Friday, August 15, 2008

Lust in the Brambles

[Note: this entry is a piece of pornographic fiction. It is not something that happened to me, or anyone else, as far as I know. I could say that it's based on a true story, but the only true part is that I picked some blackberries last weekend. None of the rest of it is based in reality. I don't even have a pickup truck.]

I hate to see the evening sun go down. Especially in August because it reminds me that one long day is about to become another. Here it's gone 8:30, and I've been working since sun up, but I'm standing up to my nipples in thorns. I should, by rights, be home jerking off to some porn after a cool shower, but on my way home, I passed by a patch of ripe, wild blackberries, and, well, I always was a sucker for dark, sweet fruit, so I pulled the pick-up to the side of the road, put on a thick shirt, grabbed my buckets, and headed into the brambles. Damn good picking, too: I'm taking my third bucketful back to the truck.

And, shit, there he is, a man in a uniform, an officer of the law, getting out of his cruiser that he's parked right in front of my truck. I reckon I'm in trouble because this sure as hell isn't my land, but even as I'm cursing my luck, I can't help noticing that the cop is young and handsome. He's maybe 5'11, and he's Latin, with a buzz cut, a pair of full, red lips, a broad chest, a narrow waist, and a big, firm ass that fills out his uniform like it was painted onto him.

He's giving me a look, and I'm pretty sure there's nothing to it, but I figure I should play all the angles, so I take off my heavy shirt and stretch so that my chest swells in the tight, sweat-soaked t-shirt that's pasted to it. "Hot day, officer."

"How's the picking?" He's still not exactly smiling, and he's got that license-and-registration-please tone that they must teach at the police academy, but at least he's not telling me that I'm breaking the law or pulling out his ticket book.

"Great. Plenty of berries: big, plump, and sweet." I reach into my bucket, pull out a nice one, and plop it in my mouth, licking my lips and smiling in the process. His composure slips just a little, and suddenly I reckon I might be on to something here. I walk a little closer and see the name on his badge: "Friendly." I manage not to laugh at all as I hold the bucket up, "Berry, Officer Friendly? That is, if you're allowed to accept fruit while on duty."

He gulps but then smiles and says, "I'd check the handbook, but I'm not on duty."

"Well, then," I take a berry between my thumb and forefinger and lift it towards his full mouth, "here you go."

His lips open slightly, and before I can think better of it, I put the berry between them, pushing it in with my thumb. I feel his mouth close around it, and at the first hint of suction, I press down slightly. Faster than you can say, "My is this not a fortuitous and unexpected turn of events?" he's on his knees rubbing his full tongue hard against the crotch of my jeans, with his hands sliding all the way down my thighs and over my calves to rest on my work boots.

As it happens, we're standing right next to my truck, so the couple of cars that pass in the next few minutes probably figure the vacant-but-pleased look on my face means I've stopped to take a piss. It's probably just as well they couldn't see the growing bulge in my jeans or see officer friendly undo the zipper and the button with his teeth. Then again, having one of them see my rock hard rod burst free from my jeans, straight into his mouth and down his throat might have been kind of hot, but I don't guess we'll ever know for sure.

Officer Friendly's working my cock with the single-minded concentration of a tight-rope walker in a thunderstorm, but I eventually realize that we're not in the ideal situation if I want more than a quick blow job. And I always want more than a quick blow job. I grab his head and hold it still while I try to back my cock out of his mouth. It's not so easy given how hard he's sucking on it, but eventually I manage, and it comes free with an audible pop. He looks up at me like a puppy who's had his food bowl taken away. "I think we should go somewhere slightly less public," I tell him. It registers on him just where we are, but before he has time to look embarrassed, I tell him to get in my truck so we can go for a short drive. When he stands up, he looks a little unsure, so I put a hand on the back of his neck, pull him to me and give him a deep but soft kiss, then suck on his lower lip until I feel his resistance melt along with his knees. "Easy there," I say, then I open the truck door for him, and he climbs inside.

