Sunday, July 15, 2007

Genitalia, Illustrated

While checking the spelling of a particular term in an earlier post, I happened across these images. NSFW, but not pornographic, either. I don't think I'm supposed to post them here because of copyright and all that, but go ahead and have a gander. I have a few favorites:

I'd like one from column B, please.


If I had three hands, I'd just take a picture of the real thing instead.

Why do this yourself? I always try to do it as a service for my playmates. One man's CBT is another man's touch of life.

This reminds me of Cerberus. Seriously, is this guy a cocksucker's dream, or what? The bottom can suck on number one while fondling number two and allowing number three to recuperate. Properly timed, you're talking about hours and hours of fun!

Be careful about the link in the first paragraph. If you scroll down too far, you may see illustrations of icky female parts. Nobody wants that.


John said...

Hi, TED --

Some interesting stuff here, definitely, but could you check the "Cerberus" link? It took me back to the "Testicular Self-Examination Page" you had referenced previously, and I couldn't make that connect to what you were writing in this context.


John (a fan in Atlanta --

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Thanks for the heads up, John. I've fixed the link.