Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday Fourgy

B&c was leaving on a jet plane Friday evening. I had to work Saturday, and then there was a church potluck Saturday evening, and YFU was with me for the balance of the weekend, so I knew that Friday was my only chance to play. So I posted on craigslist for submissive bottoms, and the response was pretty healthy. For whatever reasons (location is a big part, I'm sure), that particular ad typically draws a lot of married guys, and that means that you really have to book twice as many guys as you want to have, but that still left me with two bottoms, so I texted Judd, "Are you working tonight? I need another top, or at least someone who can act like a top." Judd's always telling me that he's versatile. He said that he had a fish fry, but that he could get to my place by ten.

And, oh my god, after that it got so complicated that when there were, eventually, four of us on the bed, I wasn't really sure who two of them were. I mean, they're married guys, so I never know who they are, anyway, but I usually can associate them with an email stream, and I was pretty sure that one of them was the married sub who'd said he'd arrive at 9 but showed up after 10, but the one who'd showed up at around 9:45, well, I just didn't know. As it happened, he was the guy who'd confirmed for 9 and then had called me back to say that he'd be late because "we have some people coming for drinks, and I hope they'll leave, and I should be there around ten or ten-thir..." which was when I flipped the phone shut because, dude, even if you're married, you don't get to call me up, get my address, and then find out that you've got entertaining to do that evening. So I wasn't expecting him to show up, but it was a good thing that he did, if only because even numbers are usually better.

The guy who wanted to show up just before 9 so that he could be tied to the bed before everyone else arrived emailed me later to cancel, saying that he'd just gotten a call from his brother because his mother had been admitted to the hospital with chest pains, and he was really sorry, but he had to go, and that's a reasonable excuse, but do you have any idea how many times I've heard some version of a family-emergency-involving-a-hospitalization excuse? I guess maybe it was true because he emailed me three times later that night to apologize and to say that he'd do anything to make it up to me, and then he called me the next morning, when I was at work, to plead for another chance, but, well, what the fuck? I told him I was working and would have to get back to him. Really, is it that hard to find someone to tie you to the bed and fuck you from both ends? I guess maybe it is.

But it doesn't help your case any if you're a guy that I've hooked up with once before and who then kept me waiting for over ninety minutes the next time we were going to get together -- after I'd told you that I only had two hours to begin with. I had to tell that guy -- and did I mention that I'm talking about an entirely different guy from the last paragraph -- not to come over that time, and he'd been emailing me off and on ever since. And since I was having a group on Friday, I figured it was safe to tell him to come over. After I'd said he could come over, he said that he would have to move some things around (again, WTF?), but then he confirmed for 9, and he never showed. That pretty much guarantees another volley of emails about how much he really wants me to dominate him, and I can tell before they arrive that he'll find some way to blame his not showing up on me. Usually it's that I don't give him enough notice and arrange my orgies around his schedule. The dude is seriously unclear on the concept of submission. And craigslist hook-ups.

And then there was the uber-hot young'un who had previously been tied to my bed while multiple guys fucked his face and who had begged for the same treatment again on Friday night. I had to turn him down flat because the bed was already overbooked. He asked several times, and he does have an exceptionally hot body, and he really is clear on the concept of submission, but he doesn't kiss, so I just couldn't see my way to giving him that much real estate and making everyone else fuck around him.

There were a couple of other guys who seemed promising but who then flaked, and, what with lateness and lameness, Judd, who had apparently accelerated his fish fry, was actually the first to arrive. For a while, I was thinking that no one else would show up, but that it would still be okay because what Judd really wants is for me to fuck him, but after we'd made out for a while, and Judd was busy sucking my cock, I finally heard a "hello?" from downstairs, and, dude, what part of "I'm leaving the door unlocked so just come in and come upstairs and join us" do you not understand? And, truly, it's not any trouble for me to call down, "C'mon up!" but the next guy didn't even open the door, he just kept ringing the doorbell until I had to pull my cock out of somebody's (I'm not sure whose) mouth and go downstairs to let the guy in.

And other than that, it was pretty much your standard fourgy. I ended up fucking all three of the other guys, Judd fucked the other two guys and got fucked by one of them, and the older of the married subs actually got the younger to fuck him as well. They were all good kissers, and they all responded well to nipple work. The older guy (early fifties?) wasn't all that flexible, so I couldn't bend him double, but I fucked him in a couple of positions, and I worked his nipples really hard, and at one point early on in the process, he turned to Judd and said, "Wow, he's really passionate, isn't he?" leaving me to think, for the bazillionth time, "Why bother having sex if you're not going to be passionate about it?" When the older guy was leaving, around 11 or so, he told me, "This was more fun than I expected," making me wonder why exactly he showed up if he hadn't expected it to be very much fun, but I reckon that cock is a sort of addiction for him and that getting his fix doesn't normally bring him much joy, and, well, how sad is that? But at least he wasn't sad Friday night.

At some point, I was lying on my back, and younger sub was sitting on my cock, with Judd sitting on his cock, and we had a bouncy, bouncy sandwich going on. Notionally, that's pretty cool, but I told Judd to get off, "so that I can fuck him the way I fuck you," and then I bent younger sub into a pretzel and began to pound his prostate, and at first it was a bit overwhelming to him, but before long he was yelling, "FUCK ME," and I was pounding him about as hard as I pound Judd.

When the subs were gone, Judd and I cuddled and smoked a bowl and made out for a while longer, and that was really nice. Part of me, though, couldn't help wishing that b&c and I could have group sex like that. It'd be hot to have a couple of guys over, play with them for a long session, and then relax together after they were gone. Maybe some day.

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Will said...

Actually, the guy who said it was more fun than he expected may have been given you a big compliment. It depends where his preconception level was on the Expectometer. If it was high, and you took him even further, I'd say it was a very positive reaction.

In fact, your soirée a quatre sounds like a big success, the only thing wrong with it being that I wasn't there.