I'm so hard that I'm not sure I could stuff myself back into them, so I don't bother to do up my jeans. My cock's standing straight up as I put the truck in gear. "Go ahead," I tell him, "we can get there in first." I ease the truck onto the road, and he dives onto my cock. His head's in just the right place for my right arm to rest on. That would push him down even farther on my rod if he weren't already taking me to the root. "Damn," I murmur, "you are one fine cocksucker," and I think maybe he's pleased to hear it, but his only response is to suck even harder.

Down the road a few hundred yards, there's a turnoff to a dirt road. It's there for access to the high utility lines, but the weeds have grown high in the ruts, so I don't reckon anybody's been here in a while. I don't need to go far to get out of sight, but it's a rough road, and I'm loving how well Officer Friendly is navigating the bumps and jerks, so I go a ways farther than I need to. It's such a smooth suck that I'd think he doesn't have teeth, but when I turn the engine off, he sits up with a dazzling smile. "That is an amazing dick," he offers, so I smile back at him before I kiss him.

It's just as easy for my tongue to get lost in his mouth as it is for my cock, and by the time I pull away from that rock-my-world kiss, a quarter hour has passed, the sun has disappeared below the horizon, and I've leaded so much precum that it's pooling at the base of my cock. But maybe some of that's due to the Friendly hand that's been playing with it the last few minutes of our make out session. He smiles again as he licks his fingers, then makes a dive to finish cleaning me off, but I interrupt him. "It's more comfortable in the truck bed," I tell him, "and I promise you can have as much of this as you want."

We scramble out of the truck, me hindered by a throbbing erection and jeans that are down around my knees. While I unroll the sleeping bag, he starts to unbutton his shirt. "Hey!" I bark at him, making him start and look puzzled, "that's my job." An almost shy smile returns to his face, as he comes around the truck. He grabs my t-shirt and says, "Then I guess this is mine." He starts to pull it off me, but when my arms are up over his head, I hear a sharp intake of breath, and while I'm still trying to untangle myself from the cotton, I feel the tip of his tongue begin to explore my armpit. I try to tell him that if he doesn't stop that, I'll never get my shirt off, but my voice is muffled by the shirt and my own inability to speak clearly through intense pleasure. Regardless, he knows what I said, but he just laughs and presses his tongue more firmly into my pit.

When he switches over to my nipple, the feeling is less overwhelming, and I can finally get my shirt off. Just in time, because when he bites down, I whimper and see stars. A stream of precum is leaking from my cock now, and I feel like I've lost control of the situation, which is awesome but unacceptable, so I pull him off me, draw him in close, wrap my arms around him, and suck on his lower lip until his body is limp again. Then I push his back against the truck and start to take his shirt off. When I bite down on his nipple, he goes momentarily rigid and then slack again, and his shoulders go backwards over the side of the truck. I run my hands down his sides to his pants, where I find something that is decidedly not limp. His cock is rock hard, and the front of his trousers is entirely soaked with his own precum.

I undo his belt and let the pants fall down around his knees. I bite down harder on his nipple, and he moans something that sounds like "No one ever ...." I can't really wait for him to finish the sentence, as I reach through the fly in his boxers, grab his cock, and pull it out into the open air. I squeeze it tightly, pull the foreskin over his cockhead, bite down just a little bit harder on his nipples, and suddenly his entire being goes rigid, he utters some sort of invocation to some sort of deity, and he starts to shoot a huge load of hot, thick cum into my hand. Then he collapses onto me.

I haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm guessing from the huge load that he has some monster balls that are even more impressive than his long, straight, uncut cock. I start to wipe my hand on his boxers, and I discover that I'm right. He whimpers and starts to come to as I'm cradling his nuts in my sticky hands. He looks at me, a little bewildered, gives an embarrassed smile, and says, "I'm sorry I came so fast. No one's ever played with my nipples or kissed me like that before. I've always just sucked cock. Can I finish you off now?"

I help him stand up straight. "No."


