Saturday, March 21, 2009

Osculato Ergo Sum

Yesterday was a tough day at the office. After my very early morning romp with Sander (the cute ex-military guy, described one post down), I went to the office early and people kept saying, "Wow, TED, you look tired." I just kept saying, "Yeah, you know, I tried to go to bed early last night, but for some reason I woke up at 3:15, and I just could not get back to sleep." I mean, romps are a form of insomnia, right? Sometime mid-morning, my allergies kicked in worse than usual, so in addition to looking tired, I looked like I was crying most of the day. Fortunately, my co-workers are used to that by now. I would have popped a Benadryl for relief, but then I'd have had to close my office door, and I'm pretty sure the snores would have given me away.

I am left, yet again, with the feeling that I'm still not managing my sex life very well. There is so much follow up required, and I'm just not capable. On the one hand, I feel like I should have a standard spiel ready, "Look, that was awesome. The thing is, I'd happily screw you again at any opportunity, but I'm not always available, I work a lot, I have a partner who's intermittently present, and things just slip my mind, so if you want to play again, you'll probably have to take the initiative." On the other hand, I'm not enough of an asshole to actually say that, and if I were enough of an asshole to actually say that, I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be well received. I mean, one or two people have said that to me in the past, and my (unvoiced) reaction has been, "Dude. You're not all that." And I'm not all that, either. Nobody is all that. And that -- maybe even all that -- is the problem: as much as I might regret the missed opportunities with certain guys, there really aren't any of them whom I would miss so much that I can't just say, "Next!"

By the way, I did get a follow-up email from Sander:

That was awesome. Though I couldn't help thinking that it was one of those that'd leave me sore in the morning...and unfortunately it was already morning. :) You sure can ride hard, but it's all good. We'll definitely have to play again and hopefully have more time. Let me know if there is anything more you'd like to do the next time...any special requests or the like. I'm open to trying new things.

It was a very nice e-mail to receive, but I couldn't help wondering whether there were particular new things that he wanted to try but that he was too shy to ask for. I reckon I'll find out. I just hope it's something like restraints or groups and not something like water sports.

Before I'd realized just how exhausted I'd be on Friday, I'd sent an email to Giancarlo asking if he was free. I already had a married guy who'd said that he wanted to play on Friday night, but married guys and Friday nights really don't mix well. Also, I didn't expect Giancarlo to be available: I hadn't heard from him since I helped him with his taxes. But he wrote back saying that he'd had a trip to NY scheduled but that it had fallen through and that as a result he'd be free. He said that he'd like to play around 5, and I was all, yeah, and I'd love to be free by 5 on a weekday in March, too, but, um, not so much. And then I'd gone to bed because Sander was due over in something like 4.5 hours, and when I checked my email the next morning, Giancarlo had said that he'd call me when he was done work to see when would be a good time to play. I figured that if it fell through I could a) really use the sleep and/or b) pretty easily score a replacement on Friday night.

Anyway, let's skip all of the crap that I just deleted: he got to my place a little before 7, and he was still wearing his pin-striped navy suit and his black overcoat, and he came in and leaned in for a brief kiss, but, well, Giancarlo is the one person on God's green Earth who likes kissing more than I do, so the brief kiss become an extended kiss, and pretty soon I had him upstairs on the bed, still in his overcoat, suit, and tie, with a couple of his shirt buttons undone and my hand snaked in, under his t-shirt, and lightly twisting his nipple while I sucked on his lower lip and he moaned. Men in suits: yum! My fatigue had vanished.

Giancarlo is easily overwhelmed by sensation, so I pretty much had him turned into a moaning pair of grasping lips by the time I had loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt far enough to allow me to suck on his nipple through his undershirt. I climbed on top of him and tried to hold his wrists down over his head, but this is trickier than you might expect when a guy's got a wool overcoat on, so I somewhat reluctantly let him get up and undressed him. Very slowly and with frequent interruptions. I'm gonna guess that the guy hasn't seen a lot of action since he moved in with relatives a month or so ago. Anyway, I did eventually get him down to his briefs, and then I pulled him back on the bed for more making out. I ran my hands lightly all over him while I alternated kissing him and licking his very sensitive nips, and I found a number of ticklish places. Good to know.

