Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hard Core

But SFW, because we're talking about hard core geekitude. Because, really, tomorrow night, when b&c is having his board of directors meeting for the homeowners association (there will be much discussion of the tree problem; there is always much discussion of the tree problem; when he gets home and relays the lengthy discussions of the tree problem, I will reply with "hmmm," which I have learned to say in a variety of different ways to imply [erroneously] that I am listening), and I could be hooking up, I'm going to get myself to an evening showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Even though I have the kids this weekend and will naturally have to take them to a Saturday matinee of the same show. It looks good enough to see at least twice.

(Actually, I'm picking up EFU from her job tonight at around 10:15. She works in Silver Spring, and there's a 10:30 show at the Silver Spring gigaplex, so maybe we'll catch it tonight instead. But probably not because she'd have to swear not to let her younger sister know that she'd seen it already. But maybe. Hmmmmmm.)

And while we're talking about serious (I almost said "sirius," but I'm not that far gone. Yet. Besides, he's dead.) Hogwarts-related geekitude, I have not made my annual obligatory weekend pilgrimage to Rehoboth yet this year, and I have decided not to call my buddy J. with whom I have a standing invitation because next weekend, when b&c will be up in NJ visiting his mother, is when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released, which means that the rest of the world can just wait. Well, okay, I'll probably hook up once or twice during the weekend, but mostly I'll be reading. I should put an ad on CL for a sub to suck me off while I'm reading. Two birds, one stone, what?

By the way, I do not obsessively check HP sites for any words that might have slipped from Ms. Rowling's lips so that I can try to guess what happens in the final chapter, but I do have predictions. Because I'm morally degenerate, I often read ahead to see whether my predictions are correct. For example, when HP6 was about to be released, I figured that Dumbledore was going to buy the farm (by the way, Dumbledore is still dead, no matter what Steve says), and on release day, I picked up my copy in Costco and flipped to the end right there by the book table. I didn't even wait until I'd bought the book. Hell, I didn't even move out of the way so that other people could get the book or get by. So if you're out at Costco on July 21st and you see a forty-something guy pick up a copy of HP7 and turn to the end, feel free to make a rude comment. Rude but clever, please. Something along the lines of how you guess that if you're hung you don't have to be polite would be appreciated.

Anyway, my predictions as to who dies? Well, neither Harry, Ron, nor Hermione dies. A bunch of the bad guys die: Voldemort, Wormtail, Bellatrix, and Lucius. I reckon that Snape and Draco live. My guess is that the painful death this time is Hagrid, and that the extra painful death is Neville, who might take Bellatrix with him. I hope I'm wrong about that last one, but I don't think so.

I promise to have some high-quality, raucous sex sometime soon and to write about it. This isn't going to turn into a book/movie blog, but since I've just been geeking out, I'll report that last weekend I finished reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. I recommend it highly. I'm currently reading (yes, for the first time: I am seriously lame) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It, of course, needs no recommendation, but I am loving it. There is nothing like a good picaresque.

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Anonymous said...

there is in fact no question that dumbly has kicked the cauldron.

i was merely pointing out suggesting that there are some very unanswered questions.