"I am not ready to be finished off now, Officer Friendly. This is not the end or even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Now let's get you out of those clothes."

He offers no resistance as I finish taking off his shirt, but when I stop to kiss him, he wraps his arms around me, and kisses me so deeply that I lose my train of thought, and pretty soon, he's turned us around so that my back's against the truck. Then he drops swiftly to his knees and inhales my cock again. I start to protest, but he pins my thighs to the truck, and, well, he's pretty strong. He looks up at me and says, "If we're going to be at it a while, then you won't mind my taking your first load now." Suddenly, it seems only fair to let him even the score, so I put my hands on the back of his head and just hold on for the ride. I'm already way beyond horned, and Friendly's got a suction that Dyson would envy, so in just a couple more minutes, my sizable nuts are tight into my body, my eyes are rolling back in my head, and I'm flooding his mouth with a huge load of hot cum.

Officer Friendly rises to his feet, looking like a man who's found the bliss he's been following for some time. "I love your cock," he tells me, as he relaxes against the truck. I can feel his whole body humming as I remove his shoes, socks, trousers, and boxers. I put everything in the truck bed, in a crate that's next to the sleeping bag and just below the berry pails, then I lower the gate and push him onto the bag.

I lie next to Officer Friendly, and we begin to make out. I reach over, grab a few blackberries, and feed them to him, then, while he's chewing, I slowly kiss his eyebrows, his cheeks, his ears, and his full, sweet lips. It's a soft kiss, without urgency, but with plenty of passion. After a few moments, he grabs a few berries and returns the favor. We go back and forth in this manner; each time, the handful of berries gets larger, and the distance we kiss along each other's body goes greater, until the last handful, where I run my lips slowly from his calves, across his thighs, over his hips and waist, up the center of his stomach, across both nipples, stopping to suck along his neck and beneath his jawline before taking his lower lip between my lips and pulling gently and at length.

I push him over onto his stomach and lie full on top of him, and he sighs with pleasure as he feels my weight on him. I lazily run a tongue around the rim of his ear, then suck lightly on his earlobe. He laughs and shudders when my pointed tongue presses against the inside of his ear, then he gasps and shakes when I move my tongue across the back of his neck and bite down lightly on his shoulder. I know he's going to do exactly what I want now, and his pleasure and surrender increase as I run my tongue down the length of his back. I feel the momentary stiffening of the uninitiated as I push his full buttocks apart with the palms of my hands, but he can do nothing but convulse as I push my tongue against his tight pink hole.

I eat him out for a long while: I'm just as into it as he is, and every quiver of his body only increases my hunger for his hole. I'm not sure how long we do that, but eventually, I pull my tongue away, and he makes the noise of someone who's just discovered the New World. I roll him onto my side, stick my fingers quickly into my mouth, and then press my index finger against his hole as I start to lick my way up his shaft. We've both been hard as rocks again for a while now, and as I lick the precum off his cock, his ass opens for my finger. When it finds his prostate, he just about jumps out of the truck bed, and I quickly lap up the new stream of precum.

I decide to work my way up his chest as I work a second finger into his ass. It's tight, but it yields, and as I begin to lick and then chew on his nipple while two fingers work on either side of his prostate, he starts to say, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh God yes," and I reply by biting down and pressing harder with my teeth and fingers, respectively. "Oh man," he says, raspily, "you gotta fuck me."

I kiss him quickly, and reply, "Soon." I pull my fingers out, and we kiss very softly with open mouths but no tongue as I reach for my toolbox and pull out some lube. I want to fuck him more than I want to breathe, but I'm not going to rush getting into the hottest cherry ass I've seen since, well, maybe ever. I flip open the lid, squeeze some slick onto my fingers, and slowly begin to work three up his ass. He gasps and starts to breathe quickly, and I work my tongue in his ear, to try to distract him.

