Friday, March 6, 2009

Edge Fail

B&c is off to Jordan this evening. And you know what that means, don't you? You thought that was a rhetorical question, I bet, but it's actually the lead in to a multiple choice pop quiz! So here we go. That means
a) B&c will spend the next twenty or so evenings on his back while a veritable parade of hot, young Jordanian men penetrate him,
b) I will spend most of the next twenty or so evenings working really late because it's tax season and feeling very jealous about a),
c) I will spend what little spare time I have during the next three weeks planning and executing a series of one-on-one hookups, threesomes, and small orgies,
d) There was no way I was letting b&c out of the bed this morning without a farewell fuck, or
e) All of the above.

Hey, I didn't say it was going to be a difficult pop quiz. But if it was on Facebook, there'd be a caption saying "sixty-seven percent of Americans got this question wrong," which brings us to multiple choice question #2. Which of the following statements is correct?
a) Most Americans are stupid.
b) Facebook is stupid.
c) Facebook thinks most Americans are stupid.
d) Most Americans think Facebook is stupid.
e) All of the above.
f) a, b, and c, but -- incredible and inexplicable and oh so wrong though it may be -- not d.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with the sort of wood that would scare JohnPaul Bunyan. My schedule's been brutal this week, and it had been days (days!) since I'd fucked b&c, and I really didn't have time for it this morning, but I figured that getting to work by 8 wasn't as important as giving b&c an appropriate send off. Also: emptying my balls, but of course, that was just a secondary consideration because, hey, I'm a giver. So I reached a groggy hand (my cock was wide awake and ready to rumble; the rest of me: not so much) over to his side of the bed and pulled him my way. I was idly stroking the top of his head, and he began playing with my head, but the other one, you know? I (the rest of me, that is) was slowly waking up as I moved on to squeezing his nipples, and he started playing with both of our cocks at the same time, though not with the same hand.

So the thing I don't really understand about morning sex is why my own bad breath doesn't cancel out anyone else's. But it doesn't, and that means that the making out portion of the session is always delayed. Morning wood always beats morning breath, but it's rarely a quick, and never an easy, victory. Anyway, at some point the horniness spread from my cock to engulf my entire body, and then I rolled over and started kissing him like a crazed weasel. (I want to make it VERY CLEAR that the crazed weasel simile refers to eagerness and not to technique. My osculatory technique is ALWAYS exemplary. I can provide references if need be.) And pretty soon after that, he was going for the lube.

B&c always likes to be fucked in more or less the same position (something about his hip). He's about three-quarters of the way onto his stomach with one leg pulled up, and then I straddle the other leg and slide in. It gives me a lot of control over my motion but it's extremely stimulative, so I don't have much control over my orgasm. With most other guys, I prefer to have them on their backs with their ankles near their ears so that I can get a shallower, prostate-pounding penetration. I like that because it tends to get the most intense reaction from the bottoms, but also because I can jackhammer away in that position more or less indefinitely. I'd have to guess that having a condom on when I fuck anyone else as opposed to being bare when I fuck b&c is also a contributing factor, but the end result is that I very often don't ejaculate when I fuck anyone else, but with b&c, it can take as little as two or three minutes to shoot. Or more than ten minutes, but I can never predict which way it's going to go.

This morning, for instance, I was about three minutes into the penetration phase, and I didn't feel like I was close to the edge, so I figured it was safe to go from moderato to vivace. But when I sped up, I felt myself very quickly getting closer, so I slowed down. I thought that, since it was our last time for a few weeks, it'd be a very good idea to draw the fuck out, and I figured I could just get close to the edge and then stay there for another six or seven minutes. But, you know, I find it hard enough to edge when it's my hand that's getting me off. When it's b&c's ass, I'd pretty much have to pull all the way out, and I really didn't want to. I got just a little bit past the five minute mark, and he was getting more agitated with his moaning (b&c is a notoriously quiet fuck), and, well, best laid plans and all that.

He didn't mind, though. B&c cares that certain elements (foreplay, penetration, post-coital cuddling) happen, but he doesn't really care how long they last. It's sort of like he's (not consciously: it's just the way he is) got a set of buttons that have to be pushed, and then he's all good. I would try to figure the whole thing out in a more thorough manner, but I've just learned that I'm never really going to understand bottoms at a gut level. Intellectually, I can figure out what they need, but they remain a mystery. An exceedingly pleasing mystery, but a mystery all the same.

Anyway, we cuddled for as long as I could manage without being too late to work, then I jumped in the shower, got dressed, and kissed him goodbye. I didn't bother telling him to have fun: he really doesn't need any encouragement in that area.


Ashe said...

How much fun it would be to be lover to both of you.

Will said...

And why would the author of Pilgrim's Progress get scared by wood, yours personally or from the forest? :-)

Ashe makes a very good point. The two of you seem to have a very healthy approach to sex in general and to each others needs and style in particular.