Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I don't normally watch a lot of TV, especially on Monday nights, but since I was still recovering from the weekend last night, I was flipping through the channels when I came upon two men having wild, angry sex. Or at least that was my first thought because one guy had the other guy down on the floor, and the other guy had his legs wrapped around the first guy's back, and they were going at it pretty hard. Then I realized they both still had their shorts on and that they were inside some sort of cage, and it eventually became apparent that I was watching World Extreme Cagefighting, a sport where very fit men with great abs and pronounced iliac furrows attempt to choke each other into submission. Like I said: angry sex with shorts on. How is it possible I didn't know about this? (For some reason, the WEC site doesn't have any good pictures of guys in what I call the extreme missionary position. They must not realize who their biggest potential audience is. I hate inadequate marketing research.)

I don't find the larger weight classes all that compelling, and the guys spend way too much time on their feet trying to kick and punch each other, but when you get a couple of welterweights down on the floor writhing and rolling, it's impossible for me to look away.

By the way, this is nothing like professional wrestling. I don't really approve of professional wrestling: I don't see why we should be encouraging bad actors to abuse steroids. The WEC guys are doing something called "mixed martial arts," and it's pretty clear that they're not acting. It's also pretty clear that a lot of them have been choked one or two times too many because the announcer always tries to get the winner to say a few words after the fight is over, and, well, they aren't especially articulate. But you don't want your angry sex fantasy men to be good talkers anyway, right?

B&c and I were out for our evening walk/swim (it's very humid lately) around sundown yesterday, when he mentioned that he'd been flipping through Manhunt and had seen a picture that looked like it was taken on our bed. I asked him whether the guy was tied down, and when he said he was, I said that it probably was our bed. I asked him to try to find the guy's profile again so that I could confirm, but he couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure I know who it was from the description, but it's possible that someone else is using the picture. I generally don't give out pics of a guy to other guys, but the pictures in question were likely on the blog a while back.

I was briefly hopeful that having pictures of our extremely plain bed and bedroom on the Internet would prompt b&c to want a nicer bed and maybe some better furniture, but no such luck. I just want a headboard: is that so wrong?

Actually, I'm not sure the bed I want is on the market, but in a perfect world, I'd have the space for it and the money to hire a carpenter to build it. It'd be made from 4x4s, with lots of places and hardware to make it easier to attach men to. Tying guys to our current bed is a real hassle, but b&c has no motivation to address that particular problem. Maybe he just needs to see more pictures.

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