Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bits and Bittes

The new bed is awesome. It's great for my back, and there's so much room. In the morning, I wake up and b&c is waaaaaay over there. Which is fine because he and I don't really do the overnight cuddling thing. He's good for half an hour of cuddling before and/or after and/or instead of sex, but then I'm ready to be left alone. It's slightly more of an effort to roll his way for morning sex, but it's hardly Hannibal crossing the Alps.

Actually, b&c is just about on my last nerve right now. I ought, if there were any justice in the world, to be on my way to Pennsylvania at this moment. I wanted to go for the whole weekend, but I had to sing this morning, so I said we'd leave right after church. Then he said that today was the last day for outdoor swimming at the pool, and it opens at noon, so we'd leave "at one." Then he got back from the pool, just after one, and he had to eat, and he hasn't packed. Right now he's cleaning or making himself coffee or something, and I have removed myself from the area so as not to bark at him. As it is, it'll be a whirlwind trip, just so he can see the house of my parents that I'm thinking of buying. I've half a mind to leave him behind.

And speaking of last nerve, what's with traveling half the year but still insisting on having full opera subscriptions. Everything has to be rescheduled for the relatively brief periods of time that he's in town. I don't really need to see La Traviata again. Honest. Violetta's just going to die again. No one every changes the endings. And then we end up having conversations about what's going to be reschedule to when, and it drives me nuts. Nuts. Nuts.

Speaking of nuts, I'm wondering whether I should get some nut trees for Pennsylvania. I've already decided to add some stone fruit (apricots and plums, most likely) to the existing apple trees. Apple trees calm me down. They make me think of pressing my own cider and sunshine and puppies and submissive bottoms and happiness. I feel better. And, who knows, maybe we'll get there by dark. As if. Enjoy your Labor Day, everyone.


Lewis said...

A new bed? As in new mattress? I need to hear more about that...because in spite of the fact that our very good mattress is only two years old, my back is a real bitch in the morning....every morning. I think I'm just getting old.

Anon in Paris said...

I actually went and check if "bitte" should be written with one t or two (turns out both "bite" and "bitte" are correct).

Language teachers in France probably pray for the word "bitte" to go out of fashion... German "bitte" and English "bits/bites" cause hours of giggling in the classrooms.