We'd been at it for about half an hour when I finally unbuttoned my jeans. I'd tossed them on right after the shower he'd gotten me out of, so I wasn't wearing any briefs, though I likely wouldn't have been wearing any anyway. I pulled away from his nipple, and he took the cue to start going down on me. Nice skills. I fingered his nipples lightly for a bit, then pulled him up for another kiss, then I went down on him for about five seconds because I knew that if I'd gone for ten he'd have shot, and I was nowhere near ready for that. Then I pushed him back down on the bed, climbed atop him, sucked hard on his lower lip and ground my crotch against his until he reminded me that I was still wearing my jeans and told me that my zipper was irritating his cock. Oops. I rolled off him, and he said that he thought he should really clean up a bit. I figured that was his way of making his ass safe for mankind my tongue, so I handed him a clean towel and used the opportunity to put pillowcases on the pillows and locate the comforter. I wrapped it around him when he came out of the bathroom, and then we picked up again with more kissing and more sucking on his really excellent nipples.

When he started moving his head toward my cock again, I pulled him around, spread his cheeks, and dove right in. I mentioned that he's easily overwhelmed by sensations, right? He started moaning and gasping, but he resumed sucking my cock after a moment, so I kept on eating, getting more and more intense with my tongue, occasionally easing off to suck on his nuts. He flipped around to kiss me and tried to sit on my cock, but I wasn't done eating his ass, so I pushed him down on his stomach, got back between his legs and worked his hole over with my tongue until he was almost jumping up and down. Then I slid my tongue slowly up his back, licked his ear, and parked my cockhead up against his ass.

Giancarlo doesn't get fucked often, so he's very tight, and the last time we'd played, I almost hadn't been able to get into him. It was a bit of work this time, too, but his reaction was the much more gratifying this-is-overwhelming-but-good moaning rather than last time's I-want-to-take-this-but-I-just-can't tightening up. And he took it pretty well. I had him on his stomach, and I worked my way in slowly and then thrust away more quickly until he began repeating my name among other less discernible syllables. I put him on his side with one leg bent, straddled the other leg, and pushed back in like that. Then I put him on his stomach again and re-entered, this time much harder and faster. And then I put him on his back, bent him double, and pushed into him and fucked him while he panted hard. I managed to kiss him while fucking him in all those positions, and that helped him really get into it.

After a short break, I got on my back and told him to sit on my cock. The plan was for him to lie back into X position, but he'd only been sitting on my cock for a few seconds when he said, "Oh shit!" and began to come. I'd done my best not overstimulating his cock, but he couldn't control himself and shot on my stomach. He began apologizing immediately, but I told him not to worry about it, and I grabbed a small towel to wipe him up. Then we made out some more.

He hadn't eaten, so I told him to lie still, and I brought up some food (olives, hummus, crackers) and wine, and we snacked and talked for a while. He worried aloud that I hadn't cum yet, but I told him not to worry about it. At some point, he mentioned that he'd joined his (Catholic) church choir, and I teased him about hooking up with the priests, and then he asked me whether I was a tenor, which I knew (no one who's ever talked to me thinks I'm a tenor) he was saying that to provoke me, so I put the tray on the floor and climbed back on top of him, pinned his arms down, and began to kiss him.

Giancarlo moans and exclaims fairly easily, but it turns out that the best way to really turn him on is to go from his usually lip-sucking (and very hot) kissing to full on (but not stabbing, just passionate) French kissing. He starts to make the sort of noises that other guys only make when I'm pounding them. He was playing with my cock, which was getting very hard again, so I pushed him back on his stomach, lubed up, and started to push into him again. He was taking it without complaint, but I could tell that it was too much for him, so I pulled out, lay next to him, and told him to kiss me. I was using my tongue against his, with one arm around his shoulders, and he was getting extremely worked up, so I didn't have to stroke myself for long before I started to cum. I aimed my cock straight up to avoid too much of a mess, and I shot about two feet in the air, while he gasped and said, "A gusher!" And it was a pretty good shot, so I didn't bother telling him that it was only a moderate gusher by my standards.

His phone kept ringing while I toweled off, and he said it was probably his boyfriend. I hadn't realized there was a bf, so I asked if that was the guy he'd said he'd been dating last year. He explained that it was, and that the guy lives on the eastern shore, and they only see each other about once a month. I asked him whether the guy was a bottom, and he said that he didn't know how to answer my question. Apparently, they don't really have sex. He showed me the way the guy likes to kiss, and I could understand why. Their sexual activity appears to consist of him watching his bf jerk off. He said that they're boyfriends largely because the other guy wants to have a bf and because Giancarlo really likes the other guy's family. I guess Giancarlo had a twenty-year relationship when he lived in the Philippines, and the last fifteen years of it were platonic. A sexless relationship seems a bit of a waste of Giancarlo's talents, but, hey: more for me.

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