggesting that he wanted to have something more like two hours together, he'd said that maybe we could "get to know each other and have some light play." Oh, dude: you are not coming to my house at 3:30 in the morning for a chat and a cuddle. Anyway, when I started to kiss him, he seemed pretty happy about it.

His tongue technique is not quite everything it should be: he was always sticking it out there like it was a cock or something. But it wasn't a stabbing motion, so it was okay, and he was pretty cute (short, fit but not muscular, furry) and eager, so I was very happy on the whole. I walked him upstairs and put him right down on the bed and he kicked his shoes off while I went back for the lips. I got a hand up under his shirt and started to work on one of his fuzzy nipples. I could tell that they'd never really been worked on, but he seemed to like it okay. He was one of those mild submissives who don't really make much noise, so you have to read the relatively subtle body language, though there was some gasping and moaning when I shoved my tongue in his ear and when I got a little more intense with the nipples.

I figured we had about ninety minutes, so I took my time getting him to naked. His cock wasn't very large, but it was a good size for his body, and it was very perky, so I got him out of his jeans but not out of his briefs before I pushed one arm up over his head and went for his pits. When I rolled him onto his stomach and started to rub and then bite his shoulders, he pushed his ass hard against my jeans, then he turned his head so that we could kiss while I continued to rub against him.

I rolled off him, and he took my pants off and started to go down on me. He had great cocksucking skills, so I just let him go for a while before I pulled his ass around and started to rim him. Really nice ass, and he really liked my tongue in it. I bit his cheeks lightly, but mostly I stuck my tongue deeper and deeper into his hole. After some minutes of that, I pulled him back around to kiss him, and I stuck a couple of fingers up his ass to massage his prostate at the same time. Big hit.

He was ready to sit on my cock, but I was ready to eat his ass some more, so I pushed his head down to my rod and let him go down on me while I licked and pushed my tongue up his ass and reached around him to twist his nipples. A bit later, I pushed two fingers from my left hand and two from my right hand into his ass, and he finally started to get a little bit noisy. It was pretty clear that he wanted to be fucked then, so I handed him the condom, and he put it on me and had a seat. For someone who hadn't been fucked in (he said) years, he opened up pretty easily. Then again, I had eaten him out pretty well. In any case, he was tight but could take it, and when he sat down all the way, I pushed his back down on the other side of the bed until we were in X position, then we indulged in some coordinated writhing.

After a while, I turned him on his stomach and started to plow him deep. He got louder and more animated, and I plowed him pretty hard from that position. But I wanted to go harder, so I flipped him onto his back and pushed his legs forward. After a couple of minutes of that, he said it was too much for him because my cock was pushing on his bladder. I think maybe he just hadn't ever cum that way and was unused to the sensations, but whatever. I pulled out, we spooned and made out a bit, and then I put him on his stomach again. He turned his head to kiss me while I shoved into him. I went for maybe ten or fifteen minutes more in that position, and he was very happy, but we were coming up on 5:00, and I knew he couldn't stay much beyond then, so I pulled out and put him on his side. He had a very suckable cock, and I figured it wouldn't take long to get him off. He also had smallish balls, so I figured I could handle the load. I pushed two fingers inside him to press hard on his prostate, then I began to suck. It took about two minutes to get his load. It was hot.

And then things got strange. Here's a married guy whom I've just fucked and sucked off, and instead of jumping up for his clothes and/or the shower, he just wants to lie there and make out for a while. Hey, you don't have to ask me twice. We chatted a bit and canoodled until it was about time for him to leave, then I gave him a clean towel and showed him the shower, and we kissed a few more times as he got dressed. As he left, he asked whether we could play again. I said I didn't think it would be right for him to have to wait a few more years to be fucked again, so sure.

Then it was 5, and instead of going back to sleep for another 1.5 hours, I watched a bit of porn, jerked off (incredible cumshot), and came to the office early. Very tired, very happy.


A Lewis said...

3:15 wake up calls? Holy smokes. Even a twwdry cheap whore like myself wouldn't do that.

A Lewis said...

Before my spelling error is corrected, I'll do it: TAWDRY.