Monday, August 18, 2008

More Torless

Howdy, readers! I'm back from vacation, but I thought I'd give you some fresh meat, as it were, before boring you into despair with pictures from my trip. But before I get into the tawdry details, I feel that I must decry yet another travesty of justice; namely, how is it possible that Turkish Oil Wrestling is not an Olympic sport? Clearly, I'm going to have to make this something of a personal mission, and when I prevail, I expect to be made the official fluffer guy who pours the oil on all the wrestlers. I would be a good deal more incensed about this if it weren't so busy ogling the Chinese gymnasts. (Is it even necessary to specify the male gymnasts? I mean, I hear that women do gymnastics too, but I really can't see why.) Also, the gymnasts from Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, Romania, France, and any other country that sent a team. I wouldn't kick any of the American gymnasts out of bed, either, but I feel like I should be an ambassador for international goodwill first. I'm also more than willing to take on any of the pairs of synchronized divers. Let's see how well they really work as a team.

Anyway, the vacation was great. I spent the entire week with my kids and my parents, and it was actually kind of refreshing to have sex entirely off the table for a few days. I noticed, however, that I was ogling guys a lot more than usual, and by the time we returned home, I was seriously horny. I thought about sending Torless a text message (I'd received one from him while I was out of town), but I also figured there'd be a good chance that he was online, so I got online, and there he was. We exchanged a few messages and arranged for me to stop by his new apartment (now with bed!) at 11. He said that he really wanted to make out and then wanted "a nice slow fuck."

I arrived precisely on time. He wasn't naked when he opened the door this time, but he was wearing a pair of very thin, white gauze lounge pants. It was the perfect choice: I could still see everything very clearly, but I also got to undress him. First, though, I had to say hello properly. Torless is a very live-in-the-moment guy, so when I started kissing him, he didn't rush through it on his way to the bedroom, he stood there and kissed me, moaning when my hands ran down his back and inside the waistband of his pants, and moaning more when they traveled up and began to tweak his nipples. Eventually, I pulled away and nodded towards the bedroom, and we made our way there. I sat on the bed and sucked on his nipples for a while as I pulled his pants off, then I pushed him down on the bed, and we made out.

Torless was unusually affectionate, so we spent a lot of time just kissing with our arms around each other, but his nipples are hard to resist, so it wasn't long before I started to give them the intense attention that they crave and deserve.

[An aside: sometimes I worry that all of my encounters start to sound the same and that I go on at too-great length. I'm thinking that I should develop some sort of abstract to go at the beginning to show you what happened so that those of you who don't want to slog through the details can just see that, say, from 11:45 to 11:50 was nipple interlude 2, when I pulled Torless away from the fine job he was doing sucking my cock so that I could kiss him briefly and then chow down on his nips for a while longer before letting him go back to my cock and starting to eat his ass. I just need a timeline and a set of standard descriptions. I mention this only because TJ (whose blog I truly adore) wrote a post about the Manhunt brouhaha the other day, and while I'm sure that if I had had the patience to read the entire thing, I'd have found it brilliant and relevant, I was unable to keep reading for long enough to find out exactly what his point was, though I'm pretty sure he was either for or against something. Unlike TJ, I'm not going to apologize for my verbosity or make any further attempts to curtail it, but I should probably try to accommodate those readers who don't have the patience to hear me ramble on about Torless' nipples or ass. Though, really, his nipples and ass really are very nice, so they probably merit a description of some length.]

Torless and I made with the kissing and the increasingly intense nipple play and the hugging and the rolling around and the sucking on his lower lip for maybe half an hour before I pushed him in the direction of my cock. Granted he's only 24 or 25, and maybe he doesn't hook up all that often, but I'm still amazed that he continues to get better and better at sucking cock. It was all I could do to lie there and moan incoherently (but appreciatively) while he took me to the root. I probably let him go for a full ten minutes before I pulled him up for the first interlude. We made out and I worked his nipples for another few minutes before I let him dive back for the cock. I'm pretty sure that he didn't used to love sucking my cock as much as he seems to these days, but since it's not a development I in any way regret, I'm not inclined to delve too far into the underlying motivation. There was a second lip/nip interlude, and then he was back down on me again, this time making noises about how he wanted my cum. This, naturally, prompted me to respond that I wanted his ass, and then he was all, "Nuh uh. I want your cum." And I laughed, which I'm sure he understood as meaning, "Whatever, dude. You know you want my cock up your ass as much as I want to fuck you, but go ahead and keep sucking for a while."

After a while, though, it actually started to feel like he might make me cum just by going down on me. And I suppose that would have been cool, but he'd asked for the long, slow fuck, and I was pretty sure he wanted to be fucked, though not necessarily for all that long and probably not at all slowly. Anyway, I let him go on for a few more minutes, and then I pulled him up for another brief round of kissing. Then I told him, "You can go back to my cock, but I need to eat your ass," and that was pretty much that. Once I started rimming him, the hunger of his ass easily outstripped his desire to taste my cum, and after five minutes or so of deep rimming, I pushed him onto his stomach, pulled on the condom, lubed up, and started to slowly penetrate him.

Torless opens up pretty quickly, especially when I reach under him and pinch his nipples, and I don't think we'd been fucking very long when he started to say, "I want your cum." I looked at the clock on his bedside table, and it said 12:02, and I decided that he could have my cum at 12:10. We were way past the slow fuck stage at that point, so while I stopped very briefly a few times just to get deeper penetration, I kept pounding away for the next eight minutes. When I got to 12:08, I began to wonder whether I'd be able to hold off until 12:10, but I was determined, so I held on and kept plowing. He'd long since stopped asking for my cum, choosing instead to grunt wordlessly, throwing in the occasional "yes." It was really pretty great, and when I saw 12:10 on the clock, I plowed just a tiny bit faster and deeper, and, well, squirt. I collapsed on him for just a minute, then he said, "That was fun," and I agreed, and he got me a towel, and we chatted for no more than three minutes as I dressed and left. It was a perfect way to break the fast.


Lewis said...

Is that Olive Oil or Piss or Lemonade or Iced Tea or ?????? that's being poured over him? I'd give him whatever he wanted.

franck said...

Torless sounds hot. But not quite as hot as those pics

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

I'm pretty sure that it's olive oil. I hear that there's a similar event that involves warm honey, but in that case, I think that when one combattant says he's going to lick the other, he means it literally.