Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Need a Vacation

Well, who doesn't? But I have this week off work, and I'll be staying in the land of dial up. Assuming that Blogger's scheduling feature works, however, there will be content. Some new, and some vintage posts, aka reruns. The reruns will be from back in the days when the blog was new and nobody was reading, and I'll have new visual content, so I reckon that's something, even if it's not much.

Yesterday, b&c (who is now on his way to Haiti) and I went down to the splendid AFI Silver in Silver Spring to watch Man on Wire a documentary about Philippe Petit's 1974 tightrope walk between the World Trade Center towers. It is often funny and more often spellbinding, and it's well worth seeing on a big screen. It will give you some insight into the seductiveness, beauty, danger, and isolation of a genius inspired by a mission. Go see it.

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