When I've got four fingers inside him, I know that he's ready to be fucked. I'm not entirely sure he's capable of rational thought, but I try anyway: "Listen. I don't want this to hurt. So we're going to go very slowly at first, and you're going to sit on my cock." I hand him a condom and continue, "Put this on me, first."

He fumbles with the condom, having some trouble opening it and then handling it, but I'm so hard that no amount of inexperience is going to make me any less erect, and he eventually gets it on me and gets himself over me. "This will be a whole lot better and a whole lot easier if you can relax," I tell him.

He nods and begins to lower himself until I can feel his asshole pressing against the tip of my cock. I remind him to take it easy, and I start rubbing my thumbs across his nipples to help give him something else to think about. More precum pools on my chest from his cock, but he's still tight, and his ass isn't yielding, so I give his nipples a hard squeeze, and his eyes open wide as his ass opens to take my cockhead. I don't move again for half a minute. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, though: he's just having some trouble adjusting his worldview to new data.

Eventually, I grab his hips and pull down as I slowly raise my own, and his ass opens a little more. We begin a slow, slow merge, and I can tell how far into him I am not only by how my cock feels, but by the expressions on his face. When my cockhead begins to press against his prostate, I stop, then move back and forth a little without going any deeper. Officer Friendly begins to look hungry, and he looks even hungrier when I reach up again and begin to twist his swollen nipples.

By the time I'm all the way inside him, he's fully loving the fuck, and he soon starts rocking back and forth on top of me, smiling and looking up at the full moon, when his eyes aren't shut or rolled up into his head. He's starting to verbalize a lot more, mostly variations on "oh my God" and "fuck me," but I reckon that's pretty good for a beginner. I continue to work his nipples, and he starts to bounce up and down.

That's all awesome, but I want to show him a few other things, so I push him off me and onto his hands and knees, then get behind him and enter him again. I'm half-kneeling, with one foot and one knee on the ground, and as I hold his hips and slowly move in and out of him, he groans and asks me to go faster. I go a little faster, and when he asks for more, I push him down on his stomach, shove into him, rise up on my hand, and plow him hard, with my whole body behind the thrust. He's gone from talking back to groaning again, except for the occasional "harder."

I start to feel like this fuck might not be able to go on forever without me cumming again soon, so I pull out and roll him onto his back. I want to finish fucking him face to face. Officer Friendly tries to rise from the bed of the truck, but I grab two handfuls of ripe, oozing blackberries, shove them down down hard on his nipples and plung deeper than ever into his ass. The dark purple juice drip down his sides as I ram him harder and harder, the berries mixing with his sweat as his screams of passion echo to the wilderness, until I erupt inside him and he simultaneously sends thick jets of heavy cream all over his chest. I scoop it up with the berries and he licked it hungrily from my fingers, and then I collapse on him, both of our chests heaving, neither of us able to say anything. Eventually, I feel his arms wrap around my back, and I turn my head to him, and we kiss.

"Is it always like that?" he finally manages to ask me. I give him a wide smile, and tell him, "There's only one way to find out, Officer."

"You can just call me Friendly," he replies.

"That would be something of an understatement, I'm afraid," I say. He laughs.

We talk a bit as I grab a towel and clean him up, and as we get dressed. I give him a ride back to his cruiser. I don't usually offer, but I tell him that I'd be more than happy to see him again sometime. He smiles, then he puts on his sunglasses. It's after ten, but it's still a look that works for him. He stands very straight, and he's got his official voice working again: "Sir, I'm afraid, I don't think you're in any position to drive. I don't want to have to take you down to the station, so I'm just going to follow you home and make sure you get there safely."

"I really appreciate that officer, but I'm not sure that home is far enough. I might have trouble making it inside and to bed. Can you help me out with that?"

"Affirmative, sir. We're here to serve."


Lewis said...

So, I have to ask, did you (or the dude in the story) ever get to make a berry cobbler or pie with those berries??? And how in the world do you have so much time to be so creative and crafty? Amazing.

j said...

i literally laughed out loud at the end when all those berries were wasted. hot story.